Ducati Streetfighter V4 S motorcycle test


Super power inside

4 cylinders in V at 90 ° Desmosedici, 1,103cm3, 208 hp at 12,750 rpm, 178 kg dry, 22,990 euros

Everyone knows the Mostro, which has become Monster, the iconic roadster of the Bologna brand. Many fewer have in mind another machine in the same segment: the Streetfighter…. superlative translation of the roadster for a classic motorcyclist. At Ducati, it is quite simply the naked version of the Panigale, the sporty.

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S leaves no one indifferentThe Ducati Streetfighter V4 S leaves no one indifferent

The first appeared in 2008 on the basis of the 1098: L-twin with 155 horsepower, 117 Nm of engine power, barely modified chassis and look devastating from street boxers. Problem, she has trouble convincing her as her dynamic behavior is demanding, not to say delicate..

At the end of 2001, the Italian manufacturer threw on the asphalt the stripped-down version of its 848 circuit, as scantily dressed and alluring as its predecessor. Same first name, but with a 3-digit code. The beautiful savage is therefore easier to approach with its "only" 132 horsepower and 94 Nm of torque and a cycle part easier to take. The curtain falls on the sisters in 2013 for the largest, 2015 for the 848.

Problem, there was no more angry roadster at Ducati…. And therefore nothing to meet the competition in this market. And yet, there was plenty to create something exceptional on the new basis of Italian hyper sport: the impressive Panigale V4. The Italian brand did not wait long to realize its new “street” weapon. Unveiled at the end of 2019, bestiality retains its Streetfighter surname but the sign of an even more formidable code: V4. From an angry fighter, the machine has evolved into a hyper-shock mutant, adorned with superpowers to bring the galaxy of hyper roadsters in line..

We never tire of looking at the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S!We never tire of looking at the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S !


She doesn’t want you well. In any case, not on your license. That’s how it is, she doesn’t like pink. Nor the points. Her thing is blood red and fists … for the fight. The mega-fight !

An unexpected encounter on the road!An unexpected encounter on the road !

All in muscle and barely dressed, the beautiful becomes an ultramodern gladiator, wedging her curves in a minimalist and eminently suggestive dress. Its compact mask inspired by the face of the joker flares out in fins under the lights. Above, a thin V-shaped daylight strip underlines this raptor aesthetic and the whole supports the instrument block. This finesse contrasts sharply with the bodybuilt body of the naked V4. Its large chest seems totally sheltered behind a ridged shield. These are the two large radiators responsible for evacuating the ample heat from the engine (we will come back to this later).

At their top, 4 short ailerons in bi-plane arrangement (limits overflows) extended by winglets provide additional dynamic downforce: 28 kg at 270 km / h…. (20 kg on the front wheel, 8 kg on the rear wheel). But also appreciable values ​​at lower speed. This equipment reduces front wheel "flutter" at high speeds. They also give the machine a sharper, more aggressive style..

Ohlins NIX30 inverted front fork, electronically adjustable, 120 mm travelЦhlins NIX30 inverted front fork, electronically adjustable, 120 mm travel

Behind them, scoops stretch out towards the 16-liter tank. Its front part adorned with mesh openings stashing the electronics. Fixed on these fluid volumes, the long rider saddle is dominated by an arrow-cut and ultra-short jump seat. The rear loop seems all the more compact as the wheelbase seems very long. The skin of this ultra-reduced stern forms two arches, the edges of which contain the lights.

The saddle of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SThe saddle of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

These sporty volumes are based on a rear frame, double steel plates bolted on the top of the cylinder heads of the rear cylinders and on the front frame with double aluminum hulls (4kg). This structure integrates the motor as a supporting element. And what engine…. The Ducati Desmosedici Stradale V4 is a 1.103 cc (81 x 53.5 mm) work of engineering. 4 valves per cylinder and desmodromic control (but no belts).

