Podcast: Motorcycle clothing for women

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Podcast: Motorcycle clothing for women
Ferdinand Heinrich-Steige


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Podcast: Motorcycle clothing for women

Podcast MOTORRAD driver episode 6
Motorcycle clothing for women

For the time being, the last episode of MOTORRAD Driver is about clothing. We talk about our favorite items and what is particularly important to us about the individual products.

Dina Dervisevic


MOTORRAD driver episode 6 – motorcycle clothing for women

For this episode, Iris, Mona and Dina have brought their favorite items of clothing and discuss all clothing categories – subjectively, based on experience and in this order: boots / shoes, pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, balaclava, buff / scarf, ear plugs, functional underwear , Rain suit. We also talk about helmet hairstyles and why Mona always wears two tube scarves, explain why men’s gloves – even in the right size – almost never fit us, explain why we urgently advise against motorcycle shoes and boots with heels and hold a plea for earplugs.

Podcast: Motorcycle clothing for women

Ferdinand Heinrich-Steige

Dina (left) with Daytona Lady Star GTX and rain suit Held Rainblock, Mona (middle) with Stylemartin Audax and iXS Talura II and Iris (right) with the functional underwear one-piece Held Race Skin (don’t call it romper”).

Iris Fischer works for the MOTORRAD action team and is often out and about on the racetrack – in other words, dressed in sporty clothes from head to toe, including racing leather. We often see Mona Pekarek out in the open – sometimes as a trial woman, sometimes in an enduro outfit on the cross-piste. On the road, however, she prefers to ride in motorcycle leggings, hoodies and sneakers. And anyway, she has a terrific overview of the entire industry, as she deals with the latest products from the motorcycle clothing sector on a daily basis in the MOTORRAD service department. Dina Dervisevic, an avowed long-distance tourer and frostbite, mainly wears a textile suit with a lined inner jacket. And the rain suit has also been very popular with her since she discovered a specimen that is both light and small and also flatters the figure.

About the podcast series MOTORRAD Driver

The focus is on topics and questions that concern women who ride motorcycles, which motorbikes they ride and what they experience with them. It’s not about demarcation. It’s about getting the riders out there involved. In addition to the usual motorcycle topics, which are just as interesting for women as they are for men, in our experience female pilots talk even more frequently about the maneuverability of mopeds and about seat height and width as well as difficulty or ease of movement of the clutch. And there are countless other motorcycle topics that are worth looking at from the female point of view, reporting and talking about them. Just listen to it and tell us what you think. We look forward to mail to podcast@motorradonline.de.

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