Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 motorcycle tire test


Continental gets wet

With the new ContiTrail Attack3, the German manufacturer has great ambitions in a growing market. Already remarkable for its handling and grip qualities on dry ground, its predecessor, the Trailattack2 showed a slight deficit on wet ground.. Continental claims to have corrected things and even better than that with the 3. To prove it to us, they pulled out all the stops and did the rain dance. !

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 motorcycle tire testContinental ContiTrailAttack 3 motorcycle tire test

Everything was shaping up for the best and this invitation to Crete to try the latest addition to the German giant already tasted like the sun at the end of winter. I slipped my swimsuit in my bag, but a glance at the weather forecast when it was time to pack everything up made me add my rain suit. The idea turned out to be bright and much more useful than my swimsuit. "Do you plan to keep her all the time?" said the photographer to me just before departure, looking surprised at my outfit. The fact is that in the midst of my colleagues, I stain it with my "garbage bag" style suit next to their superb trail outfits. But very quickly the weather proved me right. The few drops of rain quickly gave way to a continuous downpour which ravaged the approaches to roads already badly damaged by torrential rains a fortnight earlier. Mudslides, puddles, rock falls … And even road falls! Sometimes everything had tumbled down in the valley and only the safety rails remained hanging in the void. A real slaughter for the small Greek island, but ideal conditions to test a trail tire that claims to be excellent in wet conditions.

The conditions of the test were difficult to say the least.The conditions of the test were difficult to say the least.

100% new

The Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 tireThe Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 tire To climb to the top of the trail tire category, Conti has not done things by halves. Their new baby is a concentrate of the brand’s technologies. Here, no bigomme, but a process called "multigrip" which makes it possible to obtain different levels of hardness thanks to a differentiated firing temperature according to the zones of the mold. Thus, no abrupt transition zone, with changes in adhesion and irregular wear, but on the contrary, a progressive behavior and a linear wear … Another peculiarity at the level of the manufacturing mold, a coating which eliminates the agents of demoulding, making the dangerous break-in phase of the tire unnecessary, with the risks of falling that this entails. The association of these features with a zero degree steel belt and a new compound of gums are supposed to guarantee greater longevity and better durability of performance over time. Holding on wet ground also benefits from these efforts and from the deep tread patterns which allow good drainage of rainwater. Conti also announces that it always has more sculptures than its competitors, new, at the front, after 3,500 km! In fact, the designs of the TrailAttack3 are generous.

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 tire test in CreteContinental ContiTrailAttack 3 tire test in Crиte

The result of all his efforts gives a tire, which according to its manufacturer and according to independent tests that it has commissioned, would be at the level of its best competitors while being vastly superior in longevity. A rare pearl that we were eager to put to the test, so much this presentation made our mouths water.

ContiTrailAttack 3 sculptures in detailContiTrailAttack 3 sculptures in detail

Cold shower

No, we are not using this term in the figurative sense to mark our disappointment, but quite literally, as it rained during our taxiing. Congratulations les Conti, you have an eye for detail and managed everything from A to Z, including the weather, to test the Trail Attack3 in the worst conditions. An army of big trails awaited us firmly to do battle on the tiny Cretan roads, when they were still there.

BMW R1250GS ready to hit the road in ContiTrailAttack 3BMW R1250GS ready to hit the road in ContiTrailAttack 3

Getting started

Easy, especially since 1,500 m is enough to bring the Trail Attack3 up in temperature. Suddenly, the building of confidence is immediate. Safety is a major concern for bikers and especially for those who accumulate kilometers on the handlebars of their big trails. It goes through good feedback and first-rate wet handling. Paradoxically, the current performance level of tires is so high that it exceeds the capabilities and requirements of most of us. Also, in this area, Conti has positioned itself at the level of the best, without seeking to do better, preferring to focus its efforts on the durability of the tire and its performance..

The Trail Attack 3 quickly builds confidenceThe Trail Attack 3 quickly builds confidence


The newborn does not deny the DNA of the brand and is indeed very playful, despite the pounds of mastodons holding the category. In this way, the BMW R 1250 GS has all of the bike and safely crossed the laces of the roads of Crete (ah ah) which are so tight that it is often necessary to pass them first. The big flat balances with roundness and you can perfectly feel everything that is happening under its 19-inch front wheel. Here again, it is extremely reassuring.

Cretan laces follow one another without difficultyCretan laces follow one another without difficulty

Grip in the wet

In the absence of a comparison to calibrate our foal, we can assure you that in these extreme conditions, the trail Attack3 holds its place perfectly. The feeling of security is enormous. Whatever the nature of the ground, we concentrate on the trajectories, without thinking about the grip. So, on slippery and rough roads, we kept up a good pace … In the dry! And that, without apprehension and without asking questions. No chrono or reference to support our point, just a general feeling that will suit users of the category..