Desmosedici Stradale 90 ° V 4-cylinder engine, 1.103 cc4-cylinder V engine 90 ° Desmosedici Stradale, 1.103 cm3

Here, chains and sprockets drive the system to be able to reach very high speeds. The admission is entrusted to four ovalized injection bodies connected to intake ducts at fixed height (variable on the Panigale V4 R) 70 mm long. We especially note a counter-rotating crankshaft limiting the gyroscopic effect of the wheels and their kinetic effect. Set at 70 °, the connecting rod crankpins thus deliver an ignition order of the "Twin Pulse" type: 90-200 / 90-340. The two rear cylinders then the two front. Clearly, the V4 works in Big-Bang and as a double L-twin. Enough to deposit and bring to life 208 hp at 12,750 rpm and output 123 Nm of torque at 11,500 rpm. All for 199 kg…. (201 kg as standard). Note that 70% of the torque is available from 4,000 revolutions and 90% at 9,000 revolutions.

The transmission of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SThe transmission of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

Electronics at all levels

We do not leave such a cavalry without a master. The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S contains an arsenal of chips of all kinds.

Starting with an inertial unit (IMU) with three axes (6 directions) which monitors your progress at all times. The artificial intelligence manages the piloting aids, which are themselves preset differently according to three modes: Race, Sport and Street. These also modulate the response to acceleration and the adjustment of the piloted suspensions.

5 inch color TFT screen5 inch color TFT screen

But each profile can be personalized according to your preferences. Intuitive, the setting is simple to modify the many aids: traction control (DTC), slip control (DSC) and anti-wheeling (DWC) at 8 levels, ABS at 3 increments (adjusted on the central angle by its central Bosch 9.1 ME) and engine brake (EBC), setting of the quick shifter up and down (DQS) and the assisted start (DPL) on the circuit. Enough to reassure the pilot in the face of his mercenary and enter the arena with confidence. All in an unusual mechanical atmosphere that extends to two ultra-short profiled silencers at ground level.

245mm rear disc brake, twin piston caliper, EVO cornering ABS245mm rear disc brake, twin piston caliper, EVO cornering ABS

Beside them, a massive aluminum swing arm transmits its movements to high-tech suspensions. The Ohlins components that equip the S version model are controlled by the Smart EC 2.0 electronics. The fully adjustable 43mm NIX fork is sealed with pressurized cartridges reducing oil volume and therefore weight. It adds the control of a Swedish steering cylinder, also configurable. Upper yoke and fork base are aluminum cut in the mass. Also multi-adjustable, the TTX 36 piggy back shock absorber is mounted on rods. The deflections are 120 and 130 mm.

Electronically adjustable Ohlins TTX36 rear shock, 130mm travelЦhlins TTX36 rear shock absorber, electronically adjustable, 130 mm travel

To keep its nerves on the asphalt, the Streetfighter boasts a sizeable 1.488mm wheelbase. But its 24.5 ° column angle and 100mm trail allow you to maintain agility..

Based on its 3-spoke Marchesini forged aluminum rims, the Streetfighter V4 S is fitted with Brembo Stylema monobloc front calipers, radial mounted and 4 pistons of 30 mm. They attack 330 mm floating discs. All controlled by an 18 mm radial master cylinder and reinforced braided brake hoses. The opposing retarder, a Brembo 2-piston floating caliper, grips a 245mm disc. Everything is monitored by a Bosch 9.1 ME ABS with curve following. To go into battle, our Italian gladiator requires good shoes. Sort of Louboutin of war, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II (120/70) and 200/60 give it the necessary grip to slap the asphalt with mastery. The rear tire was specially designed by the manufacturer and provides the same dynamic behavior as the Supercorsa SP fitted to the Panigale V4 ….

As standard, the Streetfighter V4 receives more classic suspensions: a 43mm Showa BPF fork and fully adjustable Sachs shock absorber, Sachs steering cylinder and 5-spoke light alloy rims..

The S version is further reinforced thanks to its piloted suspensions. Fit of elements and finishes are always at the highest level. The appearance of the V4 is flawless, except again and again for that ugly, big hose on the left side. A wrapping of this tube would be welcome. The surfaces of the cylinders and center housings display a raw finish, contrasting with the bronzed side surfaces and giving the machine a racing feel. Even the aluminum side stand is profiled, held not by a spring as is the case most of the time, but by a jack !

The luxury side stand of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SThe luxury side stand of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

Only the parting line of the cast aluminum footrests could be cut in the mass at this level and not only as an option.

