New motorcycle case top case Kappa K’Vector KVC35

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New motorcycle case top case Kappa K'Vector KVC35



New motorcycle case / top case Kappa K’Vector KVC35

Kappa K’Vector KVC 35 motorcycle case
Side case and top case in one

The new Kappa K’Vector KVC 35 is a sturdy piece of luggage that can not only be attached to the motorcycle as a side case, but also as a top case.

Dina Dervisevic


The Kappa K’Vector KVC 35 hard case is available in black-silver and in all-black. According to the manufacturer, the cases are made of reinforced fiberglass technopolymer and each hold 35 liters of luggage. We are not aware of a recommended retail price from the manufacturer; we have found offers between around 150 and 180 euros per case on the World Wide Web.

Suitable for full-face helmets and 10 kg payload

The case – or the top case – has the dimensions 53.8 x 43.4 x 24.8 centimeters, so it fits a full-face helmet. The case is lockable and can also be removed quickly and easily if necessary. The piece of luggage is designed for a load of ten kilograms.

A third lock cylinder with the same key is included in the scope of delivery. When using three suitcases, a one-key lock is possible. An additional adapter plate is required for assembly as a top case, if you want to use the Kappa K’Vector KVC 35 as a side case, you can use the KL / KLAR carrier to fix it.

The range of accessories for the Kappa K’Vector KVC 35 includes the TK 756 inner bag, which should be easy to carry with a wide handle. Not described in detail by the manufacturer, we suspect that the soft plastic inner pocket is waterproof.

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