Innovations 2006 at the Milan fair

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Innovations 2006 at the Milan fair


Innovations 2006 at the Milan fair

Innovations 2006 at the Milan fair
License to thrill

The last covers for 2006 fell at the Eicma in Milan. Ducati presented the “Hypermotard” high voltage on two wheels ?? and BMW continued with the novelty fireworks. With four models.

Stefan Kaschel


One may have been skeptical in the Ducati camp. Outside of Bologna it was definitely the case in view of the controversial creations that head designer Pierre Terblanche has put down in recent years. But what the Reds then presented under the name »Hypermotard« in Milan took everyone’s breath away. And thoroughly rehabilitated the much-scolded South African.
So – exactly like that and not differently – there has to be an interpretation of the topic
Look like a two-cylinder supermoto. Without swell, without flood, without bulging plastic, without any frills. Simply exactly to the point. And right into the heart.
“Down to its essentials” formulated Ducati in the press release. Understood given the tightness and athleticism of the design
the English beginner too. If the Hypermotard only drives half the way it looks, driving pleasure will be very essential. This is also promised by the paper form. Ducati announces 175 plausible kilograms dry weight for this exemplary reduction to the essentials. With all operating materials, that should mean a weight of around 195 kilograms when ready to drive. If the technicians still manage to lift the air-cooled 1000 series two-valve engine, which is already in service in the Monster and the Multistrada, from 92 to the promised 100 HP, then the issue is power-to-weight ratio, just like with the new Monster S4Rs with Testastretta -Motor, certainly not one anymore.
This also applies to driving stability
this Ducati. This is primarily due to the traditional tubular space system, which houses a 50 mm Marzocchi upside-down fork at the front and an Ohlins shock absorber at the rear. The latter supports the single-sided swing arm known from the Monster S series. Whether this combination is good for the playful turn-in required by a supermoto remains to be seen
turn out to be. With the use of lighter forged Marchesini aluminum wheels, Ducati has already done a lot in this regard, while in terms of deceleration, the necessary is also the optimum in accordance with the alignment. In plain language: a 320-millimeter disc, into which a well-known, biting Brembo four-piston caliper with individual linings bites, has to be enough to capture the lightweight.
You can assume that. Just like the slipper clutch will prevent a rear wheel stamping. But the Hypermotard’s uncompromising attitude is not only emphasized by its inner values, but also by the lines. A tank-bench combination with ideal dimensions, hand protectors with fold-out indicators, a touch of taillight over a lascivious double silencer – anyone who is touched can give their opinion on this study. The Italians collect comments at in order to decide on series production. They received one immediately on site: The Motorcycle Design Association named the Hypermotard the “Best of show”.
If there had been an award for the best performer in Milan, it would undoubtedly have gone to BMW. The fact that, of all things, the leather-clad Bavarian jewelery trumps the home game in the fashion mecca should not only have annoyed the Italian Prime Minister (see page 22). Be that as it may: The people of Munich are firing at full capacity and continuing their model offensive. R 1200 S, F 800 S, F 800 ST, K 1200 GT – There was a lot to marvel at at the BMW stand. In return, the information was saved. Because even if all four motorcycles were there in person and to be touched, BMW only delivered R 1200 S that which belongs to a real premiere, namely detailed data. With the F-models and the touring-K it was left with generalities, some of which were already known (see interview on page 17).
Still it deserves one more time
Mention: Like Kawasaki in the ER-6n and MZ in the 1000 S, the new BMW mid-range F 800 relies on an in-line two-cylinder, only with 800 cubic centimeters. Because, as BMW boss Herbert Diess emphasized in Milan, this engine concept offers the best compromise in terms of weight, dimensions, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and smooth running. And what’s more: BMW is absolutely convinced that this concept is the optimal drive form in this segment. At the moment, but also in the future.
Strong stuff, definitely. How strong, exactly, does not want to announce yet. There is talk of around 80 hp, but this has not yet been confirmed. This also applies to the approximately 190 kilograms dry weight of the S variant, while the ST should weigh around six kilograms more. For everyone, however, it can be seen: The twin hangs in a narrow and almost straight-line aluminum bridge frame, the mounts of which can be found in front of and behind the cylinder bank and via an auxiliary structure behind the compact gearbox. The rear frame is screwed on, the tank is positioned under the seat, like its little sister, the F 650.
The toothed belt drive is also known from the F 650, whereby the rear wheel is guided on an artfully curved single-sided swing arm made of aluminum. However, that is the only opulence that the new BMW mid-range can afford. Incidentally, the engine and chassis are very factual, if not to say sober. Upper triple clamp, frame, and the entire bodywork – nowhere seemed to be room for extensive detailed work. And at the latest when the initially rumored price makes the rounds, many potential buyers could at least become disillusioned. Around 9,000 euros – that is the number that is circulating. In return, the new mid-range candidate should do a lot of driving dynamics when soliciting customers.
