Podcast MOTORRAD driver – In conversation with Margot Flugel Anhalt

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Podcast MOTORRAD driver - In conversation with Margot Flugel Anhalt

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Podcast MOTORRAD driver – In conversation with Margot Flugel Anhalt

Podcast MOTORRAD driver episode 3
In conversation with Margot Flugel-Anhalt

Actually, she wanted to go out with a mule. Several months to the east. Then it turned out to be a 125cc Honda. Margot was on the road for 4 months and 18,000 kilometers.

We visited her at home and the result – we are convinced – an interesting, entertaining and funny podcast episode.

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MOTORRAD driver episode 3 – In conversation with Margot Flugel-Anhalt:

At 64, Margot gets on a motorcycle for the first time and drives off. She has 18,000 kilometers to go. It goes east, through Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, to the border with China. And back in a wide arc over four months, including through Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria. At the time, she didn’t even have a motorcycle license. And we don’t want to talk about driving experience here either. Sounds adventurous? It is. So adventurous that two colleagues went to visit Margot in Hesse and recorded an informative, entertaining and in places overdriven podcast episode with loud laughter.

We are attentive to Margot Flugel-Anhalt thanks to the Films “Beyond Borders” become. Two filmmakers friends accompanied the adventurous pensioner – not all the time, but in stages. In the meantime, Johannes Meier and Paul Hartmann also acted as driving aids, drivers, lifter and injured persons. In conversation, Margot tells us how she got the crazy idea of ​​going on a motorcycle trip, even though she doesn’t even have that “right” Had a motorcycle license. Actually, she would have liked to make the trip with a mule, i.e. mule. But it is not that easy to get hold of a disused Bundeswehr mule …

Our tip: film and book are worth it!

The movie “Over borders” Is there … here
The book “Over borders” can be found here

Podcast series MOTORRAD driver

The focus is on topics and questions that concern women who ride motorcycles, which motorbikes they ride and what they experience with them. It’s not about demarcation. It’s about getting the riders out there involved. In addition to the usual motorcycle topics, which are just as interesting for women as they are for men, in our experience female pilots talk even more frequently about the maneuverability of mopeds and about seat height and width as well as difficulty or ease of movement of the clutch. And there are countless other motorcycle topics that are worth looking at from the female point of view, reporting and talking about them.

Just listen to it and tell us what you think. We look forward to mail podcast@motorradonline.de.

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