Kymco SuperNEX electric motorcycle


Motorcycle fair in Milan

EICMA 2019

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Kymco SuperNEX electric motorcycle

Kymco SuperNEX electric motorcycle
Uli Baumann

Kymco SuperNEX at EICMA

Electric-powered superbike

Kymco is mostly known as a scooter manufacturer. At the EICMA in Milan, the Taiwanese presented the SuperNEX study, a purely electrically powered supersport motorcycle.

Electrically powered sports motorcycles are (still) rejected by many bikers. They are too far removed from current combustion engines. Kymco tries to narrow this gap with its study SuperNEX.

For this purpose, the Taiwanese rely on – according to the manufacturer – appropriate, artificially generated sound and on a six-speed gearbox integrated into the power transmission. With a special slipper clutch, the gears can be shifted through without using the clutch – up and down. In addition, the electric motor can always be kept in the maximum power range with the six speed levels.

As a result, the SuperNEX should accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. After 7.5 seconds, 200 km / h should be reached, the top speed of 250 km / h is reached after 10.9 seconds.

Artificially generated engine sound

Of course, the SuperNEX is provided with a comprehensive electronics package on the subject of vehicle dynamics control. Kymco calls it FEP (Full Engagement Performance) and offers among other things wheelie and traction control as well as ABS. Four selectable driving modes are also included.

And because electric motors tend to be quiet comrades by their nature, Kymco has applied a multi-frequency acoustic generator that is supposed to simulate the sound of conventional combustion engines – depending on the load and speed and with gear changes.

Whether, and if so, when the SuperNEX will come in a series version, the Taiwanese left open at EICMA.

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