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Peugeot becomes Indian

Mahindra takes over Peugeot Motorcycles

The Indian Mahindra Group is now completely taking over the two-wheeler division of Peugeot. Mahindra has held a 51 percent stake in the French manufacturer since 2015.

The mark PMahindra announced with the takeover that eugeot and the company headquarters in France will be retained. At the same time, a first future roadmap for the brand was published. Seven new models are expected to come onto the market by 2021, and these will no longer just be scooters, but also small motorcycles. There was already a first preview of the entry-level bikes at EICMA 2018.

In addition to the focus on the European market, expansion is also planned in Asia and other world markets. Technologically, Peugeot Motorcycles will remain linked to the Peugeot auto division even after the takeover by Mahindra.

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