Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles

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Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles


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Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles
The performance must also be right

A cheap tariff is one thing. But the performance also has to be right. With the rating agency Franke und Bornberg, MOTORRAD examined 34 motorcycle insurances for 2015. So that the substitute for the small print doesn’t disappear in the small print.

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Traditionally, November 30th is the deadline to turn your back on your car insurance. This has to do with the fact that the compulsory insurance for our two- and four-wheelers – regardless of the conclusion – usually has a term based on the calendar year. If you want to cancel, you usually have to do so one month before the start of the new (insurance) year. But wait, this step should be considered carefully. In addition to the extensive comparison of tariffs and benefits from 34 motorcycle insurances, there are a few basics that you should definitely consider.

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Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles
The performance must also be right

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2 Refrain from incorrect information when tuning insurance

The prices for liability and partially comprehensive insurance in our comparison are based on a 1200 Suzuki Bandit from 2006. On the one hand, of course, when calculating the tariff, the engine power (in this case 72 kW / 98 PS) plays a decisive role . But other factors also have an influence on the structure of the premium. Many companies now also take the power-to-weight ratio of the motorcycle into account, for example to filter out superbikes that are prone to accidents. Which is why the tariff for a lightweight 600 super athlete can be significantly higher than for the heavy 1200 bandit despite having the same horsepower.

3 Get cheaper insurance with ABS

The presence of an ABS brake is now also taken into account when calculating the premium – in this case, the anti-lock device, commendably, also affects the price of the insurance. And there are many other features that influence the amount of the insurance premium: Who uses the motorcycle besides the policyholder? Will the bike be parked under the lantern or in a single garage? Do you want to pay the premium annually or every three months? How many kilometers do you travel a year? There are enough reasons to actually look at the key data of your own vehicle insurance once a year in order to discover possible savings potential. When it comes to insurance tuning, one thing in particular should be avoided: incorrect information. Because in this case there is a risk of contractually stipulated sanctions, which can range from retrospective adjustment of the premium to termination by the insurer.

The common tariff calculators on the Internet are definitely suitable for getting an initial overview. But beware of a quick online purchase for the cheapest insurance package – even if it is an attractive 50 percent below the most expensive provider. Because the comparison calculators are anything but independent. They finance themselves primarily through the commissions they collect from the insurance companies when a contract is concluded. Depending on how the margins for the comparison portal turn out, this can of course have an impact on the tariff calculation. And they do not take into account what insurance is actually offered by a long way. Even with market leaders like, more than a third of the companies are missing, according to an analysis by the industry service Which one could possibly tolerate if it weren’t for important motor vehicle insurers such as Ergo, HUK Coburg or WGV. However, these do not release their tariffs for online comparison.

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Don’t forget 5 direct insurers

In a second step, you should also do a tariff query on the pages of cheap direct insurers such as B. HUK24 and WGV Himmelblau start. In any case, you would have staked out the price structure relatively reliably in which you are operating. However, it still remains to be seen what consideration will be offered to you for the corresponding premiums. You can now do the fine print yourself. It is definitely easier to study our evaluation of 34 motorcycle insurances carefully. Because the framework conditions will hardly differ depending on the type of motorcycle. In the column on the far right you can see at a glance whether the company shows above-average performance or only offers baseless minimum standards by means of the stars.

6 Note the amounts insured

There are already glaring differences in the amounts of cover that are provided for a claim. Legally required are z. B. 7.5 million euros for personal injury. Some companies are only slightly higher at 8 million euros, while others guarantee almost double that at 15 million euros. And still others stand for their policyholders with up to 100 million euros. For you, a high sum definitely means a high level of security. Otherwise, if the damage exceeds the legal minimum, you will have to be liable with your private assets yourself.

7th “Objection of gross negligence”

Serious differences can also be seen in the clause “Objection of gross negligence”, which is not to be trifled with. In column eleven of our table you will find the information “statutory”, “standard” and “standard plus”. You should know that in the event of a claim the insurer can place a (partial) guilt on you on the objection of gross negligence and can also deny benefits as a result. If the insurer’s catalog of services is based on the statutory regulation, there is almost always a risk of deductions. The “Standard” and “Standard Plus” regulations, on the other hand, are much more accommodating and come close to dispensing with the objection of gross negligence.

8 Partial and fully comprehensive

Our sample case shows: The mandatory liability in Germany can be obtained for astonishingly little money, even for a fat stick like the 1200 bandit. The bike is insured with Concordia at excellent conditions for around 35 euros per year. The question remains: Is the statutory protection sufficient or do you want to insure your own claims through the voluntary comprehensive insurance? It always makes sense to cover the consequences of a vehicle theft, storm damage, short circuit or accidents with wildlife with a partial comprehensive insurance.

