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Your search for custom Harley exhausts and exhaust accessories ends here!  At Misfit Industries, we offer an impressive inventory of custom Harley and aftermarket Harley parts.  If your desire is to embellish your motorcycle with eye-catching Harley Davidson exhaust components, we offer the following items:

The Nasty Bastard 2 into 1 Harley Performance Exhaust System, offers superior sound, and performance. This Harley exhaust pipe makes serious Horse Power, ( 12 – 15 HP gain on stock bikes ). Has looks that kill the competition. Fitment ’97 and up Twin Cam Harley Davidson touring , & 2000 and up Harley Softail bikes. This exhaust will make your Harley stand out from the crowd. Get the sickest Harley Exhaust, on the market from Misfit Industries. The Nasty Bastard 2 into 1 exhaust header, comes in Chrome or Black.

Misfit Industries—Comparable to None

The goal of Misfit Industries is to create Harley parts that will not only be functional, but will become stunning eye-candy for your ride.

Regarding our Nasty Bastard 2 into 1 exhausts, there are three things you should know:

1: Misfit Industries’ experience crafting custom Harley parts is incomparable; and our reputation proves that!  The look on your face when you see your new exhaust, for the first time, is free of charge!

2:  Misfit Industries fabricates the most technologically-advanced motorcycle parts, anywhere!  We are perfectionists when it comes to our quality-control standards.  The quality of all Misfit-made parts is unequaled; and that will never change.  Additionally, many of our specialized Harley Davidson parts are patented.

3:  Misfit Industries caters to the needs and desires of Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts; We did everything under the Texas sun to meet or exceed your requests to create an exhaust, that  proudly bear’s our name, shows our craftsmanship, and our builds upon reputation.

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Misfit Industries is very fortunate to possess a dedicated team of professionals who give 100% of their talents within our management, design & development, fabrication, manufacturing and administration departments.  Their cooperative efforts ensure that our clientele are treated like family, and that the needs of every customer are met with unrivaled satisfaction.