Pirelli Angel GT in the test

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Pirelli Angel GT in the test MPS photo studio



Pirelli Angel GT in the test

Pirelli Angel GT in the test Comparative test touring tires (MOTORRAD 12/2017)

3rd place: Vice winner on the country road, Vice winner in wet conditions. That speaks for a wonderfully broadband tuned tire, even if it is not enough for the overall runner-up due to the difference in points.

But at least for the podium!

Jörg Lohse, Karsten Schwers


the Pirelli Angel GT is made in Germany. The front tire weighs 4.1 kg, the rear 6.4 kg.

Provider: Pirelli Germany, Tel. 06163/710, www.pirellimoto.de

The Pirelli Angel GT on the country road and in everyday life

136 points, 2nd place

In line with the image of the Italian brand, the touring rubber Angel GT is also curved around the corner in an absolutely sporty way and follows the similarly tuned Conti very closely on its heels. While this convinces with a little more handiness, the Pirelli sets reference values ​​in terms of stability, where it can hardly be disturbed even at a very brisk pace. Nearly? Well, when braking in an inclined position – just like with the Conti – you can feel a slight pitching impulse. Overall, the Angel GT needs a little pressure before the feedback is convincing.

The Pirelli Angel GT in the wet test

91 points, 2nd place

Long gone and long forgotten are the times when the Italo silts were considered to be particularly afraid of water. In our test, the Angel GT shows more than impressively that even a sporty touring rubber can score in the rain with plenty of grip when accelerating and cornering.


MOTORCYCLE rating: 227 points

place 3

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