In the boxer camp, things traditionally look very different. Boxer fans know what they want – and the new R 1200 S is sure to serve them well. If only because the Bavarian model athlete delivers performance data that can certainly measure up to that of the two-cylinder competition. This is especially true when it comes to weight. Dry 195, ready to drive 213 kilograms is a top value in this genre, which one does not initially trust the seemingly massive S. And there are more superlatives to follow: 122 hp at 8800 rpm – both records for the air-cooled flat twin, on which the technicians had to use a number of tricks. Connecting rods made of high-strength steel alloy, modified valve timing, larger valve lifts, harder valve springs, reinforced rocker arms and, above all, new pistons, which increase the compression to 12.5 to one, ensure this peak value. But also for the fact that high-octane Super Plus has to flow through the 52 intake manifold, the boxer should unleash all its power and glory-
folds. As with the K model, ordinary super can also be burned, but then the maximum output is reduced.
Any co-driver will probably have to accept losses when it comes to driving comfort. Of course, the new 1200 S offers a passenger seat. At such an exposed height, however, you found it at BMW
never. Also new: the optional, switchable two-channel ABS without integral function and – be careful – without brake booster. In this regard, the sports boxer should certainly play a pioneering role for future generations of BMW models, which must – or may – get along without suddenly biting pliers and annoying traffic lights.
The optional Ohlins chassis, which works with travel-dependent damping like the standard struts, is an S specialty. In addition, in view of the sporty orientation, the Munich-based company has cut down on the usual luggage system and only offers a tank bag (19 liters) and softbags. The price at which the R 1200 S will be available from dealers in the spring is still open.
How much the new K-based tourer, the K 1200 GT, was supposed to cost could not be found out either. And another amazing one-
There is a noticeable parallel to the athlete: With the Reise-K, BMW attaches great importance to the dy-
namic orientation. BMW boss Herbert Diess presented the GT as the “sportiest touring motorcycle that currently exists” – certainly not exaggerated in terms of output in view of 152 hp.
Nevertheless, there should of course be touring accessories. Adjustable and heated seat bench for driver and front passenger, adjustable handlebars, electrically adjustable window, heated grips, suitcase, luggage rack – the GT is equipped with everything the BMW touring arsenal has to offer and, of course, has a Telever, Duolever and ESA chassis K-Spec-
lities that are particularly popular on long-haul trips.
Speaking of long-distance travel: The new attribute “Grand Tourismo” has also become Moto Guzzi Norge is written on their flags, but technically interprets it in a completely different way. Two instead of four cylinders, serenity instead of dynamism, convention instead of duolever – the Norge relies on classic touring qualities. On the engine side, this means two valves per cylinder, an increase in displacement to 1133 cubic centimeters, 90 hp at 7500 rpm, while the maximum torque of 95 Newton meters is available at 6800 rpm. For the chassis, the classic double loop is used, a conventional 45 mm telescopic fork, a completely normal shock absorber. Plus 246 kilograms of dry weight and 23 liters of tank capacity – well-known touring sizes, which also include an electrically adjustable screen on Guzzi. And an optional GPS, without which touring riders can no longer do.
In the “Attack” department under the common Piaggio roof – that is, at Aprilia – such bells and whistles are not part of the repertoire. At least not when it comes to the model athlete RSV 1000 R goes. More power, more chassis – under this motto the technicians in Noale redesigned their flagship, pumped four more horses into the 60-degree V2 with 143 hp thanks to larger exhaust valves (33 instead of 31 millimeters), and set the steering head 0.2 degrees steeper and screwed a fully adjustable Ohlins fork
to it. The radial brake calipers, which are now common in these circles, complete the athlete update, which is only accompanied by a moderate price increase. At 13,498 euros, the new RSV is 470 euros more expensive than its predecessor.
In the future, Aprilia will serve even better those for whom even this fine technical basis is not enough. The »Factory« is now available for 14,998 euros, which is more than 2000 euros cheaper without the equipment suffering. Ohlins suspension strut with height adjustment, Ohlins steering damper, forged aluminum wheels and lots of carbon fiber, dry at 185 kilograms, four kilograms lighter than the normal R –
In Noale, the noble biker is provided with cheap supplies with the Factory, which is only available in black / gold.
And the young racer is reliable. The dream of all would-be Rossis is called RS 125 and is now completely trimmed to the official factory line. The small lethal injection is hardly recognizable because, instead of curved radii, it bears the corners and edges of the big sisters.
The latter could also be the keyword when it comes to KTM goes. It was obvious that the Mattighofener would accept the challenge from Munich called HP2, especially with the Adventure
yes, there is a very healthy basis. Plain 950 Super Enduro R is the name of the new off-road star. It didn’t get the big 990 engine yet, but even with the smaller 950 V2 carburettor, the Super Enduro shouldn’t be underpowered in view of its weight of 185 kilograms. The touring Enduro Adventure, on the other hand, will be able to discover the world in the next model year with injection, 990 cubic centimeters and ABS.
Morini’s latest creation, the 9½, is more down-to-earth, although the type designation is somewhat misleading. Or better: follow the Morini Tradi-
tion, because after all the name is reminiscent of the legendary 3½, while the displacement of 1187 cubic centimeters is still mighty for a V2. Not
so the power: 105 hp instead of 140 at
the Corsaro announces Morini for her civilian sister. And go with it
similar way as Benelli at Tre-K, which aims to close the gap between the athlete Tornado (now with a 1130 engine) and the provocatively naked TnT. Benelli takes the half-shift performance back to 125 hp, while the sportswoman promises great deeds with a massive 163 hp. The three-cylinder athlete then runs under the slogan “license to thrill” under completely different conditions than the exciting one Bimota Delirio based on DB5 or the Hypermotard, with which even less than 100 hp cause excitement.

