Muc-Off Nano Tech: Tried motorcycle cleaner

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Muc-Off Nano Tech: Tried motorcycle cleaner


Muc-Off Nano Tech: Tried motorcycle cleaner

Muc-Off Nano Tech
Tried motorcycle cleaner

Pink-colored classic clean motorcycle wrench, the hip companion of dirt-loving off-road fans: Muc-Off’s motorcycle cleaner Nano Tech is known as a sore thumb. How does the cleaner perform in the first test?

Mona Pekarek


In the high season of mud battles, we confronted the cleaner with dried layers of earth – a hardcore test, so to speak. Moistened, sprayed on, rinsed off. Lo and behold, Muc-Off brings back the old shine. The pump bottle lies comfortably in the hand and works without grumbling. Anyone who has dealt with stubborn sprays before knows how annoying it can be if nothing comes out of the bottle.

Pleasant smell surprised

Contrary to its flashy, actually very toxic color, the muscle man is biodegradable and free of aggressive acids, thus protecting seals and sensitive parts. What, however, matches the look: the pleasant smell. It is available ready-to-use or as a concentrate for self-mixing.

Noticed positively: Good cleaning effect, handling of the bottle, odor

Noticed negatively: nothing

Sizes: 1 to 25 liters

Price: From 14.99 euros

MOTORRAD verdict: 5 stars out of a possible 5


Strong performance! The motorcycle cleaner Muc-Off Nano Tech left a sparkling clean impression in the first test. Especially the good cleaning effect, the easy handling of the bottle and the pleasant smell were positively noticed.

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