Comparison test 125cc


Comparison test 125cc

Youngster at work

Richard was the first. As of 8.30 a.m. in the editorial office. The first of five guest testers that MOTORRAD fished out of the net at to find out what really moves young bikers. How they feel, what they do
depart. The experimental set-up: seven 125s of all colors, a 34-hp machine. 150 kilometers of country road, three hours
Hockenheim, get some sleep and back. Adrenaline right.
Over 200 applications were received. Against the choice of a representative cross-section of sports fan, scooter driver, fair femininity and cross crack, the compilation of the test field was child’s play: Aprilia RS 125 Replica, claro, because 125cc class representative since time immemorial. Cagiva Mito, logo, because of world class design. Its naked, technically almost identical counterpart Planet was actually only intended as an escort vehicle, but it doesn’t matter? you can’t refuse young people anything.
Three two-stroke engines so far. The Husqvarna WRE 125 was supposed to take over the enduristic part: razor-sharp, also two-stroke, but unfortunately only temporarily out. The WRE fan base is eagerly scrambling for the available copies. So Honda Varadero, nice too? and big sister’s face. The trend category Supermoto is covered by the MZ 125 SM, and the Easy Rider is mimicked by the third four-stroke engine in the group: the Yamaha XVS 125 Drag Star. According to the editors
best-looking eight-liter cruiser ever. Long and low, plus a stylish V2 engine, mighty fenders and these
wonderful shotgun exhaust system.
How different such assessments are from time to time becomes apparent at the latest when the brand new Peugeot Jet Force appears: brake booster, ABS, perimeter frame ?? “Pah!” the youngsters simply say that they don’t like scooters. Even guest tester Matthias, on the road in real life on a Peugeot Speedfight, seems obsessively interested. “I wouldn’t spend a penny on an elevator like this,” Patricia explains, irrespective of what it says or what it says. Peugeot, Honda, Yamaha, Piepenhagen: Anyone who has just bought a license to ride a motorcycle for expensive money would do a hell of a lot and voluntarily drive plastic bombers. I see. And we thought the Jet Force was awesome.
Would you like a second example of Goth? Okay, order the grappa, friends of Italian fate. Yes, yes, that too
Cagiva Planet, on our part as a smart entry-level motorcycle
declared, lands just wrong. “Even the silencer looks completely broken down,” Sebastian K. bursts out. The MOTORRAD top tip for 34 HP, namely Suzuki SV 650 S, is ?? Pig ?? Again agreement: “If it is only half as sleek as it looks …” So design. Before and after nothing comes for a long time.
At 10.30 a.m. we are ready to go: Patricia, Matthias, Richard, Sebastian G. and Sebastian K. plus a handful of sprightly over 30s from the ranks of the editorial team. Off to Hockenheim, where everyone can drive with anything. Until then, the Aprilia RS are open,
Unfortunately, Cagiva Planet and Suzuki SV are closed to guests. And now the first thing is to get out of Stuttgart as completely as possible. Scooter pilot Matthias has to get on the jet despite grumbling, which seems the safest because he is the only one who knows that such an automatic scooter has two brake levers on the handlebars, not a clutch.
Three youngsters want to flee the city by MZ, a clear indication of the seemingly unproblematic nature
the supermoto. Patricia can go first. While Enduro-
Freak Richard on the Varadero saves, Sebastian K. happily reaches for Mito ?? in the hope of accommodating his 1.83 meters between the handlebars and footrests of the micro racing roll ?? and Sebastian G., a very gentleman, had pity on the prematurely postmarked Yamaha. Poor little drag star: “If she hadn’t become a cruiser, I might like her,” says the other Sebastian.
Until the first diversion? Sebastian G. already complains of back pain and heavy blows from the Yamaha hindquarters? everything is going well. After that, the accompanying van and the photographer’s car are missing. Probably did not show enough respect in various turning maneuvers, because of the “they are slower anyway
as we”. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. What we don’t yet know at this point is that we are actually traveling too fast. MZ and Jet Force are free of any throttling, so the small parade is strictly illegal. Because of the stupid 80 km / h regulation for 16 year olds. In real life ?? how do we find out ?? hardly anyone stops. Not out of pure pleasure in handicrafts, but for the sake of bare survival and driving pleasure.
Those who turn up their noses and babble from earlier, when 65 km / h was the measure of all things and the earth was still flat,
would like to roll in front of a 40-ton truck with a dash 80. Or try to describe the great feeling of freedom on the throttle of a Cagiva Mito. Roughly two centimeters of leeway are left after the not very subtle throttling with the slide stop. Feels like fucking fooling around.
