Genuine Yamaha accessories

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Genuine Yamaha accessories


Genuine Yamaha accessories

Genuine Yamaha accessories
Yam session

Great engine, great chassis, unique exterior ?? the basic melody of the Yamaha FZ6 is correct. A solo or intermezzo from the accessory shelf brings in even more music.

Thorsten Dentges


An “ultimate feeling of freedom and individuality” is vividly touted on the Yamaha homepage under the menu item “Original Accessories”.

Yamaha have developed a range of accessories that offer customers “almost unlimited possibilities” to customize their Yamaha to suit their personal taste
design. If you are looking for accessories for the successful FZ6 model, the unlimited possibilities are limited to ten items. The range is slightly larger at dealerships, but strangely enough there is a »Windshield Touring« that is only suitable for the Fazer sister..
Ultimate freedom and individuality or not, it’s more exciting how that works out for them FZ6 proven parts offered in practice. As with the accessory test for the Suzuki SV 650
(MOTORRAD 2/2005) immediately noticed the good quality of the original products. Comprehensible assembly instructions as well as precise fit of the add-on parts make it easy for laypeople to upgrade their motorcycle afterwards. And also the value of material
and paint were convincing. Modifications are particularly interesting-
ways that the owner can use his machine specifically
can tailor his needs.
The German importer has developed a well-functioning lowering kit for the FZ6 that the authorized dealers offer. Should this restrict the lean angle too much, does the dealer have to remove the main stand ?? if available ?? however, fine-tune. At Motorcorner in the Swabian town of Wangen, the kit is one of the items in demand, as are all accessories that change the ergonomics of the motorcycle. »Every driver is physically proportioned differently, and that
Motorcycle pushes and pinches in different places. Then we’ll see how we can change that, «is how managing director Stefan Wahl describes his day-to-day sales. Is not an adequate one
Original accessories available, Wahl uses tried and tested third-party products (see box “Third-party ergonomics”).
Anyway, it is a good tip for owners of the naked 600 Yamaha to look elsewhere. In particular, parts that are supposed to visually enhance the vehicle are subject to the very different laws of personal taste.
The aftermarket has one or two interesting articles to offer that Yamaha cannot deliver, but which harmonize well with the motorcycle.

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Genuine Yamaha accessories

Genuine Yamaha accessories
Yam session

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Ergonomics: lowering kit

Lowering kit
(lower seat and shorter shock absorber)
Price: depending on the dealer, price range of approx
110 euros for parts replacement for a new vehicle up to around 400 euros plus assembly costs
Assembly: The padded bench replaces the serial bench locked with the ignition key, so screwing is not necessary when changing. Replacing the shock absorber isn’t rocket science either? however, the suspension screws are a bit difficult to access. Technically untrained people should
It is better to leave the assembly to a workshop, which as a rule does not charge more than half an hour of working time.
Function: In series production, MOTORRAD had a seat height of 810 millimeters on the FZ6. With the lowering kit, it’s only 760 millimeters. If the FZ6 has a main stand, it should be adjusted accordingly. The seat, which was padded by 30 millimeters and therefore quite hard, turned out to be uncomfortable in the long run. The shorter suspension strut did not negatively change the vehicle geometry while driving, but in winter conditions during the test drives, the absence of lean angles could not be checked.

Motor protection bar

Motor protection bar
Price: 101.50 euros
Assembly: Side and main stands have to be removed, so an assembly stand is recommended. If you follow the order of the work steps
in the easily understandable installation instructions
the precisely fitting, multi-part protective bar can be screwed on without any problems. Time required: approx
30 minutes.
Function: The sturdy steel tube encloses the motor housing and the water hoses.

Not original, but similar

Not original,
but similar
With matching touring accessories
The FZ6 can also be upgraded
move comfortably over longer distances. It is worth taking a look at third-party products.
The extravagant headlights are characteristic of the naked 600 series Yamaha. JF Motorsport, 06002/910391, has the T-Rex
from Five Stars a cockpit fairing in the
Program that doesn’t steal the show from the front light. The frontal area of ​​the problem-free
cladding to be mounted is hardly
larger than the disc from the original-
accessories (see above), the slightly wider ones
However, T-Rex protects a tad better from the wind. However, even with the five-star product, they start at 100 km / h
relatively loud wind noise. Also is
the T-Rex with 289 euros almost twice as expensive as the Yamaha accessory? qualitative
there is no difference between the two, after all, they are manufactured and painted by the same manufacturer.
It is much cheaper than the original accessories from Louis, phone 040/73419360,
available heated grip set II from Saito for 34.95 euros. The handles, which lie well in the hand, have three heating levels, with only 40 watts of power in the »Start« position. In the “Hi” position it is more tepid than warm, and in the “Low” position, there is no warmth on the hands. The Yamaha parts are infinitely adjustable, but the driver turns them
in practice only in the middle position and only fully on for short city trips or long journeys (35 watt maximum heating output). A direct comparison must be
the Saito set against the eight times more expensive
Original accessories are just beaten.

Main stand

Main stand
Price: 121 euros
Assembly: After removing the side stand, the main stand is secured with four bolts and nuts. Only attaching the return spring requires a little skill and strength.
Function: The retrofit part works perfectly on the FZ6 Fazer as standard.
At the request of the Italian importer, Yamaha dispensed with the main stand on the unclad FZ6 at the factory. “South of the
The Alps think it is probably uncool, ”suggests
the German importer the equipment difference of the sister models.

