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Vespa Elettrica 2018

E-Vespa with a range of 200 km from 6,390 euros

At EICMA 2017, Piaggio presented the all-electric Vespa as a prototype. The e-scooter should go into series production a year later. The range is up to 200 km. The price is steep and is 6,390 euros.

Vespa scooters shape the streetscape in many large cities not only in Italy. So what could be more obvious than equipping the cult two-wheeler with an electric drive. Piaggio has long been electrifying customers with a prototype. At EICMA 2018 the time has come and Vespa brings the production version of the Elettrica.

200 Nm maximum torque

To increase the anticipation, Piaggio is now giving the first technical data. The electric motor has a peak output of 4 kW and a continuous output of 2 kW. The maximum torque is specified as 200 Nm. Conventional 50s scooters look old.

With its lithium-ion battery pack and an energy recovery system (KERS) on board, the range of the Vespa Elettrica should be 100 kilometers. The charging time is stated as 4 hours. The charging socket is located under the seat where the petrol filler neck is otherwise. Piaggio promises a durability of up to 1,000 charging cycles – which corresponds to a mileage of 50,000 to 70,000 km. The battery is installed under the helmet storage compartment, which should also be able to hold a jet helmet.

Optional with range extender

The driver can choose between the Eco and Power operating modes. In Eco mode, the top speed is limited to 30 km / h and the acceleration performance is reduced somewhat in favor of a greater range.

For long-distance drivers, Piaggio offers the Vespa Electtrica X version with a range extender. A small petrol engine drives a generator that can generate electricity for up to 150 km from three liters of fuel. Because the motor and generator take up space, the battery is shrinking and only offers a range of only 50 km. With the range extender, the total range is up to 200 km. The control is fully automatic.

The cockpit can be networked


The digital cockpit can be networked extensively.

Of course, the Vespa Elettrica can also be networked. The 4.3-inch color TFT display in the cockpit can be linked to a smartphone. In conjunction with a special app, the cockpit becomes an extended smartphone arm. the features are controlled with buttons on the handlebars.

Visually, the Vespa remains a real Vespa with body parts made of sheet metal, even with an electric drive. At the front it rolls on a 12-inch rim and an 11-inch wheel rotates at the rear. All lighting elements use LED technology, and a USB port lurks in the glove compartment. In addition, the Vespa Elettrica can also be extensively customized like other Vespa.

Production of the electric Vespa will start in September and will be available on the market from the end of October. Pre-orders are possible from October 8, 2018. The basic price indicated on the order website is 6,390 euros. If you want to pre-book, you also have to pay 600 euros, which will then be offset against the purchase price.

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