Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125

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Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125


Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125

Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125
Tuono light

The Aprilia RSV Tuono hit the naked bikes like lightning. A 125cc offshoot is now intended to attract young and mature two-stroke fans who are not in the mood.

Stefan luck


The 125cc market is bobbing, the customers are listless, the fronts related to the supply side. On the one hand uncompromising racers, on the other hand more or less baroque choppers. In between there are a handful of enduro bikes of different degrees of hardness. On the field of
Street sweepers, apart from a few exotic vehicles and bikes like an MZ RT 125 or Cagiva Raptor 125, are yawning empty. That wants Aprilia change and send the Tuono 125 at the start as Trio Infernale. On the one hand in an 11 kW (15 PS) version suitable for beginners and young people ?? optionally open or throttled to 80 km / h? on the other hand with the full output of 21.5 kW (30 hp). Both open-
n variants were available for a first driving impression on the Pista Azzurra, a go-kart track near Venice.
The recipe for the Tuono 125 is the same as for the 1000: Take the street athlete of the house, in this case the eternally young RS 125, rob it of its plastic and attach it instead-
A sharp cockpit fairing with a wide sail rod for upright sitting. The rest remains as it is, including the fairly tightly tuned chassis and the well positioned at the top and at the rear-
nice footrests. This results in a sitting position that is divided into two parts: Upper-
half the belt buckle upright, comfortable, relaxed, underneath due to the hard seat and the narrow knee angle, molto sportivo and not exactly long-distance compatible. In addition, the knees with taller pilots are pretty rough
collide with an edge in the aluminum bridge frame.
Such adversity doesn’t challenge a real streetfighter, especially since there’s not much else to complain about. Already in
In the 15 hp version, the water-cooled, single-cylinder two-stroke engine pushes the Tuono in a well-damped manner, albeit with noticeable vibrations, but real fun only comes with the uncorked model. Here as there, the six gears slide precisely into their detents. The throttle Tuono runs out of air exactly in the speed range in which the open one really starts and the needle of the rev counter quickly shoots towards the red area. The chassis has zero problems with the given performance;
The little Aprilia can be easily turned in and follows the targeted line like a dog does to its master.
The tight one fits on the kart track
Set-up perfect, but less damping would be more on the country road. Short, dry bumps, for example from manhole covers, are passed one-to-one to the intervertebral discs. The brake system with a 320 disc at the front and a 220 disc at the rear bites terribly when the operating force is low, careless access to the right lever is immediately punished with stoppies not less than half a meter high. And the price? The little thunder stands out for around 4700 euros
immediately at the dealer.

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Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125

Driving report Aprilia Tuono 125
Tuono light

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Tuono Superlight – Aprilia Tuono 50/125

Italian youngsters have it good: They can whiz around with a 50 Tuono.

At first glance, the 50 and 125 cm3 versions of the Tuono look confusingly similar, but on closer inspection, some, sometimes serious, differences become apparent. The brakes, chain and exhaust system are on the other side, because the drive on the engines used runs on the right (125) and on the left (50). In contrast to the 125 series, the aluminum bridge frame of the 50 series consists of two cast aluminum parts that are screwed together in the steering head and swing arm area. The equipment is kept simple, the cockpit lacks the mouse cinema and the swing arm is made of steel instead of aluminum. Overall, the Fuffzgerle is even more compact than the 125 version, the seating position and driving characteristics are still almost identical. For a first driving impression, an unthrottled model was available, strong enough to accelerate the Tuono to around 80 km / h in no time at all. If you want to move forward quickly, you have to diligently use the six-speed switch box. The brakes and chassis have the power completely and safely under control at all times. With an unregulated catalytic converter, the two-stroke engine with balancer shaft meets at least the Euro 1 standard. However, those who have already parked the Bonsai Streetfighter in their virtual garage now have to be very brave: The import to Germany is currently not planned. Che cosa!

Technical data: Tuono 50

Engine: water-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine, balance shaft, diaphragm inlet, electronic ignition, electric starter, U-Kat.Bore x stroke 40.3 x 39 mm, displacement 49 cm3, power transmission: multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain. Chassis: two-part cast aluminum frame, screwed , Telescopic fork, Ø 35 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, spring travel f / h 110/120 mm, tire size front 90/80 ZR 17, rear 110/80 ZR 17, colors red, black

Technical data: Tuono 125

Engine: water-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine, membrane inlet, exhaust control, flat slide carburetor, Ø 28 mm, U-Kat.Bore x stroke 54.0 x 54.4 mm, displacement 125 cm3, rated output 21.5 kW (30 HP) at 11300 / min [11 kW ( 15 HP) at 7000 rpm] Max. Torque 15 Nm (1.5 kpm) at 10800 rpm Power transmission: multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain. Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum profiles, upside-down fork, Ø 40 mm, aluminum two-arm swing arm, central spring strut with lever system. 110 tires / 70 ZR 17; 150/60 ZR 17 Chassis data: Steering head angle 64 degrees, caster 88 mm, wheelbase 1345 mm, spring travel f / h 120/120 mm. Price including ancillary costs 4699 euros

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