Florian Alt supports Noel Malvin Willemsen

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Florian Alt supports Noel Malvin Willemsen

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Florian Alt supports Noel Malvin Willemsen

IDM Superbike 1000
Florian Alt: A professional helps offspring

IDM Superbike 1000 rider Florian Alt (Yamaha MGM) supports Noel Malvin Willemsen “Pro meets youngster”. This is a sponsorship in which professionals help young drivers on the jumps.

Anke Wieczorek


Floran Alt takes his job seriously. “I would like to try to pave the way for Noel to have a successful sports career”, says the 21-year-old. “We have to be more committed to the next generation so that German motorcycle racing can continue to have an international presence. There are no excuses.”

Eleven year old Noel Malvin Willemsen is driving in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany this season. As a rookie, he competes in the entry-level races in the ADAC Mini Bike Cup and competes internationally several times.

For old, contact with parents is an important part of the professional meets youngster program.

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