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Motorcycling is still great between the Weser and Werre even in the cloudy season.

Thomas Quast


The gentle hills and mountains, the winding valleys and dense forests of the Lipperland stretch between the Weser in the north and east, the river Werre in the west and the Eggegebirge in the south. The green hill country can be reached in around an hour from Hanover, Kassel or the Ruhr area. But the source area of ​​the Lippe is not only ideal for relaxed motorcycle short trips, it is also worth exploring nature and culture in the multitude of idyllic half-timbered locations in more detail. The Lippe itself rises on the western edge of the Lipperland, near the Bad-Lippspringer castle ruins, and flows into the Rhine around 250 kilometers further west near Duisburg. Exter and Kalle, on the other hand, cross the Lippe Uplands and flow into the Weser in the north. In both river valleys, which run almost parallel to each other, curvy roads and old villages are attractive. At Asmissen, near the Exterquelle, you can take a detour to Sternberg Castle, from where it is not far to the 800-year-old Lemgo with its medieval town center. Among the splendid stone and half-timbered houses from the Gothic and Renaissance periods, you can admire the famous “witch mayor’s house”, once inhabited by the medieval “witch hunter” and mayor Hermann Cothmann. In Lemgo there is also the beautiful Brake Castle, which not only houses a mill but also the Weser Renaissance Museum. The road of the Weser Renaissance runs right through the middle of the Lipperland and connects numerous places with interesting buildings from this era. Most fun is of course on subordinate side roads that meander through the hilly landscape. If you leave the B1 after Barntrup in the direction of Klus, you come to the Koterberg on well-developed, worthwhile bends over the picturesque half-timbered village of Lugde. After a couple of switchbacks, the »summit«, which is only 500 meters high but looming out of the landscape, offers a clear view of Lower Saxony, Hesse and back over the North Rhine-Westphalian Lipperland. The Koterberg is a popular meeting place for motorcyclists, especially on weekends, and there are always a few bikers gathered in front of the restaurant and Hotel Koterberghaus. On a lake near Horn-Bad Meinberg, the famous, slender pinnacles of the Externsteine, which can be accessed via stairs, tower up 35 meters. The former Germanic cult site is – rightly – one of the most popular excursion destinations in the region, so visits are better planned for the quiet evenings. The same applies to the popular Hermann monument, 55 meters high, erected on the Grotenburg above Detmold an der Werre. The Germanic prince, who has been standing on a pedestal tower with his sword upright since 1875, commemorates a victorious battle against the Romans, which according to a legend should have raged here in the year nine AD. To the west, the loop through the Lipperland closes again, the old B1 invites you to take a traditional exit towards the Ruhrpott.


The setting for this tour tip is a small region in the northeast of the Ruhr area, which is ideal for a weekend trip from the mega-metropolis. If you want to follow the tour, you have to transfer the route sketch below into a map. The practical ACTION TEAM road book is unfortunately not available for this route. If you don’t want to do without it, you can simply move your tour to the east or south-west and then use the Siegerland / Sauerland tour guide for 9.90 marks or the tour tip No. 14 (Hessisches Bergland / Sauerland) for five marks plus shipping costs. To be ordered by calling 0711 / 182-1229.

Arrival: Coming from the north or north-west, take the A 2 to the Lohne motorway triangle and then head towards Vlotho and Kalletal. From the south, take the A 44, then the A 33 to Paderborn-Elsen and continue on the B 1 to Horn-Bad Meinberg.Overnight: All prices apply to double rooms with breakfast: »Hotel zur Burg Sternberg«, Sternbergerstr. 37, 32699 Extertal-Linderhofe, phone 05262 / 944-0, fax 944-144, 128 marks. “Hotel Stadt Lugde”, Marktplatz / Vordere Str. 35, 32676 Lugde, phone 05281/98070, fax 980734, 120 marks. Conveniently located in a beautiful location: Berghotel Koterberg, 32676 Lugde-Koterberg, phone 05283/659, fax 1682, 80 marks. In addition, there are inexpensive youth hostels in and near the cities, for example in Blomberg or Detmold, and some campsites, for example at Vlotho, Meierberg / Extertal or Barntrup. Information: Verkehrsverein Lemgo e.V., Papenstr. 7, 32657 Lemgo, phone 05261 / 213-347 or via the Internet: http // Worth seeing: Many of the old village and town centers, such as Lemgo, Blomberg or Lugde, offer a lot to those interested in architecture as well as idyll. On the “Road of the Weser Renaissance”, which in the south of the Lipperland largely corresponds to the course of the B 1, you can admire some magnificent buildings from the 16th century. The Hermannsdenkmal near Detmold is a must for many tourists – if you are already there, you can also go there. At Horn-Bad Meinberg, the Externsteine ​​and the atmosphere around them inspire. If you avoid the times of heavy rush, then the rock needles are an experience that really should not be missed. A visit to the Berlebeck Eagle Observatory is also worthwhile. The best view is from the Koterberg in the southeast of the Lipperland. Literature: As always good and solid, the HB picture atlas “East Westphalia – Teutoburg Forest” (including Lipperland) for 16.80 marks. Otherwise, the “Freizeitfuhrer Ostwestfalen-Lippe (with Paderborner Land)”, Wartberg Verlag, Gudensberg-Gleichen, is recommended for the Lipperland in the narrower sense of the word, 19.80 Marks Cards distributed. Except for the ADAC regional map “Weser Uplands and Upper Harz” / Germany sheet 5), scale 1: 150,000, 12.80 marks or the large sheet edition of the tried and tested general map by Marco Polo, sheet 3, North Hesse / Lower Saxony, for 12, 80 marks in 1: 200,000.


Route: 250 kilometers Time: 2 days Route profile: Hilly, smaller serpentine stretches, mostly very good roads. Breaks: Many possibilities in the larger towns such as Lemgo or Lugde; Excursion restaurants at the Hermannsdenkmal and the Externsteinen. Biker meeting point: The Koterberghaus Worth seeing: old town centers, Externsteine, Hermannsdenkmal, Weser-Renaissance-Museum, panoramic view of the Koterberg

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