Ducati Hypermotard (V)

Jurgen Stoffregen, Product Communication BMW, on the Bavarian model offensive and missing data.

Mr. Stoffregen, BMW presented the R
1200 S, the F 800 S, the F 800 ST and the K 1200 GT four new models, after the K 1200 R, the R 1200 RT, the HP2 Enduro and the R 1200 GS Adventure had already been presented. Is it possible in
this pace continues?
If you add the models shown in Milan for 2006, we have presented eleven completely new motorcycles in just two years. The new K generation is now complete, and with the exception of the roadster, the renewal of the boxer series has also been completed. In 2006 we then have four series, the technical basis of which opens up additional, attractive possibilities for us. The model offensive is not over yet. Maybe we will reduce the number of bars a little.
Technical data, details or even prices are not yet available for three models. Is this the official BMW marketing strategy, or are more major changes to be expected in the models?
No, the models come as shown
became. However, trade fair dates and internal planning cannot always converge, so it is sometimes unavoidable that the final determination of dates and prices only takes place after a trade fair.
The new R 1200 S will be available from dealers in Germany from spring. This also applies to the F models and the K 1200 GT?
For the R 1200 GS Adventure and the K 1200 GT
the market launch is planned for the end of March 2006. the
The F 800 S and the R 1200 S will be available in the following months. The last to appear is the F 800 ST.
When is detailed technical information and, above all, prices to be expected??
In all probability, the price will be set before Christmas. Technical data are for the
K 1200 GT available around mid-February and for the F 800 S / ST at the end of March.

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