The most perfectionists will look for the optional Akrapovič exhaust to gain 8 hp and up to 12 nags with the complete line. Even more interesting, the forged magnesium rims…. 14% lighter and reducing inertia by 16%. Finally, adjustable aluminum footrests (yes, those who are missing….), Carbon fins and dry competition clutch will complete the model..

Question maintenance, simple revisions take place every 12,000 km or 12 months, knowing that the "Desmo Service" is to be carried out every 24,000 km.

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S leaves no one indifferentThe Ducati Streetfighter V4 S leaves no one indifferent

In the saddle

Narrow, the saddle of the Streetfighter rises to 845 mm from the ground on a thick seat of 60 mm of foam. This offers a very important setback, auguring the dynamic possibilities of the machine and the speeds reached. The leg flexion is sporty, the boots are based on rear controls. The bust naturally tilts towards a wide and almost straight hanger with variable diameter. But the pressure on the wrists is not excessive, far from it.

In front of you, the 5-inch TFT screen displays a lot of information with fairly small indications that remain visible, even under the sun, with its white background avoiding glare. It automatically switches to negative at night or in the tunnels. The item displays speed, tachometer, odometer, engine temperature, clock, fuel level, summarizes the level of assistance chosen for the current mode, remaining range, average consumption and speed for each partial, temperature of the vehicle. air and journey time. On the left stalk two pushbuttons allow one to change the driving mode, the other to quickly modify the assistance.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S testDucati Streetfighter V4 S test

In the city

We love to see the fins fly above the asphalt, cutting the air like tapered blades. The machine’s first superpower is to captivate the senses, both eyes and ears. The melody of the V4 is an ode to mechanical refinement and the block barks badly on the gas strokes. The pounding of the four cylinder is less brutal than that of the twin, its pulsations are better controlled despite a wild potential.

And yet, we are quickly won over by his…. candy. Because it delivers a surprising savoir vivre. Much nicer than the Testrastretta twin, the Desmocedici Stradale is easy going in urban evolution. Its docility and remarkable flexibility allow a regulatory 50 km / h on the fourth report at 2,000 rpm. Without suffering, especially since the very precise injection makes the machine natural. Even the shifter is much more precise and smoother than that of the Multistrada 1260! Conversely, the turning radius of the hyper roadster is very large. Too bad, the fighter had everything to please in these places, starting with ease of guidance, the quality of which will continue to increase when the pace picks up. And it rises quickly with this deceptive sweetness, this ease quickly adopted ….

Because the machine needs space to conquer. A lot and quickly. Like a caged beast, the Streetfghter passes the time playing car jump in the blink of an eye to warm up. Heating up in fact…. we better understand the surface of the radiators to try to diffuse the heat in the city and even more in spring (we are not talking about summer). Fortunately, the power to the rear cylinders is turned off when the engine is idling and the water temperature exceeds 75 ° C. In short, the super bike needs great space where its naturalness must be expressed.

Motorways and expressways

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S testDucati Streetfighter V4 S test

Surprisingly well trained under 6,000 turns, the Streetfighter becomes orgiastic thereafter and especially after 9,000 rpm. The transition is particularly fast and the performance seems exponential. The more you ask, the more the Street V4 gives you and you will be the one to cry for mercy. Because once gone, the street mercenary spares no one, especially you. The absolute lack of protection leaves high speeds to amateurs of neck strength training or other freaks of the neck. After 200 km / h, it’s a real exercise. But the machine can push you at least 70 units further. And without playing the front end. This is riveted to the ground and gives perfect control at high speed in curves. The dynamic input of the ailerons is noticeable. However, the Ducati knows how to lift its nose on demand and its steering damper is always welcome..

Legally, the V4 trots at 5,000 laps but sets off again at the slightest request. Once you have experienced the missile mode, you are looking for more tortuous universes.


