Bering Lady Amber winter jacket trial


100% winter jacket and textile jacket with an urban and youthful look

Male and female motorcycle model, approved, 6 sizes, 1 color

It’s cold in winter – scoop – and we often look for the best winter jacket that can protect not only in the event of a fall (if possible never) and especially from the cold (always). Bering has just launched this winter the Amber men’s jacket and its women’s equivalent. Lady Amber. We were able to test it on a daily basis during the particularly cold winter months of this year..


In terms of look, the Amber jacket is totally on trend and in the codes of winter. The style is urban and young with a rendering close to a city puffer jacket. The down jacket effect is visually enhanced by the removable hood with fur and the city side with buffalo leather patches on the shoulders and the top of the pockets. One of its big strengths or distinctive is that it is not a biker at all. Indeed, blind and without the protections, it could be a city jacket. Ideal for going to work or walking around town. We will also salute the neutral side of the color codes of this jacket. It is navy blue / black like the male model without any addition of fuchsia or other pink color. I approve !

Testing of the Bering Lady Amber textile jacketTesting of the Bering Lady Amber textile jacket

In terms of comfort and protection against the cold, Bering has fitted this jacket with a waterproof membrane and a fixed lining in 200 gr wadding. Everything is done to keep you warm. The cuffs have a ribbed edge that stops the wind. The neckband is high and protects the neck well.

The hood of the Bering Lady Amber motorcycle jacketThe hood of the Bering Lady Amber motorcycle jacket

Side pockets, the Amber jacket offers 5 external pockets and 2 internal pockets of good capacity.

The jacket is adorned with five pocketsThe jacket is adorned with five pockets

In terms of protections, the jacket offers the necessary protections in the event of a fall thanks to the shoulder and elbow protectors conforming to the CE standard. It should be noted at this level that the protections are adjustable at the elbows to improve comfort. A location to place a backbone is also provided.


When you put on the Amber jacket, you immediately feel well and protected. The elbow and shoulder protectors do not even feel because they are very well placed ergonomically. The jacket is thick but not too heavy or obstructing.

The only downside lies in the rough side of the mesh of the lining which does not give a puffy effect at first. It feels more like putting on a ski jacket than a down jacket in terms of feel. But nothing crippling.

Test of the Bering Lady Amber on the Lambretta V125 Special scooterTest of the Bering Lady Amber on the Lambretta V125 Special scooter

Excellent resistance to cold

We could have a slight doubt at the start as to the cold resistance of this jacket because for once, there is no removable jacket type lining as exists with other brands. It is not so ! But once the jacket is closed, no trace of air passes either at the neck or at the wrists. In addition, the fixed lining in 200 gr wadding is ultra efficient! As proof, by having just a very light sweater underneath, you can savor its comfort even when it’s 0 ° C outside. And we really took it to those temperatures on a motorcycle and a scooter. It really takes negative temperatures to require the addition of an additional undercoat. But of all the jackets tested so far in several brands, this is quite simply the warmest that we have in the editorial woman’s wardrobe. The comfort zone for this jacket is therefore between -10 ° C and + 20 ° C. Above, it will be too hot, especially since the liner cannot be removed.

The hood is also very effective and comfortable to wear, which is rather rare. Indeed, she does not shake her head too much. When riding, the hood can be attached to the back with a press stud, which prevents the unpleasant fluttering of some jackets with a hood and which flutter in the wind as soon as you ride. In addition, it is removable.

The hood can be fixed by pressure to avoid floatingThe hood can be fixed by pressure to avoid floating

Tightness verified

Regarding the rain, the membrane is perfectly waterproof. I have never been wet, nor even cooled by the rain; what sometimes happens when the garment is loaded with water and even when a membrane ensures the real waterproofing. The drying time is fine although the fur itself takes longer to dry.

With the Bering Lady Amber on the Rieju NuukWith the Bering Lady Amber on the Rieju Nuuk

Convenience of pockets

The left and right pockets allow you to place your wallet or mobile phone without any worries. The two internal pockets make it easy to place papers or the phone. The pockets on the chest and the sleeve are for me pure decoration, even if you can put things in them, but they contribute to the style.

There is a pocket on the shoulder, more for decoration than practicalityThere is a pocket on the shoulder, more for decoration than practicality


The Amber jacket is an excellent jacket for the fall / winter season. It was the promise of the jacket. Promise kept! This is the warmest motorcycle winter jacket I have tested so far and this is its huge strength. It is really warm by nature and provides excellent protection from the elements. Its down jacket look is another strong point for bikers who don’t want to be identified as a biker at first sight. As for safety, the jacket is CE PPE homologated and thus meets the standards. As for the price, 239 €, it is even more interesting when it is found at 200 euros on the net, by its ultra-efficient side against the cold and the rain..

Bering Lady Amber motorcycle jacketBering Lady Amber motorcycle jacket

Strong points

  • Provided warmth and protection against cold and rain
  • Protections CE standards
  • City look

Weak points

  • touch of the inner micro liner

Technical characteristics of the women’s winter jacket

  • Exterior: Pongee and buffalo leather inserts.
  • Waterproof and high breathability BW2TECH500 membrane.
  • Fixed lining wadding 200 grs.
  • CE adjustable elbow and shoulder protectors.
  • Pocket for CE back protector.
  • REGULAR FIT fit.
  • 5 external pockets.
  • 2 internal pockets.
  • Detachable and lockable hood.
  • Removable synthetic fur.
  • Rib cuff edge.
  • Hips ribbing.

Availability / Prices

  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: S to 4XL, from 36 to 48
  • Price: 239.90 euros
  • Also available in a men’s model

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: city dweller Paris and suburbs during the winter months
  • Problem encountered: none.

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