Ducati SuperSport 950 S motorcycle test


Sublimated designation of origin

Testastretta 11 ° twin cylinder, 937 cm3, 110 hp and 91.2 Nm, 210 kg

Ducati sometimes seems to count in its production only motorcycle legends, until the most mythical: the Super Sport or SS. In 1973, the Supersport was the sporting flagship of the brand – like the Panigales of today – with its L-shaped twin with two valves per cylinder and air cooling.

Derived from the 750 GT, the SS obtained its first victory in competition at Imola with Paul Smart. In 1975, the 900 SS took over followed by the MHR in 1980 recalling Mike Hailwood’s victory at the Tourist Trophy. Four years later, the Super Sport 1000 MHR appeared, before seeing production ceased the following year. 1988 marks the return of the line and the success of the famous 900 SS (my muse at the time….) Which expands the range. Thus followed in 1991 the 350, 400 and 750 SS and the 600 in 1994 based on Mostro. At the end of the 1990s, the Supersport range was redesigned with a more refined aesthetic (designer Pierre Terblanche) and more modern mechanics (electronic injection). The 620, 800 and 1000 SS arrived in 1998. The Supersport range finally ended in 2006.

Ten years later the legendary family returns with the SuperSport 939. Chassis, engine, electronics…. the novelty changes everything, even segment, becoming more road. Typographical anecdote, the surname has been modified over time. The first models were written Super Sport, which became Supersport in 1988, then SuperSport since 2016.

Ducati SuperSport 950 S reviewDucati SuperSport 950 S review

The manufacturer of Borgo Panigale is now upgrading its road with more technology and a more sporty style, while remaining accessible to A2 licenses with a version limited to 35KW (47.5 CV). It is of course in Italy on the Autodromo Vallelunga that we test the bellissima SuperSport 950 in version S.


Born sporty, the SS has become more traveler since 2016 with a more discreet elegance than that of its track sisters. But sport is never far away at Ducati. And the company is still inspired by its time killers, declining their assertive style on the SuperSport 950 S. But with these more subtle nuances, specific to this more versatile machine. As with the Panigale V2 and V4, it is to the French designer Julien Clement that we owe the sublime look of the new SS. The three-colored Maestro once again signs a sumptuous line, skillfully combining sport and road refinement. A gentleman pilot machine.

The new SuperSport 950 S takes further inspiration from the Panigale for its designThe new SuperSport 950 S takes further inspiration from the Panigale for its design

From the brand’s hypersport, we recognize the top of this front face with the marked nose, framed by the DRL daytime running light blades. Higher up, the screen is height-adjustable in two positions (50 mm) and the indicators are integrated into the mirrors. Completely led, the lighting is hidden in the angular front openings barred by two vertical fins. This subtlety of the creative gesture alone conveys the personality of the SS 950. We find these effects of styles, these returns of lines stretched on the sides. Thus, the notches of the extractors energize the profile of the SuperSport 950 S. The opening effect on the frame is really aesthetic. And more efficient in terms of comfort, optimizing air flow to evacuate the calories from the Italian block. But the lower fairing is also now more enveloping towards the bottom of the machine, in my opinion weighing down the overall dynamics. Also, I have always preferred the semi-keeled SS models ….

The aesthetics of the front face and the fairing have been revisedThe aesthetics of the front face and the fairing have been revised

Higher up, the junction with the 16-liter tank refines the whole, contributing to the Ducati sporty aesthetic. A long one-piece saddle accommodates the crew, offering cutouts on the slender stern for the passenger. But real grab handles are available as an option.

