Honda 125cc driver’s license extension all-inclusive

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Honda 125cc driver's license extension all-inclusive


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Honda 125cc license extension all-inclusive

Honda cooperates with driving safety center
Complete package for 125 driver’s license extension

Honda, together with the Driving Safety Center at the Nurburgring, will in future be offering a complete package for anyone interested in extending their car driving license for 125cc.

Dina Dervisevic

June 15, 2021

Since January 1, 2020, drivers have been able to expand their driving license with a manageable amount of effort, so that the code number B196 is entered in their car driver’s license and 125 cc motorcycles and scooters can be driven without a driving test. “This is where we come in and, together with the driving safety center, offer a complete package”, explains Christopher Schmidt from Honda Germany.

Everything about the 125 driver license extension

Evelin Reinhardt, responsible for training and events at Honda: “For 990 euros, participants can book an all-inclusive package that not only includes the necessary theoretical and practical lessons, but also provides the right motorcycles – and that in such an exciting place as the Nurburgring.”

Driving safety experts and driving instructors should enable the participants within two days to be able to drive a light motorcycle, i.e. a motorcycle with 125 cm³ displacement. You will then be given the necessary authorization on site. Intensive care should be guaranteed by the small number of participants of a maximum of nine people. In this way, the participants should be introduced to motorcycling carefully and individually. An exam does not have to be taken at the end.

In addition to supervision, the package also includes theory lessons, driving lessons, training units, Honda motorcycles, lunch and dinner as well as an overnight stay with breakfast at the Dorint Hotel Nurburgring from Monday to Tuesday. The certificate of completed theoretical / practical units for entry in the driving license is also included, the participants then have to take care of the entry of the extension of the driving license in the driving license themselves. For this item you have to calculate about 40 to 50 euros plus a waiting time for the official way.

The legal requirements for the extension to the Key number B196, which we list for you here.


If you want to expand your driving license as bundled as possible and can and want to afford two free working days and a trip to the Nurburgring, you could possibly be weak with this offer.

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