It is by beating the campaign that one realizes the potential of the Streetfighter V4. From the first series of tight turns, its guidance precision is breathtaking, its neutrality impressive. The machine would run almost on its own. Your gaze guides her, takes her. You are hardly aware of squeezing your handlebars or the footrests. And the machine authorizes all course corrections. Even more than its mechanics, it is its obvious cycle part that appeals with the quality of its evolutions. Especially on the angle where its stability and neutrality work wonders. This super power of course combines with another.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S road testDucati Streetfighter V4 S road test

Because the V4 is not to be outdone, adding to the explosive advantage of the Ducati. Like a precision weapon, a slight twist of the short-pull throttle grip makes the technological beast leap. But everything in control, to the millimeter and under the permanent action of electronics. Indispensable to get out the 123 Nm on the asphalt while the thoroughbreds surge there and orbit you in the distance. In the tight shell, we will keep the second for ever stronger relaunches and a captivating airbox sound. But the third can also do the trick. Both take you at speeds that are not at all compatible with the regulations in force.

But in the curves, it is above all a rare alliance that we experience: mechanics and cycle parts work together for this astonishing agility. The counter-rotating crankshaft associated with the lightened rims provides rare ease on angle changes. Especially to register in turns and then raise the machine. Despite its long wheelbase, the Streetfighter knows how to combine stability and agility! This is the ultimate super power. The V4 S is thus easy and light. The Pirelli Rosso Corsa II are also in the spotlight, ensuring a flawless grip and a suitable behavior in perfect harmony with the superlative temperament of the machine. Paced by the shifter, the pace quickly becomes improbable and the landscape too small for this demanding fighter. The circuit is surely a better place to fully enjoy its fiery character.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2, Ducati Slide Control (DSC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Power Launch (DPL), Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO, Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) EVODucati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2, Ducati Slide Control (DSC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Power Launch (DPL), Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO, Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) EVO

Perfectly filtering the irregularities of the roads, the Swedish suspensions add to the serenity on board when the pace picks up. No parasitic movement and excellent road feel are their greatest qualities. To the point of forgetting their electronic specificity.

Finally, the braking is up to the general performance of the machine. The brake grip is incredible in strength and control, proving the performance of the Brembo Stylema calipers. Under their bite, the front axle seems to crash into the ground but, once again, electronics and suspension collect these intense braking. In addition, ABS is transparent in its operation.

When driving more curled up, the Ducati hyperchoc is also attractive. Efficiency without violence, vigor with elegance. It still retains this mastered bestiality in the service of unparalleled road holding.


Superlatives, frame and suspensions of the Streetfighter V4 version S make up an ideal base to receive the strength of the V4 Ducati. Precise guidance, ease and ease, on board the piloting is obvious. Whatever the pace.


Very powerful, the Brembo Stylema front calipers deliver impressive force. Always flexible, the attack could however be less marked at the start of the race. The speed of action of the pliers to surprise the less experienced. Their control brings an excellent feeling of decelerations, even on the strongest. The rear element is much more discreet, a little too much can be.

Brembo Stylema 4-piston monobloc front brakes, EVO cornering ABSBrembo Stylema 4 piston front monobloc brakes, EVO cornering ABS

Comfort / Duo

As in its time on the 848 model, the Streetfighter V4 S has its definition of practical aspects: design, engine, cycle part. A French literal translation could be this: rien, nada, wallou … The elegant missile appeals in other aspects, in particular dynamic. And its comfort remains in its image…. effective for sport. The controlled vibrations of his athletic heart allow the best of mechanical life to filter through.

Ultra short rear buckle and lack of any support make the duo anecdotal. I tested, I was scared…. Even if he or she loves you madly, it won’t be more than a handful of kilometers that you will take your favorite passenger..

The saddle of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SThe saddle of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S


With a minimum of 7 liters, the Italian V4 offers around 200 km of autonomy…. without unpinning. By switching to super power mode, 150 km seem feasible…. The ransom of power !

Vanucci equipment during the testVanucci equipment during the test

The V4S in video


Without fear but with mastery, without morals but without vice, without limit but with rigor, the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S is a sculpture with high dynamic potential. Its deceptive ease requires a certain experience to share with it long moments of mechanical ecstasy. Aesthetics, sound and dynamic evidence are its greatest qualities. The life of the "double twin" is truly addictive and enchanting. Engine availability and explosiveness of the unit finally sign the magic of this machine from another dimension.