We find the tubular steel trellis frame painted in gray, contrasting with a red frame, of the same metal and the same type, with variable section. By reducing the thickness of its tubes in some places, it weighs a kilo less than the old model. The structure attaches to the cylinder heads of its load-bearing engine optimizing the rigidity of the whole. The engine of the SS 950 is still based on the 937cc twin Testasretta 11 °. Its hyper square bore-stroke ratio of 94×67.5 mm promotes rapid revs. And its 4 valves per cylinder are driven by a desmodromic system. A real Ducat ’what. Less thrust than the Hypermotard 950, the compression ratio is 12.6: 1 (compared to 13.3: 1). Now Euro 5 certified, the engine develops 110 hp at 9,000 rpm and 93 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. (In 2017, the Supersport released 113 hp and 96.7 Nm….). We do not lose much and only at the top of the tachometer. However, 80% of the engine power is available from 3,500 rpm. And 90% of that is between 5 and 9,000 laps as well. What to animate the evolutions…. And smoothly with an assisted limited-slip clutch. In the event of a virile downshift causing excess return torque, the system reduces the pressure on the discs so as not to block the wheel. It receives a new hydraulic control with radial pump with automatic bleeding and adjustable lever.

After Euro5, the twin loses 3 hp and 3.7 Nm compared to the previous vintageAfter Euro5, the twin loses 3 hp and 3.7 Nm compared to the previous vintage

Also new for 2021, the SuperSport 950 S gains as standard on all versions a Bosch inertial unit with 3 axes and 6 directions (IMU) which detects the roll, yaw and pitch of the machine. This artificial intelligence thus directs as well as possible and adjusts according to three driving modes (Sport, Touring, Urban), the disconnectable anti-skating (DTC), ABS with modulation on the angle and deactivatable anti-whelling. The latter is the first to be turned off…. necessarily. And now the chips have a new girlfriend managing the gear change thanks to the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up and down gear.

DTC, ABS on the angle, anti-wheeling ... all the Safety Pack respondsDTC, ABS on the angle, anti-wheeling … all the Safety Pack responds

The more pranksters will regret not being able to switch off the ABS on the track. BUT, the system offers 3 levels of settings including one with a track profile. This only intervenes at the front with a turning function not active and deactivates the rear anti-lift function; Finally, the whole is customizable on multiple values.

Side cycle, the geometry favors agility, even liveliness with a caster angle of 24 °, a wheelbase of 1.478 mm and a trail of 91 mm, all in a compact way.

The SuperSport 950 S retains its single-sided swingarmThe SuperSport 950 S retains its single-sided swingarm

On the left side, the SS 950 retains its forged aluminum single-sided swingarm. In the S version, its movements are contained on 144 mm by a fully adjustable Ohlins mono-shock absorber. However, it is mounted without connecting rods, which can limit the progressiveness of the damping. The front end is fitted with a fork that is also Swedish 48 mm in diameter, with TiN treatment. Adjustable in any direction, it slides over 130 mm. The equipment can be completed with an adjustable steering damper of the same brand.

On the right side, two superimposed exits in the low position visually lighten the rear and admire the aluminum wheel with three split-spoke rear spokes, thus largely clear. These 17-inch rims are fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires, in 120/70 and 180/55. We also appreciate the angled valves, always more practical.

The Ducati is shod in Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIIThe Ducati is shod in Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

To slow down the bellissima, two Brembo M4.32 monobloc calipers with radial mounting and 4 pistons attack 320 mm discs at the front, all actuated by a radial brake master cylinder with adjustable lever in 5 positions. Opposing single piston clamp grips a 245mm disc

With its fairings, the SS 950 S conveniently hides the hoses and cables on its left side. The engine block therefore shows only the best of its volumes. The overall finish is excellent. Quality of materials, surface treatment, assembly, equipment…. the Italian is elegant on all sides.

The SuperSport 950 S has excellent finishesThe SuperSport 950 S has excellent finishes

For your long trips, the multimedia system (DMS) allows the user to answer phone calls, select and play music and receive SMS notifications via Bluetooth technology.

The maintenance intervals are programmed every 15,000 km, or 12 months and the valve clearance check every 30,000 km.

Standard version specificity

The front axle receives a 43 mm diameter, fully adjustable Marzocchi fork. The rear is fitted with a Sachs shock absorber, attached to the vertical cylinder on one side and to the single-sided arm on the other, with preload and rebound adjustment. Seat cowl is optional.

