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Short test: Triumph Daytona T 595

… and a happy new year

No, it wasn’t the summer heat that affected the editorial team. Rather, Triumph had already finished the facelifted Daytona for 1998 in August.

You write your fingers sore for years, always with the certainty that the gentlemen from the industry will then claim: a) you have no idea, b) you would not be sympathetic to their brand, or c) you would not have understood the company philosophy and would not be, d), therefore approached the machine completely incorrectly. And now this: MOTORRAD was heard – by Triumph.
On the racetrack, lack of lean angle, abnormally high consumption and the 190 millimeter wide rear wheel roller that dilutes every line were the main reasons why the Daytona was defeated in the comparison test (issue 5/1997), for example, against Honda’s CBR 900. The British have now corrected two of the three points of criticism of their athlete: Since the middle of this year, all T 595s (from chassis no. 53645) have been equipped with new, fuel-saving software, which can also be fed into the on-board computer at the dealer’s later. After that, consumption drops by up to 1.6 liters per 100 kilometers (see data box), without affecting the spontaneous acceleration or the peak performance of the three-cylinder. The slightly different performance is more likely to be explained by the longer secondary transmission (drive pinion with 19 instead of 18 teeth).
With cleverly laid manifold pipes, right-hand bends that have been rushed through in a sporty way have now lost their horror, so nothing stands in the way of the race track hunt. The old system did not cause any problems on the country road. Nevertheless: 1997 customers who can (in the right place) prove sanding marks, get the new manifolds afterwards. For production reasons, however, these will not be available until the beginning of next year, which is why the first 1998 Daytona will still be delivered with the old system.
Only with the dimensions of the rear tire, the English had no understanding, and so the T 595 staggered over bumpy asphalt as always. The solution is approvals for the narrower 180 tires of all well-known brands from alpha-Technik (phone 08036/4545). Just these days, MOTORRAD editors are trying to find out which rubber goes best with the T 595. Your report is available for one of the next issues.
E.The problem of triumph remained hidden from the testers in the – again frosty – spring: from 20 degrees outside temperature, the bench and the frame tubes in the thigh area heat up to such an extent that sweat boils in the pants after a short time. In this respect, the summer heat affected the editorial staff.

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