Fall protectors

Fall protectors
Price: 163.95 euros
Assembly: a matter of minutes. Remove the standard Allen screws from the frame, then screw the high-strength nylon crash pads onto the robust aluminum plates and mount them to the frame with the longer screws provided. The set can also be combined
attach with a belly pan that will hold the Mon-
days of a crash bar denied.
Function: The solid protectors actually sit in places that are relevant for a fall. In this case, MOTORRAD did not carry out a practical test.

Carbon tank protection

Carbon tank protection
Price: 50.35 euros
Installation: Six double-sided adhesive strips are included in the scope of delivery, which can be applied under the tank protection at will. Take the measure, attach it, done.
Function: The pre-formed, hard carbon part protects the tank from scratches over a large area. If, however, it is not in the right place with millimeter precision, small ones are created,
unsightly column.

Accessories for other Yanaha models

parts for
other Yamaha models

Technically, the possibilities are usually limited to offer every type of accessory for a particular motorcycle. At Yamaha, too, a careful selection of model-specific accessories is made. It is understandable that no case set is sold for a super sports car like the R1 or a front spoiler for the Enduro XT 660. The table shows which accessories are available for five popular Yamaha.

Cockpit window

Cockpit window
Prices: 151.50 euros
Assembly: very easy. The two disc holders in the upper fork clamp
screw in and tighten loosely. Then
Washer fastened with four more screws-
run. Align, tighten brackets securely,
Function: Up to 150 km / h, the small screen offers acceptable wind protection and is therefore recommended for the bare FZ6. with
a much better protective touring windshield such as the Vario Screen from MRA,
Telephone 07663 / 9389-0, but it is not comparable because the shoulders and
the head hanging in the wind and the noise-
development on the helmet is quite large. Positive:
The view to the front is hardly restricted.

Ergonomics: third party provider

Third party ergonomics
Many owners would like a tailor-made FZ6, but apart from a lowering kit, Yamaha has nothing on offer when it comes to ergonomics.
Other providers, however, do. Because not only those with short legs want to design their motorcycle in such a way that they can ride their machine comfortably and safely. Modified footpegs, a different handlebar, one special
padded bench ?? Measures that are usually affordable and that bring a real bonus in the long run. MOTORRAD has selected two products that are very popular with FZ6 drivers.
For example the passenger footrest lowering kit from Hepco & Becker, phone 06334 / 9216-0, for 118 euros. The effect of this simple retrofit part is enormous. Through the two bent steel tubes to which the original-
If passenger pegs are mounted, the Yamaha, which is extremely uncomfortable for the passenger in series production, mutates into a real touring carriage. The otherwise for passengers from 1.75 meters un-
The kit significantly mitigates pleasantly acute knee angles so that even longer journeys are not torture. And the advantages are already evident in city traffic, as the relaxed seated passenger does not press the driver in the back as much when braking. The driver and front passenger do not get into each other’s enclosure with their boots, although the lowered passenger pegs are a few centimeters closer to the driver pegs. Everyone who doesn’t
always want to stay solo, be this one too
Conversion that is easy to accomplish for laypeople is warmly recommended.
Depending on the type of rider and their ergonomic requirements, another hot tip: handlebar risers from SW Motech, phone 06425/816800, for 35 euros per set. The metal bridges are attached under the handlebars with suitable bolts, and assembly is done in a few minutes. With a general operating permit, the handlebar risers are available in sizes 20 and 25 millimeters. There
With the FZ6 the handlebars are already mounted quite high as standard, a larger increase would make little sense. In the street-legal versions, the parts ensure an even more relaxed arm position, but noticeably worsen the feeling for the front wheel.

Engine cowling

Engine cowling
Price: 274 euros
Assembly: can even be done with two left hands. Four easily accessible Allen screws are removed from the engine block, two side brackets are installed with four longer screws supplied, and then only the one-piece front spoiler has to be screwed onto the brackets.
Function: Aesthetic gain? the FZ6 appears much sportier thanks to the spoiler. The engine cowling also keeps dirt off the underside of the engine and manifolds, but most of the dirt gets through the open bottom of the
Spoilers to where it likes to get stuck.
As a designated engine cover, the tailor-made spoiler only protects
conditionally from pollution. It hardly restricts the ground clearance.

Seat cover

Seat cover
Price: 239.95 euros
Assembly: First two sheet metal clips are installed on the cover, then
these can be hung under the bench and the cover is fixed by tightening two screws.
Function: The plastic part does not completely enclose the passenger seat, a large part of the seat cover protrudes from the side. It may be that the designer wanted this thong look so. However, in order to give the motorcycle a sporty one-humped appearance, the space in the second row should be completely covered. The small rump pad, on the other hand, goes well with the overall picture.

Top case

Topcase, luggage and topcase rack, topcase inner bag
Prices: top case 128.50 euros, carrier 199 euros, inner bag 49.75 euros
Assembly: The carrier is screwed precisely onto the pillion grab handles, the covers provided with the handle retain the full functionality of the handles.
Function: The 44 liter top case offers-
enough storage space for two helmets
but only reluctantly click in despite a properly installed locking bolt. The closure of the
Lid showed up
not very easy to use. Good: the
stable nylon interior-
shoulder bag.

Heated grips

Heated grips
Price: 299 euros
Assembly: The grips are attached with the supplied adhesive and sit well even with the handlebar weights mounted. The connection of the
Wiring harness represents the layperson on the basis of one
confusing circuit diagrams in front of a
real challenge. Should like to go easier.
Function: Compared to the series handles
the heating rubbers feel better and
offer good grip. The rotary switch is on
left mirror arm mounted and is easy
to use. Turned up, they reach
Handles its maximum temperature after around three minutes.

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