The Ducati SuperSport 950 in 'standard' versionThe Ducati SuperSport 950 in ‘standard’ version

In the saddle

Narrow, compact, the SS 950 S immediately sets the tone. A pure product of the Bologna firm, it recalls its dynamic DNA and its transalpine personality. Accessible, the pilot seat of the SuperSport 950 S admits only 810 mm of altitude, but not adjustable, unfortunately for a traveler. The saddle benefits from a new design, a more pleasant coating and the passenger seat has been reworked. The set is particularly comfortable, as is the induced position. Little marked, the flexion of the legs testifies to a sport AND road vocation. The footrests allow 48 ° of angle but without being too far back, tilt the bust forward without excess. The gloves are found resting on the half-handlebars with elegant risers cut in aluminum.

Culminating at 810 mm, the saddle remains accessibleCulminating at 810 mm, the saddle remains accessible

Before our eyes, elegance continues to soar. From the steering column, a central bridge splits into an arch under a 4.3-inch TFT screen. Very readable despite all the information, it revolves around a tachometer, tachometer and gear indicator light, with a fuel gauge at the top left. Good point, a summary of the chosen level of assistance is displayed. These are easily adjusted via a very didactic interface. Illustrated by a visual of the motorcycle and the areas concerned, we can see precisely the interactions between chips and machine. Ideal for those less agile with electronics. Everything is controlled on the left stalk via a sliding slider and push button.

The SuperSport is equipped withThe SuperSport gets a 4.3 “color TFT screen


It is to the north of Rome, on the Autodromo Vallelunga of 4,085 km with 6 turns to the left, 9 to the right, that we take our SuperSport 950 S.

The route of the Vallelunga circuitThe route of the Vallelunga circuit

The layout is varied, with some technical, slow curves and portions of fast turns, but some blind, hidden by false flats. Enough to have fun and gauge our Ducati. Especially as for our test track, Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa 2 equip our mounts. Sport mapping is required, adjusting braking and traction.

THEThe Autodromo Vallelunga was our playground for the SuperSport 950 S

We thus discover the Italian tourniquet in good conditions of confidence. The first laps are done carefully and allow to note the ease of handling of the SS. Rigid, she moves around intuitively. The flexibility of its mechanics eliminates a few errors in the choice of gears. In this beginner’s grip at an uncertain pace, a few false dead points are surprising. They will not come back afterwards, leaving the pilot to benefit from an efficient quickshifter and precise selection both when going up and down..

The mechanics of the SuperSport are quite flexible and facilitate handlingThe mechanics of the SuperSport are quite flexible and facilitate handling

The track learned, the confidence gained, the pace is picking up significantly. At the end of the pit straight, at over 230 km / h, the Curva Grande begins. First turn, a slight left uphill leads to a curve to the right in a bowl where you go to full 6, provided the heart follows…. One leaves the honest protection of the bubble and leaves the body suddenly exposed to the air pressure. It blows. No worries about suspensions. Although on a setting still a little soft, they take without flinching the compression that precedes the next left turn. We then descend the slope towards a double straight line. Now is the time to take the brakes and drop the gears. With one finger, the deceleration produced by the M4.32 is remarkable, both in its power and its modulation. The Italian contains its dive, barely waves under the nasty bite of the calipers, the gearbox shifts three speeds and the SuperSport is thrown on the corner. Perfectly stable, it gives its pilot time to correct his trajectory and go to Cimini 2.

