F.B. Mondial at EICMA 2019

F.B. Mondial at EICMA 2019

Three new models with 125 cm³ and 300 cm³

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EICMA 2019

F.B. Mondial presented three new models at EICMA 2019 in Milan: the F.B. Mondial Flat Track 125 and the F.B. Mondial Sport Classic with 125 cm³ and 250 cm³.

F.B. Mondial HPS / Sport Classic 300i

Like the other models from F.B. M.Ondial, the new Sport Classic 300i will also be produced in China. The basis for the new model variant is the HPS 300i, which we have already been able to test in the recent past. Just like the HPS, the Sport Classic is also suitable for owners of the A2 driving license. Compared to the HPS, the Sport Classic has a 17-inch front wheel. The new Mondial is powered by a single cylinder engine with 250 cm³, which develops 23 HP at 8,500 rpm and 23 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The manufacturer specifies 149 kilograms for the empty weight. The seat height is 790 mm. ABS and clip-ons are also on board. The tank should fit 9.5 liters. A pillion seat is also available as an option.

Jorg Kunstle.

The new Sport Classic will be available with 125 cm³ and 250 cm³.

Incidentally, the HPS made a solid impression in the test. The lively handling of the retro bike was particularly pleasing. The dull brakes and the insensitive chassis did not fare well. Visually, both 300s from F.B Mondial are definitely worth seeing. The new F.B. Mondial Sport Classic 300i will be available from 4,495 euros (plus additional costs).

F.B. Mondial Flat Tracker 125 & Sport Classic 125i

F.B. Mondial for the 125s: The HPS 125i is accompanied by a Sport Classic 125i, which is visually similar to the 300s presented above in most respects. A 17-inch device is also used in the front of the Sport Classic 125i. Otherwise, the biggest difference between the HPS and Sport Classic 125 is likely to be the ABS that is now in place. At HPS, potential buyers unfortunately still have to be satisfied with CBS. Both bikes are powered by a 125cc engine that develops 13.6 hp at 9,750 rpm and 10.5 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The new Sport Classic 125i will cost 3,995 euros (plus additional costs).

Jorg Kunstle.

The new Flat Tracker 125 should roll out to dealers in the course of the coming year.

The third new model from F.B. Mondial is also aimed at the young and impresses at first glance with its successful flat tracker look. Technically, the bike, appropriately named Flat Tracker 125, doesn’t differ that much from the Sport Classic 125i. The well-known 125cc engine is also used here. LED lighting and an upside-down fork are also on board. When it comes to the wheelbase, F.B. Overall 1,360 mm; at a weight of 140 kilograms. In addition, 19-inch models are mounted on the Flat Tracker 125. ABS will most likely also be on board. The new model will roll out to dealers over the coming year. How much it will cost, F.B. Global not yet revealed.


For three years now, the regained manufacturer F.B. Mondial motorcycles in Germany. In 2020, the model range will be sensibly expanded with three new bikes. All three newcomers particularly impress with their successful retro look.

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