Polytop Equinox PH7: Tried paint and rim cleaner

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Polytop Equinox PH7: Tried paint and rim cleaner


Polytop Equinox PH7: Tried paint and rim cleaner

Polytop Equinox PH7
Tried paint and rim cleaner

With the Equinox PH7, Polytop offers a pH-neutral cleaner that is suitable for both paintwork and wheel rims and helps to reliably remove flash rust and brake dust.

Tobias Beyl


A lot helps a lot, as the saying goes – which is why some cleaning agents not only look poisonous, but also actually have caustic properties as acids or lye. This may help with dirty or corroded metal, but in the stupidest case it destroys adjacent plastic or rubber.

Good results in the test

Since the cleaning effect is based neither on acids nor bases, glass, plastics and metals are not attacked. In the test, the Equinox PH7 convinced, provided water connection and drainage. Because after the application, the sprayed areas must be hosed off with a water jet; scrubbing or brushing is only necessary in rare cases.

What I like about the Equinox PH7 is the effectiveness indicator: If it has been able to take effect sufficiently, the well-adhering cleaner turns purple. Like other products with such an indicator, the Equinox PH7 is unfortunately accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Despite the neutral pH value, gloves should be worn when cleaning, but the cleaner should be completely unproblematic for the environment.

Noticed positively: Good cleaning and surface adhesion, color indicator

Noticed negatively: Smells bad

Contents: 500 ml

Price: 20.90 euros

MOTORRAD verdict: 4 stars out of a possible 5


In the first test, the Polytop Equinox PH7 was quite convincing. Only the somewhat unpleasant smell was a bit annoying. The paint and rim cleaner is available for 20.90 euros.

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