Portraits – Meet Christophe Ponsson, WSBK 2015 rider –

Meet Christophe Ponsson, WSBK 2015 driver

Portraits - Meet Christophe Ponsson, WSBK 2015 rider -

Christophe Ponsson entered the World Superbike in 2015, only four years after his debut in motorcycle racing! Still very young and very motivated, he is tall in size and intends to become the greatest in Superbike, like Sylvain Guintoli… Wore.

To get to know the best French riders at the highest level of motorcycle competition better, Site contacts the new French representatives in World Superbike every year and submits them to its MNC questionnaire..

After and in 2011, in 2012, in 2013 and in 2014, it’s Christophe Ponsson’s turn – and Randy de Puniet who should answer us very soon! – to be listed by the Motorcycle Journal of the Net.

Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are a little more fortunate than the others – know that Christophe Ponsson joined the private Kawasaki Grillini team this year (read again).

This hiring was surprising, given Christophe’s meager track record in Superstock (a few tenth places in STK600, one in STK1000) and his funny 2014 season at Bimota (started in Spain and ended in England). But his young age, his great motivation and the support of his father (former team manager of Gil Motor Sport in SSP) secured a place in the WSBK to n ° 23 … Luxembourgish or French ?!

"In fact it’s very simple, I have lived in Luxembourg for a few years and here in Luxembourg I was helped to obtain the license to allow me to start in competition in 2011. I was then 15 years old and I was not worried not really of this detail ", explains the" Cool Kid "questioned by Site.

"Now, this is important for me. Let it be clear: this year I have a license to the FFM that I pay to be able to ride in the World Superbike", confirms the rider whose name now precedes the mention "FRA "and no longer" LUX "on the official timesheets and results.

Thus, this year France has no less than four representatives at the highest level of the World Superbike: the world champion Sylvain Guintoli, the Superstock champion Sylvain Barrier, the GP driver Randy de Puniet and the very young Christophe Ponsson.

"Very young", because Christophe is just 19 years old! He even became the second youngest driver to compete in the WSBK. The record still belongs to "Yuichi Takeda, winner of the first race at Sugo in 1996, at 18 years, 8 months and 27 days", specifies the official WorldSBK website.

Christophe Ponsson was not as brilliant as the very young Japanese driver, but he still took advantage of his first outing to score his first point. The young shoot is therefore promising … as was the previous French "Green Giant", Loris Baz! And like Bazooka, Christophe is young, tall and rides a Kawasaki. Will it be that fast? To follow naturally on MNC: stay connected !

News from the front

  • Christophe, what is your assessment of your debut in World Superbike? ?
    I think my beginnings in SBK are rather positive. I arrived with my little experience (I only started motorcycle racing in 2011), in the midst of all these good riders, some of whom have been riding for a long time in the World Superbike. I knew it was going to be a big step for me, but I think riding with these kinds of riders can only help me to move forward. I went to the first two rounds of the championship with the desire to learn and without pressure. I also discovered and took it "on the cool" in order to improve with each session. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, I spent more time in the box than on the track … On Sunday during the race, the lack of rolling was immediately felt over the length of the race ( moreover, I had not had any winter driving). I finished my first race in a Superbike 15th, thus scoring my first point, not unhappy given the problems encountered during the weekend. In, I took a step forward because I understood several things about my driving, which allowed me to qualify for my first. Unfortunately, after a good start to the race I fell on the 5th lap then I did not take the start of the technical problems…
  • Your goals for Aragon and Assen ?
    For the return to Europe, I expect it to be more full-bodied than overseas. Despite everything, I got involved in Superpole 1 in Thailand and I am able to hang them all. I will continue to work in this direction. For the next races, I also have to work to gain 8 tenths of a second in tires / race pace. It is clear that we do not have the same equipment and the same budgets as at KRT … So I am not focusing on them either, I have enough to learn and do with the equipment I have ( in Thailand, I drove all weekend with the Evo engine from 2014). For the races, I need kilometers, so I want to complete the heats to learn every detail about the race length in Superbike. I want to pick up a good pace right away to catch the front car, the race is built like that. I still have a lot of leeway on several points … and so much the better !

