BMW motorcycle ABS: Now with belt and suspenders

BMW motorcycle ABS

Now with belt and suspenders

BMW motorcycle ABS: Now with belt and suspenders-motorcycle

  • Site Online Editor Gerd Stegmaier

Last summer, the White Safety Vest of the Bavarian Manufacturer’s stains got: Participants from ADAC driver training reported system failures and pressure loss in the hydraulics of the integral brake system (see "ABS can fail"). After BMW initially supplements only the operating instructions, technical remedy is now ready.

"Like suspenders for the belt"
When asked by Site, press spokesman Jurgen Stoffregen confirmed that all owners of the 80,000 BMW motorcycles with ABS brakes would be offered the option of retrofitting the system free of charge. Only one screw is replaced, which ultimately limits the brake pressure applied by the driver to a very high level.
This means that even failures such as those that occurred in the extreme situations of driver training should be a thing of the past.
Stoffregen emphasized that these were isolated cases that had occurred exclusively as a result of a combination of several unfavorable conditions (idle times and therefore little battery charging time as well as extremely fast and strong braking). "We now offer improvement measures for everyone due to fewer isolated cases in the past". In view of the probability of occurrence in real traffic, this is like "suspenders for the belt", says Stoffregen. “But we want to live up to the good reputation we have built up over 20 years of ABS at BMW."
Why not like that?
But why did BMW initially respond so reluctantly to customer complaints?? "We found a technical solution relatively quickly that also covered the special case of ‘driver training’ without any problems. But no one can seriously modify a system that has taken four years to develop quickly. The technical diligence that our critics in particular have demanded requires sufficient testing time. It can’t be done in less than half a year," explained the spokesman.
Judicial aftermath not quite over yet
In connection with the brake failures, a person affected filed lawsuits against three BMW employees, including CEO Helmut Panke. All three investigations have now been discontinued. Only the decision in three cases where investigations into negligent bodily harm against unknown persons were made is still pending.
costs in the millions?
BMW wants to say nothing about the cost of the retro action. But since the workshops process the motorcycles about two hours, the overall expenditure for BMW can be fully calculated to more than ten million euros. Much for a small screw, but little for the good reputation.


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