The straight line pushes the SuperSport 950 S all the way toThe straight line pushes the SuperSport 950 S up to 230 km / h

We come out with vigor. The revival to 6500 laps is energetic, the twin snoring at the top of its peak of torque. We dig deep into the reports to get to Campagnano as quickly as possible, turn 7. Power takes over and the 110 hp of the Testastretta cheerfully energizes the crew. Especially since the fuel supplied has a competitive octane rating…. It seriously pedals up the bump before our big 180 °. A short straight line then sends us to a slightly vicious hairpin, Soratte. The deceitful will get the better of a somewhat optimistic foreign colleague. Then follows a chicane where I appreciate the liveliness of the cycle part each time. With its sporty geometry, the SuperSport 950 does not lag behind in the sequences. Responsive to the pressure on the footrests, it draws attention to itself throughout the course. Its neutral and precise front end coupled with superior damping allows it to enter hard in curves, on the brakes and to chisel its trajectories. We also praise the IMU which refines the decelerations. Although removing rear wheel lift management in Sport mode, the system compensates with an adjustment to the front calipers. We will not hesitate to reinforce the preload of the fork and close the rebound of the shock absorber.

DNaturally sporty, the Ducati perfectly connects angle changes

This gives the best possible way through all of the slower sections of turns 11-14, Semaforo, Tornantino and Esse. The contained weight, 210 kg and the agility of the machine also reduce pilot fatigue. However, the higher handlebars do not give the same ease on the track as low bracelets. Versatility comes at this price and we won’t complain much.

Slightly penalizing on the track, the higher handlebars should be more comfortable on a daily basisSlightly penalizing on the track, the higher handlebars should be more comfortable on a daily basis

The last curve, Roma, wide, long and slightly raised, allows you to appreciate the balance of the machine and the precision of the injection. On a gas flounder controlled to the millimeter, we work on the best trajectory to tackle the straight line as well as possible and / or overtake a colleague. The airbox rumbles under acceleration, barely squeezing the SS 950 onto the rear casing. The glue in sausage that are the SC 2 and a powerful electronics then allow a relaunch without mercy. Under inertial control, traction control ensures enhanced efficiency. The twin makes its elegant piston strokes feel and the elegant merry-go-round begins again.

Agile, the SuperSport 950 S is also balanced in fast curvesAgile, the SuperSport 950 S is also balanced in fast curves


Precise, agile and top-of-the-range, the Ducati SuperSport 950 S combines ease and unruffled rigor even on the track. Its adjustable suspensions offer performance and comfort and mass transfers are very well managed. Despite the rods, the shock absorber proves, on the track, sufficiently progressive and its damping is beyond reproach.

Fully adjustable, lFully adjustable, the Цhlins shock absorber is very progressive


Perfectly modular, the pressure of the front calipers allows powerful and enduring decelerations. Under electronic control, braking is all the more efficient.

The braking rests at theBraking is based on twin 320mm discs and Brembo M4.32 radial calipers at the front.

Comfort / Duo

For the pilot and even on the circuit, the comfort is very good, both in the saddlery and in position. To see in long distance. A saddle with more padding (+25 mm) is available as an option. In road use, 25-liter suitcases will help tonic trips. Finally, optional profiled handles will optimize passenger support..

The saddle offers sufficient comfort for the track, but a better padded model is also offered as an optionThe saddle offers sufficient comfort for the track, but a better padded model is also offered as an option.


Count 9 liters per 100 on the circuit. No kidding for this use. 6 liters per 100 should be the standard in road use, Ducati announcing 5.6 units.

SuperSport 950 video test


With a rich history as a sportswoman and armed with dynamic road ergonomics, the new Ducati SuperSport 950 S demonstrates remarkable ease on the track. We weren’t expecting so much. Certainly, in the S version and fitted with racing-style tires, Ducati has put all the assets on its side. The SS 950 lives up to its lineage by enhancing its codes. It will allow you to go out on the track without difficulty while being efficient, but without equaling its sister Panigale V2. I have little doubt about its versatility even if the test drive lacks this grip. In addition, I would have liked to drive the standard version, with more common suspensions.

The standard Ducati SuperSport 950 is asking for € 13,990, in red only. In the same color, the S version requires € 15,690 and € 15,890 in its White livery ready to be married to you. Prices that seem particularly established to me, as the beauty of Bologna provides top-notch services at all levels.

