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Harley Davidson Touring Front Fender Streamline Wrap – Steel by Misfit Industries

The Only True 180 Degree wrap Front Fender!

You asked for it, We made it!

Misfit Industries design team has taken the guesswork out of installing tire-hugging front fenders. We use a precision deep-draw stamping technology on 14-gauge steel so you won't need to drill any holes or make modifications to these direct bolt-on fenders. The thickness of the 14-gauge steel adds rigidity to the front-end acting like a fork brace. They are designed with pre-drilled mounting tabs so can easily cut or reshape the fenders any way you want and never have to worry about them fitting. The 180 Degree Fender has lots of material for you to cut, shape, and customize to fit your vision.

We use a 5-axis laser ensuring a consistently smooth and flawless finish every time. A process saving you money in the paint booth and your spray man will thank you for.

For easiest installation, we recommend using Misfit Industries Front Fender Mounting spacers. They were literally made for these fenders. (sold separately).

This fender is the same design as our famous streamline wrap touring fender in a 180 degrees.

Highest quality fenders on the market.

Stamped from 14-Gauge Steel, not spun or welded together. Giving a superior smoothness and

extremely durable fender.

5-axis laser ensures a precision cut and finish every time.

Fitments available for 21", 23", 26", & 30" front wheels.

21" fender measure 5.5" outside width 2-hole mounting (Drag 1401-0567 2013- Drag 1401-0571 2014+)

23" fender measure 6" outside width 3-hole mounting (Drag 1401-0568 2013- Drag 1401-0572 2014+ )

26" fender measure 6" outside width 3-hole mounting (Drag 1401-0569 2013- Drag 1401-0573 2014+)

30" fender measure 6" outside width 3-hole mounting (Drag 1401-0570 2013- Drag 1401-0574 2014+)

The 26" & 30" fenders come with extra internal bracing welded to the fender mounting ears.

All sizes of fenders come pre-drilled for easy installation.

We recommend the use of Misfit Industries Front Fender Mounting Spacers (sold separately).

Fits 1984- Current Harley Davidson FLT, FLHT, FLHX, FLHR, FLTR, & HD FL Trike Models.

Fenders also work for any custom application.