But even there, far away, super power comes at a price: € 22,990 in S version. Barely less super as standard at € 19,990. Even more than the Ohlins, I think the Marchesini rims of the S make a real difference. But, to take the standard, I will add a handful of rubles to pick up the magnesium rims…. Responsiveness guaranteed! The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory, a direct competitor, has a lot to worry about. Finally…. not in terms of price. Priced at 17,999 €, Noale’s ballerina also aligns its rough and powerful V4 and advanced electronics. But a less alluring overall finish.

On your quest for the mechanical holy grail, the Ducati Streetfighter is definitely a must-see. A charming Amazon, she will introduce you to a sadomasochism that you might like ….

Strong points

  • Aesthetic
  • Motor
  • Cycle part
  • Braking
  • Dynamic behavior
  • Suspensions
  • Electronic assistance
  • Finishing

Weak points

  • Rate
  • Footrest plate joint plant


Test conditions

  • route: 500 km winding roads with variable surface, dry.
  • weather forecast: sun, 8 ° to 22 ° C
  • problem encountered: ras


  • Vanucci ART XVII jacket
  • Nishua NRX-1 Carbon Helmet
  • Jean Vanucci Armalith 2.0
  • Vanucci Speed ​​profi IV gloves

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  1. Quotekite06
    I placed an order for the new Goldwing DCT 2018, but in view of the first tests, I feared to be disappointed by the lack of protection and the volumes of storage that I fully used on the old one..

    Astonishing choice on this type of motorcycle which has no sporting vocation at the start despite its real possibilities which is already very honorable.

    The old woman’s concern was the touchdown in the curve, but it seems that her touch still!

    Wouuuh !!! Feloches !

    Frankly, you won’t be disappointed. Why? As I noted in the test, the Gold changes, that’s how it is, and that’s good. Bikers ride less, the bike was too heavy and bulky for many. The news responds to current specifications. And she answers it perfectly.

    No worries with the protection "down", you win in the windshield and the passenger too.

    Storage level, I can’t wait to hear from you. By taking less superfluous, I think that, in the end, given what the new Gold offers, you will put this point into perspective..

    The new Gold rubs quickly, obviously, but a little less than the old one because it is better suspended, and with its new chassis, therefore holds the road BETTER. Its general effectiveness will surely surprise you.

    Finally, the DCT is simply excellent.

    Hate to read your impressions after a few weeks … Make a dedicated post.


  2. Quotewaboo
    Hate to read your impressions after a few weeks … Make a dedicated post.



  3. In the end, all the testers seem to agree: the new Gold changes direction a little but remains a super GT by its triptych of excellence and inseparable: ENGINE + chassis (new FRONT TRAIN in particular) + DCT.

    The problem is that Honda forces us to pay 36,000 euros to have these three points (which together seem to constitute the very soul of the new Gold), instead of offering a "basic" model which would include these three essential elements. At "fair" price. A GOLD DCT without airbag, without "Apple-thing-thing" and without electronic adjustment of the elastic of my underpants, that would remain a brilliant and unequaled motorcycle at a less elitist price..

    Another totally unacceptable "detail" for a potential buyer of Gold in my opinion: the impossibility of storing TWO full-face helmets in size L (neither in the top-case, nor in the suitcases !!). Because there, spending 36,000 euros to be obliged to keep your helmet under your arm when you go for a drink, it seems to me more stupidity than elitism. It’s mind-boggling! It seems to me impossible that Honda will not correct this problem very quickly..

    In short, between the detail that kills (helmets) and the confusing commercial positioning (maximum price if you want the "real" Gold, the one with the DCT) I am curious to see the sales figures in France …

  4. After reflection and despite my order in court, I do not think about taking the new DCT model which does not completely satisfy me (luggage volumes, comfort, protection and airbag compulsory) and which reinforces the feeling that the price is far too high. I will wait for the test at the end of March without much conviction then I will wait for the next version which I think will be corrected for these errors in Honda’s strategy. Unconditional of the Goldwing (but not of this Europeanized version) I see myself looking at another motorcycle more stylish and in line with their image.