Ducati SuperSport 950 SDucati SuperSport 950 S

We will oppose the Aprilia RS 660, € 11,050, with an explosive twin cylinder but with less subtle finishes and without the versatility of the Bolognese. The same goes for the Kawasaki ZX6R, priced at € 11,699. Closer in use, the Kawasaki Z 1000 SX also represents this poorly developed segment of GT sports. Akashi of Japan is asking € 14,549 for mind-blowing road efficiency. The other side of the coin is that its greater weight (+ 25 kilos) will hardly be pleasant on the track….

Ballerina with character, sublimely drawn, racy, the Ducati SuperSport 950 S is one of those machines that flatter all the senses. Its evolutions are in its image, elegant and dynamic. Unmissable and rare model of motorcycle production, it honors the sense of stylish sport tourism. Gentleman pilot, start your twin ….

Strong points

  • Motor
  • Cycle part
  • Suspensions
  • Electronic assistance

Weak points

  • Road ergonomics for pure track use
  • Turning radius

Ducati Supersport 950 technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: Vallelunga circuit of 4,085 m
  • Weather: 18 ° C

Color SuperSport 950 S

  • Ducati Red Arctic
  • White Silk

Color SuperSport 950

  • Ducati Red


  • February 2021


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25 thoughts on “Ducati SuperSport 950 S motorcycle test

  1. After testing, I chose an NC 750 S DCT on the advice of RDM … and against the advice of other testers.

    Fantastic motorcycle, packed with new technologies and the know-how of a great manufacturer. Feeling of safety, handling, homogeneity, torque, sobriety, practical aspects are all there. After 1500 km, delighted with the automatic gearbox, for the moment 80% in D mode, 20% in S.

    Good surprise, the twin pom-pom hides good level acceleration, therefore safe overshoot.

    Only reserve, the firmness of the saddle, the breaks are essential.


  2. I tried the integra and the NCX DCT, very convinced by this type of motorization and robotic gearbox, but for my use: often short trips and a lot of town. I really want to sell my under-used Guzzi and pay me an integra.

    The only thing that I find unfortunate, is that Honda did not release a streamlined version of the roadster, to make it a road accessible to all those who their motorcycle-scooter model repels …

  3. KTM: Responded in the meantime, yesterday.

    to smile

    Yes, this SS950 allows you to have fun on the track and on the road.

    We had a great session with our colleagues, it was very nice !


  4. Lack of traction control? But also the side wheels for children to avoid falling….

    Otherwise the object is attractive, I had the 1st nc700x, Leovince pot option for the sound, I loved its trunk for quick shopping at the local store, this model is more successful and sexy, the sales figures do not are not lying, Honda hit the nail on the head!

  5. a concept to try, I did it and I was a buyer, the eliminatory point was the dryness of the suspensions we feel every bump and hollow. and that nobody talks about. because we prefer the eficasse suspension for sporty driving.

  6. QuoteLorenzo3372
    Lack of traction control? But also the side wheels for children to avoid falling….

    Anti-skating is an obvious safety. Especially if we turn the handle a little hard.

    a concept to try, I did it and I was a buyer, the eliminatory point was the dryness of the suspensions we feel every bump and hollow. and that nobody talks about. because we prefer the eficasse suspension for sporty driving.

    The new NC750X is comfortable and dynamic because its suspension is homogeneous and remarkable (for this range) on the front axle thanks to its new fork..

    A new test is needed… wink

  7. It is in my humble opinion, a motorcycle full of balance and full of the future. It could even, for the future, be easily used as the basis of a possible thermal-electric hybrid motorcycle, since there is room for batteries and an electric secondary motor.

  8. I really liked this bike, I can confirm the dryness of the rear suspensions. my one hour tests were complete and on all types of road, on fast lanes no problems. if you don’t have a sensitive back, go for it.

    suddenly I took a v strom 650, if the honda had had the same comfort of suspension I would drive in nc 750. shame

  9. Quote


    Lack of traction control? But also the side wheels for children to avoid falling….

