BMW K 1200 GT


BMW K 1200 GT

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BMW blows brisk tourists with the not exactly cheap, but nevertheless attractive K 1200 GT. In the case of highway robbers, the Munich-based roadster study does raise hopes.

There are manufacturers who see Touring as a loophole and ?? often enough listless? operate with a single model. BMW proves how much space there is in the top segment of this gap alone: ​​A GT is expected to be inserted between the touring K 1200 RS and the opulent K 1200 LT touring steamer this year. So a Gran Tourismo version, which from the name suggests a rather light vehicle, which offers sportiness in its more sophisticated form.
The K series is still a long way from lightweight construction, but equipped with the stable chassis and the relatively potent four-valve engine from the RS, which are slightly modified in terms of emissions, the GT should still not burn much. 130 hp get even an unladen weight of 300 kilograms going well. The braking system, with partially integral ABS as standard, also comes from the sportier sister. The decisive differences only emerge in the body and ergonomics. The fairing with the electrically adjustable and in comparison significantly higher windshield has a wind-repellent black profile in front of the driver’s lower legs. Thanks to a wide hand protection, the draft should also casually rush past the driver’s upper extremities. A more comfortable seat and higher handlebars are self-evident in such a body. The GT pannier system and luggage rack are fitted as standard, the pannier lids are painted in the body color, i.e. blue or gray-green metallic. In Germany there is a power variant with 98 hp.
The secret star of the BMW Intermot stand will not be able to cope with that much. The Roadster study is based on the just 85 hp R 1150 R, and it is intended to show how BMW imagines a cheeky naked bike that almost penetrates into the street light field. With the exception of the windshield and the modified R 1100 S mudguard, the people around design chief Dave Robb only used standard parts: instruments and black anodized fork tubes from the S, lamps from the GS, cylinder head covers from the Boxer, which is also on display in Munich Cup replica (see MOTORRAD 12/2002). it was said, you wanted to test audience response? and then go into series production if necessary. Well then, we can start. The spectators were enthusiastic, at best discussions sparked off with the single-seat version. Especially since the study carries outriggers for passenger footrests.

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