Motorcycle insurance: insurance terms translated

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Motorcycle insurance: insurance terms translated
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Motorcycle insurance: insurance terms translated

Insurance terms translated
What does that mean in concrete terms??

This crash course will familiarize you with the most important vocabulary relating to insurance. On November 30th is the annual deadline for canceling your insurance.

With this selection of terms you are well prepared for the tariff comparison.

October 12, 2017

Liability: Compulsory insurance for vehicles. If you want to register a vehicle in Germany, you will be asked about provisional insurance at the registration office at the latest. Without exception. It only pays for damage to someone else’s property.

Liability plus partial coverage: Basically a recommended combination. The partial insurance also covers damage to your own vehicle. However, this damage must not be caused by an accident, but mostly relate to theft or storm damage. Check the benefits in detail in your insurance policy.

Amount of coverage for property / pecuniary damage: How much does the insurance company pay? The law stipulates 1.22 million euros for property damage and 50,000 euros for pecuniary damage.

Insured amount of personal injury: The statutory requirement is 7.5 million euros per injured person.

Cover letter: Extra insurance offer, e.g. B. the return of the driver and broken motorcycle from abroad. Protection letters are not only available from insurance companies, but also from ADAC, ACE or JimDrive.

Self-regulation: You can always pay for property damage yourself without reporting this to the insurance company. But the sums are limited. This may save you a no-claims upgrade.

Reporting of damage: It is the policyholder’s duty to report damage above a certain amount to the police.

Sanctions: If the key data is not correct when the contract is concluded (e.g. vehicle user, parking space in a single garage), there is a risk of fines.

Special equipment / accessories: The value of the add-on parts should be included in the insurance, especially in the case of extensively converted motorcycles.

Protective helmet / protective clothing: Damage to motorcycle helmets is now covered by some insurers. Find out more from your insurer!

Gross negligence: Under certain circumstances, insurers can use this objection to reduce benefits. With legal regulation there is almost always a risk of deductions, the standard regulation is more accommodating. takes effect in accidents under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In concrete terms, however, this is difficult to answer.

Deduction new for old: If a new part is purchased for the damaged (used) item, insurers can offset the value advantage against the amount of damage.

Amount covered by Mallorcapolice: Other coverage amounts often apply abroad. That is why there is extra protection for the use of rental vehicles abroad. This increases the coverage sums applicable there to German standards.

Scope of application Mallorcapolice: This is not a problem on a European vacation. But the ride on the rental Harley in the USA is almost never covered.

Period of validity Mallorcapolice: is usually regulated individually. One month is the minimum, but there are also unlimited regulations.

Insured persons Mallorcapolice: As a rule, the policyholder (VN) and his / her partner are covered as drivers.

All-risk coverage: The insurance coverage goes beyond the scope of conventional motor vehicle insurance. In principle, all damage is considered insured unless it is excluded from the accessories.

Transport on a ferry: At many companies, this is now part of the partially comprehensive coverage catalog. Is your own vehicle also secured during shipment? If in doubt, check this before setting off on a journey.

Natural hazards: Such damage is caused by storms and natural disasters. As a rule, they are covered by partial insurance.

Animal bite: Small rodents love rubber hoses and cables. Some societies differentiate between the causes, others exclude consequential damage. This damage is usually covered by the partial comprehensive insurance.

Collision with animals: NNot only the classic game accident can be important here. Here’s a little mental game: the partial coverage also applies in the event of a collision with a runaway Alpine cow?

Own damage coverage: If the policyholder damages his property with his vehicle, this can also be covered by the vehicle insurance – but usually less a deductible.

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