Midland H9 – tried action cam

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Midland H9 - tried action cam
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Midland H9 – tried action cam

Midland H9
Tried action cam

The Midland H9 is currently a relatively inexpensive action cam in specialist shops. How well does it do in the first test?

Tobias Beyl,

Roman Kirschbauer,

Mona Pekarek


Yellow is currently one of the trend colors when it comes to motorcycle clothing. Regardless of whether it is a helmet, reflective vest or leather suit: neon yellow is used to set accents these days. All the more beautiful when the color of the action cam also matches the station wagon! Thanks to the yellow front, the new Midland H9, which is available in stores from 179.99 euros, stands out from the wide range of action cams. It comes richly equipped, both in terms of accessories and functions. In the test, we particularly liked the clearly noticeable feedback from the control buttons, the very useful control option of the action cam via smartphone and the included remote control, a handlebar and even two helmet mounts.

Action cam does a pretty good job for the most part

Uff! In the description, manufacturer Midland also promises a motion trigger and the ability to change exposure, color saturation and sharpness of the picture. The exposure can actually be adjusted in fine increments, but we could not find a setting option for saturation and sharpness, and the motion trigger is also missing in the menu.

This is a shame, because the camera does a largely decent job otherwise: The recording modes range from 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 30 frames per second to recordings with 1,280×720 pixels, but then with 120 frames per second, which is what the Post-processing allows slow-motion recordings to be slowed down by up to five times. The image quality has improved compared to its predecessor, the H7; the image is neither muddy nor over-sharpened. The dynamic range is also okay, but bright or bright areas tend to wash out. For example, neon yellow accents.

Noticed positively: Many recording modes, remote control, WiFi

Noticed negatively: False promises of functions, contrast

Dimensions: 58 x 40 x 29 mm

Price: 179.90 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5


In the first test, the Midland H9 convinced with many recording modes and the integrated WLAN function. The contrast could be better, however.

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