Driving report ABP-KTM Duke II

Driving report ABP-KTM Duke II

well done

M.Either displacement, racing exhaust, sharp camshaft, larger carburetor ?? these are the common ingredients of a supermoto tuning. With the result that the drivability of the tuned devices in the middle speed range deteriorates drastically. In contrast, it was the goal of Ralf Welzmuller, owner of ABP from Dettenhausen (phone 07157/620222, www. abp-racing.de) to optimize a series Duke without excessively increasing its performance characteristics. Tea tuning naturally also fits all other 625 KTM engines and provides hobby pilots
an unproblematic unit for super moto races. Even the impeccable starting behavior of the series engines was retained.
Through many minor interventions
important shares succeeded in giving the rustic single-cylinder better smoothness-
educate and at the same time elicit more performance. This includes a cylinder head overhaul with lighter valves and softer springs, fine balancing of the crankshaft, the adaptation of a Mikuni flat slide carburetor and the use of a dry air filter. An exhaust system with modified pipe routing and modified, powerful sounding silencers make it easier to exhale. According to the ABP test bench, everything adds up to ten horsepower.
From 60 km / h in the last gear
the driver can quickly pull the gas, while the single pulls forward without holes and without excessive chopping. Up to 8000 /
min, no slump will be felt
Vibrations hold up even at high levels
Speed ​​compared to the robust vibrations of the series engine within limits. In order to prevent the engine from overheating after the increase in performance, ABP installed a self-developed oil cooler and modified the existing water cooling.
So that the vehicle, which is now going to work, can be caught again more easily, the standard steel brake disc was replaced with a floating cast disc, otherwise the brake system including the pads remained unchanged. This combination proves to be a good compromise between too toxic and too blunt response behavior already at the first anchorage. With medium hand strength and a constant pressure point, the Duke can be decelerated from any speed without problems and with pinpoint accuracy. A conversion that also works for the
other Supermoto models is possible and recommended.
For use on the racetrack, it makes sense to convert to spoked wheels. Thanks to their lower rotating masses, they make handling easier, and their better elasticity makes them less sensitive to heavy impacts, for example in off-road passages. In addition, the wider rear wheel rim opens up ?? it measures 5.00 instead of 4.50 inches ?? a wider range of tires. Whether you like the spoked wheels as much as the standard BBS forged wheels is a matter of taste.
Overall, ABP does a convincing job, the focus is on engine tuning, which, however, is not TÜV-compliant. If you add up the individual items in question, this adds up to around 1050 euros. In view of the successful coordination, the many individual measures and parts make a better funk-
tied whole, a reasonable price. mjo

Tuning measures and prices

Cylinder head
Lighter and larger inlet valves
(38 instead of 36 millimeters), exhaust valves
Enlarged from 32 to 33 millimeters, valve stem diameter from 7
reduced to 6 millimeters (299 euros)

Crank drive
Crankshaft finely balanced (98 euros)

We 40 Mikuni flat slide-
converted carburetor, nozzles
adjusted (299 euros)

Air filter
Air filter box removed and
by K&N dry air filter replaced
(around 55 euros)
Manifold distribution piece in front of the
Exchanged silencers for a self-made, more aerodynamic version
(239 euros); Silencer end cap opening enlarged by four millimeters

ABP oil cooler kit (209 euros)

Water cooling
Cooling circuit rebuilt (around 100 euros)

Floating cast disc
front (279 euros)

3.50 and 5.00 inch spoke wheels
with Excel aluminum rims (from 710 euros)

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