Nevertheless, the Mito gets up to a measured 105 km / h top speed. Are only three less than with the open MZ. And pretty much what you need to live.
Only Honda and Yamaha stick to the rules of the game as agreed, rigorously sealing off the V2 engines of their candidates. No matter what ruse, no matter what aisle: 80 things are tattooed. Psychologically difficult, because both engines clearly signal that they could, if “you” were allowed and not 16.
Topic number one at lunch. Richard who the
80 km / h number “somehow” understands, because he has seen an overwhelmed buddy fly into the hedges, objects that he would have no problem with the law, if the machines at least suggested to him that the latter should be used To have achieved performance from within. Actively intervene in the action, that’s the point. And that’s why the 125cc community prefers the two-stroke principle: shift and turn as hard as you can, aggressive performance characteristics, sharp sound.
Nonetheless, the favorite between Maultaschen and Kasspatzle is MZ 125 SM. Great design, great handling, engine, because it rotates freely and vibrates with power, okay.
So it was worth the effort of the Zschopau: four
No other 125cc single cylinder offers valves, two overhead camshafts and water cooling. The fact that the suspension elements of the Supermoto are too soft, the machine oscillates at top speed and sometimes even hits the handlebars when accelerating on bumps does not seem to bother us.
In the absence of alternatives, the teens are not spoiled. Accept the overdamped chassis of the extremely stable Mito as well as the twisted Italian electrics, the starter strikes plus uncontrolled control lights glowing in front of them
provoked. Inadequacies that are in stark contrast to the high-quality equipment: aluminum bridge frame, banana swing arm, upside-down fork, 320 mm brake disc ?? like on the Aprilia RS, only more beautiful and better processed. Admittedly, it doesn’t exist for too much. With 5000 euros (without additional costs!) The Mito tears a catastrophic crater into the account.
What the guest testers particularly appreciate about the Honda, which is a good 500 euros cheaper, is the space it offers, as one can finally think of a serious I-and-you-like-with-child group. The weak engine, the slack fork and the synthetic design are criticized.
Before restarting after the lunch break, tough negotiations are in progress about who has to drive a scooter. Sebastian G. has mercy once again. At 19 years of age and with a Ducati Monster up his sleeve, he has a keen sense for the experimental. And actually begins to warm up to the Jet Force. “Isn’t it okay? and the chassis: extremely stable. «Contrary to popular belief that scooters staggered around on their little wheels completely disoriented, the new Peugeot conveys a vague feeling of suspension comfort, steering precision and accuracy. Riding a motorcycle is different, however.
Especially in Hockenheim. There Drag Star and Jet Force are finally like lead, but the shares of the planet are suddenly very popular: everyone makes real 16 hp at 8000 rpm
Temporarily forget about design discussions. Accelerate freely. Finally. Our test crew gives everything, not even being frightened by the built-in handicap level on the nominally 29 hp Aprilia: »Reversed shift scheme ?? okay, how does that work? ”First gear up, the rest down, like on a real racing motorcycle. “All right.” With a slipping clutch and a minimum of 6000 revolutions into orbit: This is how 125cc should be! Chassis, engine, great. Aprilia RS forever. Enthusiastic about the sound, the aggressive power delivery and the surprisingly comfortable space, Matthias, Richard and Sebastian K. crown the RS as their personal test winner.
Patricia and Sebastian G. find their great love in the SV. “So driving a 650 can be that easy,” Sebastian is already considering swapping with his Monster. And Patricia finally experiences the feeling of sitting “on a real motorcycle”. A motorcycle that is recommended to all A-licensees because it is hardly
gives a more attractive start into 34 hp life? comfortable, agile, sufficiently stable, well throttled and in general: for 6330 euros a perfect offer. Smart design and V2 feeling
included. And the future brings an impressive 70 hp.
The hangman knows what the future may bring for the 125cc market. Especially since the stricter Euro 2 emission standard (see MOTORRAD 10/2003) for two-stroke engines gives rise to fear of the worst. So, ladies and gentlemen, industry, more soda please! More commitment to eight-liter bikes. Otherwise your future is not that far away either. Who doesn’t today
Patricias and Sebastians subsidized, tomorrow may be from the day before yesterday.

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