Motorcorner-Speed ​​Triple Hellfire

Triumph Speed ​​Triple conversion

Motorcorner-Speed ​​Triple Hellfire

With a current Triumph Speed ​​Triple nobody is underpowered. Nevertheless, you can ask for a little more of everything: more fire, more chassis, more precision work. Curtain up for the Triumph Hellfire from Motorcorner.

Triumph Hellfire – Wait a minute! Name, color, appearance, there was something like that before. Correct. This copy here is the third small series variant from the company Motorcorner from the Swabian town of Wangen ( After the specialists first tackled a Triumph Scrambler and modified it into a flat tracker, a Street Triple followed next. And since conversion parts such as lamp masks and side number plates are manufactured in a complex deep-drawing process and can also be used universally, it was only a question of fastening the flat tracker optics to one S.triple transfer peed.

This has now happened. The result is impressive. But the Speed ​​Triple has not only changed visually. By adding the flat tracker parts, ten kilograms have been saved compared to the series. The Speed ​​Triple Hellfire weighs 211 kilograms with a full tank. A large part of the weight saving falls on the exhaust system. The built-in Zard silencer sounds a bit blush and smokier and is much lighter than the double silencers of the series triple. Desired side effect: The center of gravity moves down a bit.

Flat tracker look: start number plates, single silencer, cool paintwork.

However, not much of this is noticeable on the first few meters of the journey, because the assembled Metzeler Racetech K3s take a long time to get up to temperature.

Only temporarily attached here – the technicians usually install a dainty ACE ONE speedometer.

Until then, the bike will be slightly indifferent and wobbly. Once at operating temperature, the tire adheres perfectly and also gives very good feedback. Getting used to: Due to the radically flat headlights, which give the impression that nothing is coming after the cockpit, the driver has the feeling of holding the front wheel directly in his hands. This effect is reinforced when using a tiny cockpit from ACE ONE (in planning). -Seldom was a sitting position more gathered and more active. In any case, the cleanly crafted mirrors from Rizoma are nice to look at, but you can see much less in them than in the original parts. Speaking of seeing: the Flat Tracker based on the Speed ​​Triple is a real eye-catcher at every motorcycle meeting place.

Conversion information

The headlight is integrated in the front start number field, but the light output is modest.

Conversion info

Start number plate with integrated headlight 389 euros
Brake and clutch levers from LSL (optional) 99.95 euros each
Set of side start number plates 299 euros
Partial polishing of the rims (optional) 295 euros
Zard silencer 479 euros
Rizoma mirror set 278 euros
Set of Kellermann indicators 279 euros
LSL license plate holder, short 109.95 euros
optional special bench seat 449 euros
Two-tone painting of the add-on parts on request 259 euros
Price of the new test motorcycle, including transfer, complete painting, assembly and TÜV fees 14,990 euros

Further information: Tel. 0 71 61/9 14 16 17

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