    It is still true that it would be a shame to have a game in town, on white stripes on a rainy day, when accelerating..

    Especially since once you have ABS, there is not much to add … 🙂

  10. Hello

    since 2019 anti-skating very safe even without small wheels

    An economical motorcycle, practical and equipped with a real bubble (ermax givi.) A road.

    a pleasure on departmental

  11. "The owner did everything himself? Distrust"

    "a replacement of the pistons every 15,000 km is a good basis"

    entrusting an old machine that will be taken care of by a mechanic who was not born when it was released is in no way a guarantee of peace of mind.

    As for the replacement of the pistons at 15000, it is the great delirium!

    The pistons must be replaced when the piston cylinder clearance reaches 0.08mm.

    Since the cylinders are treated, unlike those of the jacketed RG, they cannot be reamed, which can be very painful in the event of breakage.

  12. Quotefift

    VFR an anvil? Do not exaggerate, on the handlebars it is absolutely not felt. The Honda weighs 239kg all full makes vs 210kg for the Ducati which carries neither 21.5 liters of gasoline nor central stand, I therefore estimate the difference in weight at 15 / 18kg at most.

    Maybe not to exaggerate. Having had a Vtec for 3 years, and SSie (210kg all full) for a little longer, the difference is more than noticeable. And again, the SSie were not as successful on the chassis side as this Supersport..

    From there to make the VFR an anvil, of course not, but it should not be said that the difference does not feel.
    I didn’t write that there was no difference, I said the weight didn’t feel on the VFR while riding.

    QuotefiftMoreover, rather than comparing the quantity of gasoline on board, it would be better to compare the autonomy: 16 liters at 5 l / 100 for the Supersport (thus 320 km) against 22 liters at 6.5 liters / 100 for the VFR (thus 340 km). Kif-kif what. And again, I’m nice to the VFR console …

    I do not know which model of VFR you had, but I have been driving in VFR 800 X (RC80) for 6 years, the average consumption is 5.4L on 42,000 terminals (I admit not making a circuit with!.

    QuotefiftFor the "mechanical refinement" of the V4, this is not an argument: it is a personal taste. Personally, I prefer the V2 Ducati 100,000 times (even in a sanitized version like here) than the flavorless V4 of the VFR.

    It is very good, so much the better for you, it is necessary for all the tastes and all the sensitivities, me I do not support the noises of casseroles of the Ducati engines, and the refinement of the Honda engines and for me a major argument ! wink

  13. Hello

    I agree, it’s crazy to replace the pistons at 15000! Personally I have a rule I don’t touch anything as long as it’s working well. If you have good settings, the right qualities of fuel and oil, maintaining the right level, good spark plugs, a clean air filter and exhaust baffles, that you respect the heating time in driving at low speed before going up in the towers in other words to summarize respect the mechanics and the age of the machine we do without replacement from segments and pistons at least more than 45,000 kms see much more ex my 750 GT

    68,000 kms since its refection!

  14. Error: we are not saying that it has not lost a single wrinkle, but rather that it has not taken a single wrinkle … or else, the intended meaning is not what I imagined ( in short … the dirtily aged bike). 😉

  15. And that, a comment from someone who doesn’t repeat things at all without knowing what he’s talking about? pipe

  16. what is very good the gasoline tank for 450 kilometers on the honda goldwings should do something we are not added to a few extra pounds your opinion ???? but the Pan is still a beautiful and good bike my experience in 1100 it started in good hands

  17. yes we can compare them, but after having tried them all, nothing happens to the ankle of the pan, it is a fabulous motorcycle …

  18. Interesting, thank you. I tried the fjr but not the pan. I’ll have to see that to get an idea. A friend arrives at 100Kkm with his rifle and is always satisfied with it. True that the Pan is thinner, a significant cruiser side and has a single engine.

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