The service portal but goes one step further and advises you to ask for fully comprehensive coverage as an alternative to partial coverage – even for older vehicles. If there is no damage for a long time and depending on the region, according to Finanztip insurance expert Paul Morgenthaler, fully comprehensive insurance can even be cheaper than partial comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance extends the protection of partially comprehensive insurance to include damage to your own vehicle in the event of accidents you are responsible for or through vandalism. Incidentally, the hull rates are heavily dependent on the amount of the deductible. If you are unsure: The rule of thumb is a deductible of 150 euros for partially comprehensive insurance and 300 euros for fully comprehensive insurance.

9 Do not cancel until you have received confirmation from the newcomer

If you have now collected enough food to turn your back on your previous insurance, you should ideally have the approval of the new insurance company in your pocket before you terminate. And remember: the deadline is November 30th – a Sunday this year. Which is why the written notice of termination (preferably by registered mail / acknowledgment of receipt) should be sent a few days earlier.

So we checked

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles


The insurance comparison is based on a popular bike from the 98 hp class. The equipment of the 1200-Bandit with ABS brakes is also decisive for the tariff classification.

Thanks to the Internet, a personal tariff recommendation is quickly given these days: Numerous online comparison calculators spit out a result in the shortest possible time. However, critical consumers should not rely on this lightning analysis alone. Because the comparison portals cannot access all insurance companies actually represented on the market. Even well-known portals such as only cover 62 percent of the market, according to the industry service Furthermore, the tariff calculators also act as brokers who collect a commission when signing a new contract and thus influence the price comparison again.

In contrast, the MOTORRAD tariff comparison, which the editors have been carrying out for years with the rating agency Franke and Bornberg (, is incorruptible. The independent insurance analysts from Hanover evaluate tariffs and performance features (“important criteria”) on the basis of binding sources (insurance conditions and certificates). Advertising messages from the insurers are completely hidden.

The following sample case is used as a basis for the uniform tariff comparison this year: Suzuki GSF 1200 SA Bandit, first registration 2006, 72 kW / 98 PS, ABS, annual mileage 5000 km, current value 2850 euros. The motorcycle is registered in Dortmund (zip code 44369), the driver is male, 38 years old, has had a driver’s license since 1994, uses the Bandit alone and is classified in no-claims class 19.

Insurance cover yes or no?

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles

According to the Association of the Insurance Industry, around 700,000 insurance cover payments are processed annually – with 26.4 million insured persons.

Accident, breakdown, illness: nothing that you wish for on vacation, but still happens again and again. Many car insurance companies offer a cover letter for a manageable surcharge. B. towing costs, a rental vehicle for the onward journey or the patient repatriation. However, the terms of the contract should be checked carefully. Because the compensation limits are usually very tight, so that you have to step in for the costs actually incurred. In addition, the cover letter is linked to the insured vehicle. Who z. B. has an accident with a rental motorcycle, can not claim insurance coverage. It is therefore usually more sensible to cover these risks with a foreign travel health insurance, which usually has a better service package.

Interview rating agency

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles


Michael Franke, managing director of the rating agency Franke und Bornberg.

Michael Franke, managing director of the rating agency Franke und Bornberg, finds critical words about the current tariff comparison.

Mobility costs – and more and more. Is that also a conclusion that we can write under our current tariff comparison for motorcycle insurance?

In the past few years, the insurers in the motor vehicle division have been fighting a downright price war, from which customers have benefited, but which have led to insurance losses in the millions for the companies. Now the market is slowly swinging in the other direction. Customers have to accept price increases in the motor vehicle division of up to four percent on average – more depending on the provider.

Be it the accessories that are also insured or the equipment of the driver: How many of the insurers examined actually put together special solutions for motorcyclists in their tariffs? And asked at the same time: Is there a recognizable trend that more and more special motorcycle insurance is being offered?

Basically, one can say that insurers do not adequately address the needs of motorcyclists. The conditions are usually based on the classic car driver. Components of the contract such as compensation for replacement or purchase value – depending on whether the policyholder has bought and registered a new or used vehicle – only apply to cars. The discount protection also only applies to motorcyclists in the rarest of cases. So many insurers continue to neglect motorcyclists.

If you only look at the price when you sign up: Which tariff features should you still not do without??

Basically, every driver should make sure that their own needs are taken into account in their contract, otherwise there is a risk of gaps in insurance coverage, which can later become annoying and expensive. A motorcyclist who likes to cruise through the Alps or the Italian Adriatic should always make sure that the Mallorcapolice is included for adequate protection abroad. Bike owners whose machines cannot hide in a garage should make sure that animal bites are included. So we clearly recommend: performance and quality take precedence over price.

