Fibertec Textile Guard Pro in the test

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Fibertec Textile Guard Pro in the test
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Fibertec Textile Guard Pro in the test

Fibertec Textile Guard Pro in the test
Comparative test impregnation agent (MOTORRAD 15/2017)

3rd place: Offers good protection against moisture and dirt, leaves hardly any traces – successful!

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Filling quantity: 500 ml in a pump spray bottle Price: 14.95 euros (bought at Globetrotter, Stuttgart), corresponds to 29.90 euros / liter

Provider: Fibertec, Tel. 0 21 73/9 60 96 40,

Measured values ​​of the Fibertec Textile Guard Pro

Dry matter: 2.2%;

Output after 10 seconds: 18.21 g; 

Contact angle polyester / polyacrylate: 150.0 / 152.4 degrees

Use of the Fibertec Textile Guard Pro

Manufacturer’s instructions: spray evenly on damp or dry clothing, rub evenly into the fabric with a sponge, heat treatment can improve the impregnation;

Practice: little nebulization, pump sprayer with poor handling (lever too short)

Impregnation performance of the Fibertec Textile Guard Pro

Spray test Cordura: ten passes (average value 90 points), on polyacrylate ten passes (average value 82 points);

Dirt repellency: four out of four oils passed

The Fibertec Textile Guard Pro is free of residues

good on Cordura, satisfactory on leather

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