Custom Honda Gold Wing: Extremely cool as a Cool Wing

Custom Honda Gold Wing

Extremely cool as a cool wing

A Honda Gold Wing is a powerful tourer. In the custom version that Honda North America presented in Daytona, the Gold Wing becomes the ultra-cool Cool Wing.

AT.The Honda Cool Wing was built by the Southern California customizer Steady Garage to present it at Daytona Bike Week 2019. The boys only had 45 days to transform the super tourer.

First, the Gold Wing was brought around its top case to give it the typical sloping line of an excavator. Tea stepped bench was replaced by a one-piece version with a cross-stitched brown leather cover. The conversion to a compressed air-assisted height adjustment at the hindquarters allows the Cool Wing to drop down to the manifold of the six-cylinder if necessary. The responsible compressor plus compressed air tank sits in the left side case.

The cladding remains almost unchanged

Only discreet hand was laid on the cladding parts of the Gold Wing. Tea side ventilation grilles were replaced by three slats each, the front fender was partially coupe as was the windshield.

For the coloring, the choice fell on a color scheme consisting of a turquoise lacquer dress and gold-colored stripes on all paneling parts. In addition, the exhaust is wrapped in matt black. The series front wheel was equipped with aluminum covers for a disc wheel look, the front fork was brought around its reflectors. The resulting openings were covered with wire mesh covers.

Technically, the Gold Wing remained untouched except for the chassis, but the result is still cool.

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