Police action in the Odenwald: Reiterberger against speeders

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Police action in the Odenwald: Reiterberger against speeders
Police South Hesse

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Police action in the Odenwald: Reiterberger against speeders

Police action in the Odenwald
Reiterberger against speeders

The Police Headquarters South Hesse has teamed up with Superbike champion Markus Reiterberger to improve the traffic discipline of motorcyclists. The day of action rises on 28.

April 2019.

Uli Baumann


The number of road accidents involving motorcyclists and fatal outcomes rose significantly in 2018. In the area of ​​southern Hesse alone, the police counted 19 dead and 100 seriously injured motorcyclists. The police headquarters in South Hesse intends to counteract this with educational work, particularly on the topics of speed and the reduction of noise.

To this end, the police are inviting all interested parties to a prevention event on April 28, 2019 between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The campaign will be supported by superbike racing driver Markus Reiterberger, who will also be giving autographs after the press conference from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m..

In addition, there is the opportunity to gather information from experts on the topics of technology and driving safety at action stands, to try out a motorcycle lean angle trainer and to take part in a free risk awareness ride by the police. On this day, the ADAC is offering a discount campaign in order to be able to participate in a discounted motorcycle driving safety training. The experts of “Rennleitung 110”, a privately initiated prevention project of sporty motorcycling police officers, advise on the subject of “Racers belong on the racetrack and not on the road” and show practicable ways and possibilities for this way.

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