New forest law in Romania: No more limitless enduro fun

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New forest law in Romania: No more limitless enduro fun
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New forest law in Romania: No more limitless enduro fun

New forest law in Romania
No more limitless enduro fun

Romania has so far been an extremely popular destination for enduro riders, but since September 2020 a new law has been in force that severely restricts forest use for enduro riders.

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Every year numerous off-road drivers made the pilgrimage to Romania, where forests were almost limitlessly drivable with enduros. That will change from September 1, 2020 with the Amendment to Law 46/2008, which prohibits forest use not only for enduro riders: “The public access of motor vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles or mopeds to the national forest is prohibited, with the exception of organized sports, recreation and tourism activities that can only be carried out on forest roads or on specially marked and approved routes (…).”

Organized tours are still allowed

After all, organized tours can continue to take place – provided that permission has been obtained. Motorsport events can also continue to be held, which we owe to the Romanian motorcycle association FRM (Federatia Romania Motorciclism).

The forest should be used for recreation

What’s behind it? Romania’s government is striving for tourism that focuses, among other things, on hiking, cycling and recreation, for which the forest is essential. If possible without enduros milling through the undergrowth, it seems. The gravel roads, which also function as connecting roads between the villages, should not be affected by the ban.

It is not yet known how high the penalties will be if the ban is violated.

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What do you think of the fact that we are no longer allowed to plow freely through the undergrowth in Romania?

Another pointless prohibition that spoils my fun.

For reasons of environmental protection and that of the targeted tourism concept, understandable.

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Environmental protection and more recreational tourism – that is apparently behind the change in the law that means the end for many sporty enduro tourists. With this, Romania draws level with most European countries in which motorized vehicles are not allowed to drive in public forests, or only to a limited extent.

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