    Christophe Ponsson technical sheet

  • Last name :Ponsson
  • First name: Christophe
  • Date of Birth : 23 December 1995
  • Place of birth : Eculy (69)
  • Current domicile: Luxembourg
  • Family situation : single
  • Cut : 188 cm
  • Weight: 71 kg

Personal informations

  • Right or left handed ?
    Right handed
  • Studies, diplomas ?
  • Odd jobs ?
  • Current occupation ?
    Kawasaki Grillini SBK rider
  • The quality that we recognize most often ?
    Difficult to answer … I would say hardworking, passionate and calm.
  • Your main fault ?
    Too reserved…
  • Your hobbies ?
    Sports! I like sport, I touch everything.
  • Vehicles currently in your garage ?
    At 19, an Opel Vivaro suits me very well !
  • And in the garage of your dreams ?
    A Mercedes AMG C63 or A45


  • Your youthful idol ?
    Casey stoner
  • Your first experience on a motorized two-wheeler ?
    PW50 at 3 years
  • Your first motorcycle race ?
    Assen 2011 in the European Superstock 600 Championship
  • Your first victory ?
    I haven’t won at a high level yet, because I quickly climbed the ranks to arrive in Superbike. I did not persist in Superstock, for example.
  • Your greatest defeat ?
  • Your best memory on the track ?
    In 2012, in Superstock 600 at Silverstone. I started 13th on the grid, it was raining a lot and at the end of the first lap I was second. There were three of us who could win and it was the first time that I found myself in this situation. Unfortunately, a red flag a few laps from the end forced me to start from 13th place on the grid for the second start. I wanted to do the same as on the first start and I ended up in fourth one second off the podium, but I fell. I have no regrets though: it was to get my first podium.
  • Your best memory in the paddocks ?
    My father had his own team in the Supersport world championship, Gil Motor Sport, from 2005 to 2008. He drove Stephane Chambon and Fabien Foret, two great champions with whom I grew up. Good memories when you’re only 10 or 11…
  • Your best memory off the track ?
    My trip to Australia last month. Fabien Foret had won in my dad’s team. I was 12 at the time and I was in full view of the TV at 3am … I was eager to discover this circuit and this magnificent country. I’m very happy to have made my Superbike debut there.
  • Your favorite circuit ?
    Phillip island !
  • Your favorite motorcycle ?
    The Kawasaki ZX-10R because I feel particularly well installed on it this year. I am more comfortable than on other motorcycles that I have known.
  • The motorcycle that marked you the most ?
    The first time I drove a 1000 cc, the Kawasaki ZX10R again. The power made me smile under the helmet !
  • Your favorite race number is 23: why ?
    I was born on December 23 and several "links" have brought me to this issue.


  • Your strong points in piloting ?
    I would say the braking and the fact that when I am told that something is wrong with my driving, I can change it right away.
  • Your weak points ?
    My acceleration on the angle and the rhythm.
  • Your daily training ?
    My physical training means a lot to me, I attach great importance to it. In addition, I like sports, so it’s not a problem for me to get up early to go coal.
  • Your entourage during race weekends ?
    My parents come to European races. I am lucky to have Fabien Foret accompanying me throughout the championship when he is not competing for dates, because he rides in the world endurance championship. I am very happy to be followed by Fabien, we get along very well, he helps me on several points with his great experience. Whether on the driving side, in the box with my team or outside for my preparation in general, everything is good to take. When I arrived in a Superbike, I understood that every detail counts and with Fabien and my parents, we try to do our best.

WSBK 2015

  • Your personal goal ?
    I want to become world champion, like a lot of riders … But unlike some, I’m ready to do a lot to get there. I have sacrificed a lot of things in the normal life of a young person since I was 15. Motorcycles are my passion and I give my best every day to succeed. I know that I am inexperienced and that it will not be for the next two or three years. Despite this, I give my maximum with the material I have.
  • Your opinion on Aprilia ?
    The RSV4 is a very good motorcycle. With two good drivers and a technical team that has experience, it’s sure to be a good set. !
  • BMW ?
    I had the opportunity to try one and really liked the engine and electronics. In terms of position, it’s really great for a big one like me. I haven’t ridden more than that but overall the first feeling is nice.
  • The Ducati?
    The Panigales are getting better and better every year. Too bad Giugliano was injured in Australia. I think he could be a serious title contender if he fell less.
  • EBRs ?
    Like the Ducatis, the 1190RX have come a long way this winter. With Canepa, I think we will have some surprises on certain tracks !
  • Honda ?
    Too bad Honda does not invest more in Superbike. The Fireblade is an "old" motorcycle which is still formidable…
  • Suzuki ?
    I think the 2015 regulations are good for the GSX-R1000. In my opinion, when Randy has adapted to this new project, it may be very fast.
  • Your Kawasaki ?
    Everyone knows the ZX-10R is good! Whether it’s the engine, chassis or electronics, everything is in place. For my part, I still have to familiarize myself with this bike. I still have to figure out how to use it to be really fast. There are several details on the right and left that must be brought together before being able to put everything end to end.
  • The Pirelli ?
    In slick, the Pirelli are the only tires I really know. I am surprised by the grip of the front tire. Moreover, it is largely on this point that I have progressed recently. I get harder and harder on the brakes in the bends and I feel that there is still room.
  • What will be your life in ten years ?
    Difficult to answer … I hope that I will have fulfilled my personal goals. In ten years, I will be 29 years old: I will have, I hope, a few good years ahead of me !

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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