The Trail Attack 3 provides good grip in all conditionsThe Trail Attack 3 provides good grip in all conditions

Acceleration and braking

In these dire conditions, we tested the grip by trying to accelerate sharply out of the bends, to stall the rear or trigger traction control. The result of one of these attempts will result in an unexpected wheelie, proving if need be that it pulls hard behind, in all circumstances. Even when braking, where the ABS is triggered only by insisting heavily. Those like me who still have motorcycles without these technologies can therefore wind the cable and generously pull on the handle with confidence..

It takes good will to trigger the ABS and / or the traction controlIt takes good will to trigger the ABS and / or the traction control


This is the great unknown of this test. Indeed, the profile of the island and the weather conditions did not allow us to drive at high speed, even less loaded in duo. This is a very important point on this type of machine and we have not been able to test it. However, Continental told us that it had actively worked on this crucial point, supported by video footage, with completely satisfactory results. The stiffness of the rear tire, the designs have been studied in this direction. In addition, it would be surprising if the Attack3 trail does less well than its predecessor, which was not open to criticism in this area. Continental has always known how to combine stability and handling with happiness, even mastery..

ContiTrailAttack 3 testContiTrailAttack 3 test

Electronic assistance

It is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the German brand which produces and develops electronic systems of the highest level for motorcycle manufacturers, BMW and KTM in the lead. In fact, the carcass, the tire, its rubber, its designs work in perfect harmony with the on-board electronics present on our testing machines. By the way, we therefore essentially rode on the handlebars of a 1250 GS, bluffing efficiency, but we also swapped it for a BMW S 1000 XR, much less suitable for this type of use and with a Honda Africa Twin for a few kilometers, just to check that in 17 inches as in 21 the trail Attack3 remains up to the task.

The latest Continental works in concert with on-board assistanceThe latest Continental works in concert with on-board assistance

All Terrain

Intended for 90% road 10% TT use, the Attack3 trail does not mind going off the beaten track with relative ease, in part thanks to the depth of its designs. In the drains, on rolling stones, in the mud, it stays the course as long as you behave with the caution that befits machines of this size. For those who want more in this area, Conti offers the TKC 70, TKC 80 and the Conti Escape. In short, there is everything you need in the range, but in TT, the trail Attack3 does not have to be ashamed against the competition..

Although primarily intended for the road, the Trail Attack 3 does not mind going out on the tracks.Although primarily intended for the road, the Trail Attack 3 does not mind hitting the trails.


Even if it is primarily intended for large trails packed with electronics, the trail Attack3 is also available in more classic and smaller dimensions, to bring the best of modern technology to older or smaller motorcycles. Do not neglect the importance of this last point at the time of the choice, because putting "modern" tires on an old motorcycle is undoubtedly the best way to give a facelift to its behavior, for an investment of a few euros. only. It will only cost you the price difference between the first and second or third line of a manufacturer. Morality do not deprive yourself of progress under the pretext that you are riding an old motorcycle. In use, you will see that it will be metamorphosed by this new ride.

The ContiTrailAttack 3 mounted on different trails for the testThe ContiTrailAttack 3 mounted on different trails for the test

By the way, precisely, the Attack3 trail remains at the price of the Attack2 trail, which sees its price drop by 14%. If you still hesitate between the two, you have our opinion by rereading the preceding lines. Buying a state-of-the-art tire is a luxury you won’t regret. Testimonial !

Strong points

  • Maneuverability
  • Feedback
  • Grip on wet roads
  • Always reassuring behavior

Weak points

  • The premium rate

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: small winding roads in the rain, a bit of muddy and slippery off-road
  • Problem encountered: rain, cold and mud, no high speed stability test or dry grip

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 tire dimensions

Before Back
  • 110/70 ZR17 M / C 54W TL
  • 120/60 ZR17 M / C (55W) TL
  • 120/70 ZR17 M / C (58W) TL
  • 120/70 ZR17 M / C (58W) TL GT
  • 100/90 R18 M / C 56V TL
  • 110/80 ZR18 M / C (58W) TL
  • 120/70 ZR18 M / C (59W) TL
  • 110/80 R19 M / C 59V TL
  • 120/70 ZR19 M / C 60W TL
  • 130/80 R17 M / C 65V TL
  • 150/70 ZR17 M / C 69W TL
  • 150/70 R17 M / C 69V TL
  • 160/60 ZR17 M / C (69W) TL
  • 170/60 ZR17 M / C 72W TL
  • 170/60 ZR17 M / C (72W) TL
  • 180/55 ZR17 M / C (73W) TL GT
  • 180/55 ZR17 M / C (73W) TL
  • 190/50 ZR17 M / C (73W) TL
  • 190/55 ZR17 M / C (75W) TL
  • 130/80 R18 M / C 66V TL
  • 160/60 ZR18 M / C (70W) TL

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10 thoughts on “Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 motorcycle tire test

  1. you say the bmw a 21000 has equal equipment. this is not true, the bm does not have the dct, but it has the keyless, the gimbal, the emergency call, the shifter, the telelever, the tire pressure. If we take everything into account, it is not much more expensive than the africa, see can be the same price and it is a 1250 with 136 hp

    bmw has always been expensive, honda no, but it seems to want to be.

