Podcast MOTORRAD driver # 2: Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum

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Podcast MOTORRAD driver # 2: Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum


Driving experience & Driving tips

Podcast MOTORRAD driver # 2: Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum

Podcast MOTORRAD driver episode 2
Interview with the Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum

Nadja Plum is a Nordschleife expert and instructor for motorcycle and car driving training. In the second episode of the MOTORRAD driver podcast, she tells us what she experiences in her everyday life as a driving trainer and how she got this job.

Dina Dervisevic


MOTORCYCLE driver episode 2 – Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum

“Hello Ms. Plum, we became aware of you because you are regularly employed as a Nordschleife instructor by your colleagues in the MOTORRAD action team and have been highly praised. May we drop by for a coffee and ask a few questions?” So, or something like that, the podcasters Iris Fischer and Dina Dervisevic started the inquiry with Nadja, the conversation partner in episode 2 of the podcast series MOTORRAD driver. In the back of our minds we didn’t just have drawer questions (“Who is more stupid on the racetrack – men or women?”). We also wanted to find out how Nadja, a full-time architect, got the chance to train as a driving trainer. And not only for motorcycle driving training but also for driving training. Yes, and of course we couldn’t help but ask: what would you like more to enjoy as a trainer, motorcycle or car? There are also a few driving tips and personal anecdotes. And the coffee, of course, but I hope you won’t hear that.

Podcast MOTORRAD driver # 2: Nordschleife instructor Nadja Plum

Dina Dervisevic

In episode 1 of MOTORRAD Driver, members of the editorial team Iris, Mona and Dina take care of suitable – and unsuitable – motorcycles for little people.

Click here for the episode “Motorcycles for little people”, Iris, Mona and Dina tried around 100 models and talked in detail about their experiences and recommendations.

Podcast series MOTORRAD driver

The focus is on topics and questions that concern women who ride motorcycles, which motorbikes they ride and what they experience with them. It’s not about demarcation. It’s about getting the riders out there involved. In addition to the usual motorcycle topics, which are just as interesting for women as they are for men, in our experience female pilots talk even more frequently about the maneuverability of mopeds and about seat height and width as well as difficulty or ease of movement of the clutch. And there are countless other motorcycle topics that are worth looking at from the female point of view, reporting and talking about them.
Just listen to it and tell us what you think. We look forward to mail podcast@motorradonline.de.

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