Driving report Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Driving report Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Thousand remains thousand

Aprilia is optimizing its sporty flagship in small steps. And cultivates a very special ability that is not revealed by a cursory glance at the technical data.

The Aprilians’ worldview is immovable. “Just as red stands for Ducati, black is typical for Aprilia. ”Original sound from Mariano Fioravanzo at the presentation of the 2006 Mille. It’s that simple. And: "The Mille is a fast motorcycle." Aha. Clearly. The head of development spoke. After all, he has to, because Fioravanzo was already back in 1998
responsible for the first mille. And he
is still responsible today that the
A thousand thousand remains. At least in Italy, while in German usage the numbers have long replaced the word.
Still, there is something to what he says. Not so much the thing with red and black, even if that’s true and precisely defines your favorite opponent. This certainty with which Fioravanzo lifts his baby onto the plateau is impressive. This bike is fast, capito! And that’s that!
What makes him so sure? In view of the fabulous values ​​that Nippon is now showing off, that seems bold. Even in the latest version, the Mille puts up a strong 170 HP and 200 kilograms with "only" 143 HP and around 210 kilograms live weight. This is very honorable for a two-cylinder, with Euro 3 and
all pipapo, no question. And even corresponds exactly to the performance of the permanent riva-
lin Ducati 999, would be a few years ago
was still unheard of in two-cylinder circles. Judging by the Japanese 1000s with which the AT.prilia also competes in terms of price (13,498 euros), but that seems quite modest.
At first glance, because the introductory laps on this foreign, more than five-kilometer GP course in Doha / Qatar are enough to realize that Fioravanzo could be right. At least when it comes to normal talent. Because no matter whether 170 hp or 140? when the first corners come, other things count. The right line, for example. On an unknown slope in the middle of the desert. Not a tree, not a bush. And no orientation. Right, left, fast, slow? No idea. Lord, let local knowledge rain from heaven! And talent! Just let me turn into the next curve with the right momentum. As well as accelerating again in good time and with full confidence so that it doesn’t look quite so unworthy.
That’s exactly where you miss everything, just not performance. Right now the Aprilia is in top form because it shows its traditional strengths in such situations. Those that cannot be read on any dynamometer or scale in the world. Instead of boasting sensational benchmarks in theory, she gives the driver a perfectly balanced helping hand. Doesn’t react overly nervously to every sugar on the handlebars, but turns decisively and precisely. In order to then lie full and stable in an inclined position, to keep the line under load and to the targeted lane
consequences. And finally at full power? yes, with 140 hp this is sometimes possible on the following laps ?? to march forward forcefully, but not uncontrollably.
Measured against the four-cylinder inferno, this is not terribly spectacular. It doesn’t even feel extremely fast. But it’s really good. Because the driver himself
concentrate on what matters.
Brake points, line choice. The optimum for man and machine. Noale has worked very specifically towards this. Up front with an Ohlins fork of the latest generation already in the basic Mille. In addition, the brilliant Brembo brake calipers, now radially screwed, with four individual pads, whose perfect controllability and brutal effect are already legend. In the middle, with the 60-degree V2 from Rotax, with 33 instead of 31 exhaust valves and a new set-up that not only brings four more horsepower and 500 additional revolutions, but also eliminates the annoying performance drop at 6000 rpm. Which at least worked well with the presentation motorcycles.
And at the back Aprilia promises more grip without regrets with a tire format that is becoming more and more fashionable: 190/55. The machines equipped with Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro (on the factory first tires, while the standard RSV in Germany with Metzeler Rennsport in 190/50 format) fulfilled this promise immediately.
So far so good. Even skeptics have to admit that. Just as they will praise the loving attention to detail, the high-quality workmanship and the warranty, which can be extended to a further two years (50,000 kilometers) free of charge. Noale, however, would not be in Italy if Aprilia were next to the
pure ratio is not something wonderful
Offering unreasonable things. The Factory, for example, for a good 2000 euros more. With forged instead of cast rims, with Ohlins instead of Sachs struts. With Ohlins steering damper. With lots of carbon and only available in black and gold.
Or the Akrapovic slip-on silencers for both models. With the right mapping that is already in the control unit and activated by the dealer (plus 5.5 HP). Gold has complete Akrapovic system. Also homologated, with an increase of 6.5 hp. If you want to be very colorful, just be that
We recommend the Evo6 complete system approved for use on the racetrack (plus eleven hp, minus seven kilos). This means that the RSV could even keep up with the Nippon Express connection in terms of weight and performance ?? and still stay a thousand.

Technical data – Aprilia RSV 1000 R

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder-
Four-stroke 60-degree V-engine, crankshaft transversely, two balance shafts, two overhead, gear / chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, dry sump lubrication, injection, Ø 57 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 500 W alternator Battery 12 V / 10 Ah, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.

Bore x stroke 97.0 x 67.5 mm
Displacement 998 cm3
Compression ratio 11.8: 1
rated capacity
105.0 kW (143 hp) at 10,000 rpm
Max. Torque 101 Nm at 8000 rpm

Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum, upside-down fork, Ø 43 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, oven-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 220 mm, two-piston fixed caliper.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 6.00 x 17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1418 mm, steering head angle 65.2 degrees, caster 102 mm, spring travel f / r 120/133 mm, seat height 810 mm, dry weight 189 kg, tank capacity /
Reserve 18.0 / 4.0 liters.

Two year guarantee
Colors red / black, black,
White black
Price including additional costs 13,498 euros

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