Many insurance companies now offer a cover letter as an extra service from motor vehicle insurance. Is this option worth it, or should you prefer this service in a classic way, e.g. B. cover through an automobile club?

The fact is that including a car cover letter in a car insurance policy is much cheaper than membership in an automobile club. However, the insurance cover only applies to the insured vehicle. With membership in an automobile club, the policyholder or driver is always insured, regardless of which vehicle is being driven. Insurance companies and automobile clubs offer comparable protection, but the scope of benefits should always be checked in advance. The decisive factor is the maximum insured amount up to which the costs are reimbursed. For customers who are only looking for a cover letter and for whom the benefits of membership in a club are not relevant, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the cover letters of the individual insurers.

Our sample case illuminates a relatively young motorcycle. However, there are many motorcycles in the inventory that are 20 years old or more under their belt. Should such older babies with lover status also be specially insured?

If the motorcycle is valuable it should also be appropriately insured. However, the insurance does not replace a purely ideal value for the owner.

Insurance tariffs 2015 for motorcycles

Source: GDV

Regional classes of partially comprehensive vehicle insurance 2015.

Not because of German unity: How much the car insurance costs also depends heavily on where you live. A look at the map on the left shows that measurements are by no means made using a uniform scale in the Federal Republic of Germany. The so-called regional classes reflect the amount of damage at the place of residence of the vehicle owner.

In the case of partial and fully comprehensive insurance, local peculiarities such as the number of vehicle thefts, storm and hail damage and the number of accidents involving wildlife are also taken into account. This assignment is by no means static: the insurer draws a balance sheet once a year. For some areas it means up or down with the regional class. In 2015 it will be more expensive, especially in the south of the republic.


1. Liability: compulsory insurance for vehicles. Only pays third-party damage.
2. Liability plus partial coverage: recommended combination. Internal damage such as B. covered a theft. Excess in this tariff model: 150 euros.
3. Amount of coverage for property / pecuniary damage: How much does the insurance company pay? The law stipulates 1.12 million euros for property damage and 50,000 euros for financial loss.
4. Insured amount of personal injury: The statutory requirement is 7.5 million euros per injured person.
5. Cover letter: Extra insurance offer, e.g. B. the return of the driver and broken motorcycle from abroad.
6. Self-regulation: Pay for minor damage to property yourself without reporting this to the insurance company. But the sums are limited.
7. Reporting of damage: Duty of the policyholder to report damage above a certain amount to the police.
8. Sanctions: If the key data is not correct when the contract is concluded (e.g. vehicle user, parking space in a single garage), there is a risk of fines.
9. Special equipment / accessories: The value of the add-on parts should be included in the insurance, especially in the case of extensively converted motorcycles.
10. Safety helmet / protective clothing: Good news: – Damage to motorcycle helmets is now covered by some insurers.
11. Gross negligence: Under what circumstances can insurers reduce benefits with this objection? With legal regulation there is almost always a risk of deductions, the standard regulation is more accommodating. in accidents under
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
12. Deduction new for old: If a new part is purchased for the damaged (used) item, insurers can offset the value advantage against the amount of damage.
13. Amount of coverage Mallorcapolice: Extra protection for the use of rental vehicles abroad. Increases the coverage amounts applicable there to German standards.
14. Scope of application of the Mallorcapolice: No problem on a European vacation, but the ride on the rental Harley in the USA is almost never covered.
15. Period of application of the Mallorcapolice: is usually regulated individually. One month is the minimum, but there are also unlimited regulations.
16.Insured persons Mallorcapolice: As a rule, the policyholder (VN) and his / her partner are covered as drivers.
17. All-risk coverage: The insurance coverage goes beyond the scope of conventional motor vehicle insurance. In principle, all damage is considered insured unless it is excluded from the accessories.
18. Transport on a ferry: is now part of the partially comprehensive coverage catalog for many companies. Is your own vehicle also secured during shipping?
19. Natural hazards: Are damage in the event of natural disasters covered by the partial comprehensive insurance?
20. Animal bite: What to do if small rodents bite open rubber hoses or paralyze the electrical system? Some societies differentiate between the causes, others exclude consequential damage. Part of the partial coverage.
21. Collision with animals: doesn’t just have to be the classic game accident. The partial coverage also applies in the event of a collision with the Alpine cow?
22. Own damage coverage: If the policyholder damages his property with his vehicle, this can also be covered by the vehicle insurance – but usually less a deductible.


An opulent five-star package at a rate that is far less than half that of the most expensive provider. In our 2015 insurance comparison, eight companies put together an attractive offer for motorcyclists. Like that. It is disappointing, however, that bike insurance still does not include standards that are now taken for granted for cars. Also that, compared to the previous year, some well-known insurers do not want to disclose their data.

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