Kawasaki KX 250 F 2012


The intrinsic qualities of the KX 250 F provide regulars on the racetrack with an excellent basis for climbing the podium steps. The design of the extremely rigid aluminum frame, the components and suspension settings intended to guarantee stability are preserved at high speed, especially in a straight line, allowing seasoned racing drivers to open the throttle wide.

To be able to achieve the holeshot – a key factor that can make all the difference between gaining the advantage and winning, or staying locked in the peloton – the geometry of the chassis and the very exploitable power range of the 4-stroke have been calculated to optimize the traction of the rear wheel.

Heir to a winning lineage and a serious contender for the podiums in the hands of any experienced rider, the 2012 KX 250 F further sharpens its weapons with a double injection – a world first on a cross-country machine. The new power supply takes the power of this popular engine to the next level.
and clearly sets the KX 250 F apart from its rivals.

A powerful and exuberant double injection engine, factory-prepared

Specially prepared for the regulars of the racetrack, the liquid-cooled 249cc 4-stroke single-cylinder offers a wide power range that favors high-rev performance and overflows widely when over-revving. If its settings and its competition-type parts – such as the piston with internal bridge cap – have earned it high efficiency and power, the 2012 KX 250 F takes engine performance up a notch again by inaugurating a world first: the double injection. The gain in power will be noticeable by pilots of all levels but for all that, the machine retains all the flexibility of the 2011 engine. In addition, the selection is now smoother and the engine is even more reliable..

KX FI injection calibration “factory” assembly (optional)

The KX FI injection calibration set is identical to that used by official Kawasaki teams in Europe and the USA. It allows experienced pilots to adjust the engine settings to their preferences (by modifying the original mapping), but also to record the piloting data and then analyze it to further refine the settings..

An ultra-swift chassis with factory-like parts and preparation

The KX 250 F’s aluminum perimeter frame is a narrow, lightweight structure made up of forgings, extrusions and castings. The balance and the settings of the chassis have been studied for experienced pilots. The position of the center of gravity and the main dimensions (swing arm axle, gearbox output pinion and rear wheel axle) were chosen so that the rear tire propels the machine, instead of compressing the rear axle to the acceleration. Much appreciated for its stability at high speed, the chassis features a fork with SFF (Separated Function Front Fork), which is much less prone to friction, which promotes driving comfort and suspension work. The damping and shock absorption functions are separated in such a way:
> Left fork tube: shock absorber element
> Right fork tube: spring
This configuration provides both work flexibility and cushioning firmness – a combination difficult to achieve with a conventional fork. Adjustments made to the 2012 model optimize rear wheel grip, fork resistance to rebound stopper and give the impression of a firmer rear suspension.

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      The technical aspect

      Kawasaki KX 250 F 2012

      • Frame
      • Frame: Perimeter aluminum
      • Tank: 7.2 liters
      • Seat height: 945 mm
      • Length: 2170 mm
      • Width: 820 mm
      • Height: 1270 mm
      • Wheelbase: 1475 mm
      • Weight in running order: 106.2 kg
      • Train before
      • Telehydraulic inverted fork Ø 47 mm, deb: 315 mm
      • 1 petal disc Ø 250 mm, 2 piston caliper
      • Front wheel:

        – 21

      Kawasaki KX 250 F 2012 technical

      • Transmission
      • 5-speed gearbox
      • Secondary chain transmission
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber, deb: 310 mm
      • 1 petal disc Ø 240 mm, 1 piston caliper
      • Rear wheel:

        – 19

      • Motor
      • Single cylinder
        in line
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: Liquid cooling
      • Injection ø 43 mm
      • 2 ACT
      • 4 valves per cylinder
      • 249 cc
        (77 x 53.6 mm)
      • Compression: 13.5: 1
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


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