Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey

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Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey
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Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey

Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey
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No question about it, there is no substitute for a vacation trip on your own motorcycle. Unfortunately, your own load is not always where you are on vacation. Only a rental motorcycle can help.

An overview.

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Some shy away from the long journey on two wheels, others have got hold of a cheap flight, and then there are those who (like one of the authors of these lines) have to take family councils into consideration when planning their vacation. Having landed happily in the sunny south, they all have the same problem: Desire for the wind in their face, for an inclined position, but no plane in their luggage. So all that remains is to go to the landlord.

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Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey

Motorbike rental in southern Europe and Turkey
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Our overview of southern Europe and western Turkey should make it easier to find the most suitable motorcycle possible. However, this list does not claim to be complete. It is a selection of providers who have a certain contingent (usually only a part listed) of the most up-to-date, well-maintained motorcycles possible. You will find a scooter at almost every larger, tourist-oriented place without having to do extensive research or even reserve. In the case of “real bikes”, however, it is worth booking in advance in order to benefit from cheaper tariffs with some rental companies. In addition, you save yourself the search for the destination, and in some cases you can pick up the vehicle at the airport or have the landlord pick you up.

Corresponding, partly chargeable services are noted on some of the websites mentioned. Many landlords also present their rental conditions there in great detail. There may be restrictions regarding age, for example. Under 21, 23 or even 25 years of age, nothing works with some providers. Some also prohibit any excursions into the terrain. The latter must be clarified beforehand if you want to ride through the dust of Spain or Cyprus. When choosing a vehicle, you shouldn’t be too dazzled by the images on the net. In the worst case scenario, the impeccably cared for motorcycles can turn out to be complete carrots.

However, you shouldn’t be too fussy about the outside – rental motorcycles now lead a thankless existence. If you do not want to be asked to pay for it later, please note any existing damage in the rental agreement. No compromises, however, when it comes to safety: without a tread on the tires, without functioning brakes or lights, never roll out of the yard. And: insist on a test drive! Even if most rental stations have rental helmets and these are partly included in the rental price, it is advisable to use your own shell. Don’t forget gloves, sturdy shoes and a sturdy jacket.

Now for the love of money. Unless otherwise stated, the prices listed (without guarantee!) Are weekly rates. Some providers only reveal their treasures if you take them off for at least three or seven days. Where you can get a motorcycle for even 24 hours, the daily prices are given in brackets.

The rental rates, which are sometimes different for the high and low season, usually include the legally required liability insurance, often including fully comprehensive insurance with excess. If this is not included: it is essential to lock it so that all damage to the two-wheeler is covered in the event of an accident.

Cost point around ten euros per day. Also watch out for the free kilometers: with one landlord they are unlimited, with another they are 300, with the next only 200 kilometers per day. Everything that goes over it costs! The punitive tariffs vary between 15 and 31 cents per additional kilometer unwound. Last but not least, a deposit, the amount of which depends on the value of the vehicle, must be deposited. This is best done by credit card. And now: have fun planning.

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