    I think that with the crosstourer they could have afforded this kind of price, provided they gave it the same equipment as the GS (they are in the same category, not the africa twin)

  2. Philippe21, don’t agree with you, many owners of big trails go off-road, go see cocoricorando or Tom barrer videos on youtube or go for a walk off the beaten track at festivals like AMF. And how are we on the road with a real trail…

    There are enough only road trails on the market (BM XR, Tracer, Versys, Crossrunner …. I must forget)

  3. I also find that the comparison of the GS 1250 with the Africa Twin 1100 in Adventure DCT version and EERA suspensions does not make any sense, except to try at all costs to have similar prices..

    Having said that, I regret since the release of the 1100 the price inflation and the unnecessary addition of "gimmicks" which make it unnecessarily complex and expensive. The 1000 stood out from the GS by its simplicity and a much lower price, that’s what appealed to me when I bought my 1000 in 2017, plus the originality and comfort of the DCT box. I’m not considering replacing it with an 1100 at the moment. It would be more like a Triumph Tiger 900 GT or Rallye, or even a Guzzi V85 TT. We stay with these motorcycles in what is essential for me with much more reasonable prices.

  4. QuoteAS

    Philippe21, don’t agree with you, many owners of big trails go off-road, go see cocoricorando or Tom barrer videos on youtube or go for a walk off the beaten track at festivals like AMF. And how are we on the road with a real trail…

    There are enough only road trails on the market (BM XR, Tracer, Versys, Crossrunner …. I must forget)

    99.99% it was humor, which is to say that it is a very small minority ! wink

    I rode 11 years in Flat including 5 in GS, the 1200 DOHC, and I loved it !

    I tried the Off Road (obligatory) it is the ordeal as soon as it becomes technical (mud, ruts, etc.) I do not even count the budget for repairing cylinder head guards and other parts with each fall, and finding yourself stuck under 250 kg of metal it’s not serious ! phew

    It’s really only on dry forest roads that it does, but precisely above that it goes with less suspension travel, you just need to have the right tires and the right pressures..

    With the Africa it goes even easier (I tried), but I no longer agree with these motorcycles with TT orientations marked ditto Yam Tenere, I leave the paths to walkers, mountain bikers, dogs etc.) so I don’t need a wader !

    My area of ​​predilection, the small roads even those with a macadam fifrelin and the floral decoration in the middle, that I love, and the bingo !applause I took the VFR 800 X, it does the job when there is no more tar, a sport when the coating is good, in short a real Swiss Army knife, very good suspensions with sufficient travel, and suddenly you get found with more acceptable saddle heights, a subject well addressed in the essay "Den". (810-830 on the Crossrunner, for my meter seventy-five 830 is great)

    I would be curious to see how the sales would be split between a BMW R 1250 "XR" vs GS.

    Above it no need 200mm of travel !

    [attachment 35348 P1120640-Copie.JPG]

  5. To try … and then larger distribution for the engine will surely mean more easily available parts …

  6. For all those who do not dream of big cubes and do not languish in front of the 4 cylinders, because their preference goes towards agility, a reasonable and usable power, a line & a singular aesthetic, the SFV 650 represents a choice. judicious. The reason is, whether you like its looks or not, the chassis is just as good as its V-engine, which has more than enough power. The Vtwin is torquey and thrills with pleasure at any pace. The bike is healthy, its behavior just as much, with a ride worthy of its behavior (to change quickly the Dunlop Quailifier first generation which is not reassuring at all, slow to rise in temperature). Even if the SFV has gained weight compared to the SV (2003-2009) + -8kg, the excellent weight centering seems to make it lighter and the saddle (unfortunately very uncomfortable) allows users to be at least 1m70 to put your feet on the ground. In addition, with some changes, such as a lighter and less restrictive muffler (here an Arrow), fried Brembo pads, the installation of avia type hoses, the replacement of the air filter with a KN (or BMC) filter. and the addition of a Puig screen, you get a very playful machine that is easy to take along. And whatever the beautiful Italian two-cylinder can claim by their budgetary elitism, the SFV 650, within its limits, never blushes neither its performances, nor its holding of course. As for me, after these few transformations, each time I make contact, I have a banana in my headset. Run the occasions!

  7. My favorite: 1000 Versys !

    The best compromise between all I find.

    The 1400 ZZR is a small road truck (I tried it – flanged version). I find the GTR a bit too "massive" and I don’t like the aesthetics too much. I also tried the 1000 SX and am not very good with it. The 650 is a bit "small" for my personal taste.

  8. hello, I rode in Z1000 2003 it was already a "breaker" in the original saddle. Seems that the Z1000sx is even worse with its thin saddle you are sitting on a board.

  9. Second train of Continental AT3, I change them at the benchmarks at 5,000 terminals on average on an 800 VFR X. Same as Capdefra (hi V), I only do winding on the very abrasive departmental roads of Burgundy.

    Of all that I have had (Pirelli Scorpion Trail 1; Metzeler Tourance Next; Michelin PR4; Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41) these are the best, liveliness, super sport grip on the corner, very decent on dirty roads, on gravel and road (dry), wear contained.

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