  5. Okay so I want the new BMW 7 series, I want to pay 10% more than the old one, on the other hand I don’t want anything in it technologically to finally pay even less expensive … Good bah take a cheaper case. .. that’s what comes to mind when I read your comments … If Honda hadn’t added ‘all these gadgets’ you would have been the first to say: no but frankly for the same price see less dear the BMW it has everything in it, Honda is really late … MDR

    I love it and THANKS HONDA for bringing modernity and technology! I understand that grandpa does not like because ‘the Gadget’ is not his universe, his culture, his youth … but to attract a younger clientele it is necessary because it is their (our) universe … go we get to the page … that does not prevent me from seeing a good 2-stroke 250cc at home! we must evolve

  6. It’s not that bad, this concept! And well done, in addition.

    Honda could have further degreased the mammoth, by turning certain accessories (concerning an iPod, etc.) to leave only the purely biker hardware.

    Nice alternative to a roadster. Who would’ve believed that ?!

  7. When Honda is copying its design on Haley Davidson, it’s scary !

    it looks like a glide, but more plastic !

    and what to say when the tester criticizes the protection of a liner of this caliber ?

    This proves that Honda lost its leadership role to become a follower.

  8. Too bad that reverse gear has been forgotten, it forces you to be vigilant for parking lots.

    It is also unfortunate that the driver’s protection is not more "adapted" to driving on motorways..

    Afterwards, it’s a matter of taste, personal the Star Treck look, thank you very much.

  9. a device supposed to be made for big rollers, poorly protected and without top case …. weird

  10. "Motor character" fault.

    Oh well, someone has seen character on a Honda engine ?

    Otherwise, I tried almost all kinds of automatic gearboxes that are made in the car.

    For me, it’s only good when there is a big engine that goes with it, otherwise we spend our time pestering after a gearbox that is NEVER in the right gear. What about a motorcycle?

  11. The two gearbox modes on the NC750 are fine for standard use, although the sport mode is the only one really nice for a self-respecting rider (the other is REALLY soft). And it goes well for 90% of the use we make of it. For the 10% of the arsouille type, there is still the possibility of switching to manual or disengaging the automatic gearbox by forcing the gear changes.

  12. QuoteSebastien guary
    On these motorcycles it still lacks a gimbal to make bitumen eaters.

    Yes a gimbal or at worst a belt, and 20 hp more and a double disc. to smile

  13. You take an MTO7, removable bags and zouuuu! A super fun motorcycle, at least as fuel efficient and well designed…

    The NC … a flop guaranteed with the MTO7s.

  14. Until the last opinion, the reactions were normal, but inevitably there is a fool to rot the debate. You prefer MTO7 it’s your right, but "predict" the flop assured on the NC, what lack of modesty and what arrogance.

    I am not particularly attached to a brand, nor to a model, the NC is my 21st motorcycle, reason number 1, the car gearbox, because of osteoarthritis. And yes, not all bikers are in great shape, or have a lot of years behind them. I also confirm that a strap would have completed this model, and yes also for the discomfort of the saddle. The rest is as said in the essay …

  15. For the 20hp more, wait for the future hybrid version of the NC750…

    It would really be the cherry, with the autonomy that will increase.

    Another gadget that I would have liked: a key lock of the central stand, preventing many falls, or theft …

  16. I had the opportunity to test this bike during an open door at the dealership. Frankly she blew me away (while I was leaving with a negative a priori). Super manoeuvrable, comfortable, precise, in short a treat in terms of behavior but not typical basic at all. Well, engine level, it’s not terrible, it lacks at least 20 CV and the maximum speed is really low. Not very melodious either the Honda twin. The DCT box is a little confusing (we are looking for the clutch lever and the selector) at first but we get used to it quickly. In S mode it works fine, not much to envy a "real" box. The day Honda comes out the same with a "real" engine and a more aggressive look, it will be a hit.

  17. After testing, the normal mode is rather an eco mode, and the sport mode the normal mode. Depending on the case, one or the other will be adapted. The term "sport" is incongruous on this machine, which must be driven according to its characteristics: at low and medium revs, where torque is present. In doing so, it brings its dose of driving pleasure. I think that this model (like the X) is only of interest with the DCT gearbox, because, if you like to shift gears, you might as well turn to a more fun model like the MT-07. For me who have an NTV 650, it tempts me well, once again, for the DCT box, despite the absence of gimbal.


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