Portraits – Meet Jules Cluzel, WSBK 2013 rider –

Meet Jules Cluzel, WSBK 2013 rider

Portraits - Meet Jules Cluzel, WSBK 2013 rider -

Vice-world champion in Supersport in his first season, Jules Cluzel narrowly bowed to the triple champion Sofuoglu. This performance is so convincing that the French rider reached the World Superbike in 2013, on a Suzuki. Portrait !

To get to know our representatives at the highest level of motorcycle racing better, Site contacted the French riders and their teams in order to submit them to our MNC questionnaire..

After, and, it is now Jules Cluzel’s turn to be listed by the Journal moto du Net !

In the space of a few months, his status went from a rider capable of great successes in Moto GPs to that of contender for the title in World Supersport …, he nevertheless won a !

Rewarded for his brilliant first season in the Superbike sphere, our national n ° 16 confirmed Paul Denning in his choice from the opening round of the 2013 WSBK at Phillip Island, finishing 11th and then 7th in the race (read).

Impatient to do battle with his new comrades – the event is scheduled for two weeks in Aragon – he was kind enough to answer our series of questions. Thank you Jules, and have a good 2013 season !

News from the front

  • Site: First of all, what is your assessment of your first races in the big leagues? ?
    Jules Cluzel: I didn’t feel very small, I was even really happy because the tests were catastrophic.

  • Your goal for Aragon ?
    Continue learning and progress to the end of the race, when the tires are worn out.

Jules Cluzel technical sheet

  • Last name : Cluzel

  • First name: Jules

  • Date of Birth : October 12, 1988

  • Place of birth : Montlucon (03)

  • Current domicile: Montlucon

  • Family situation : in a relationship with Stephanie

  • Cut : 170 cm

  • Weight: 61 kg

Personal informations

  • Right or left handed ?
    Right handed.

  • Studies, diplomas ?
    College diploma.

  • Odd jobs ?

  • Current occupation ?
    Motorcycle rider (well I try …)

  • The quality that we recognize most often ?
    I never let go !

  • Your main fault ?
    The same thing…

  • Your hobbies ?
    Everything that is motorized. I practice motocross, but also cross-country skiing, jogging, cycling, tennis and occasionally swimming (but I don’t really like that!). Otherwise I like spending time with my girlfriend and my dog.

  • Vehicles currently in your garage ?
    Renault Trafic, very practical for transporting the cross bike.

  • And in the garage of your dreams ?
    It would be a super nice garage with my trophies (full I hope!), Super clean and full of toys: cross country, jet ski, enduro, etc..


  • Your youthful idol ?
    Valentino Rossi, but also Randy de Puniet and Olivier Jacque.

  • Your first experience on a motorized two-wheeler ?
    When I was 3 or 4, on a QR50.

  • Your first motorcycle race ?
    Junior Cup in 2004 in Carole.

  • Your first victory ?
    My second Junior Cup event, still in 2004, at Ledenon.

  • Your best victory ?
    I am hesitating between (2010, Editor’s note) and (2012, Editor’s note)

  • Your greatest defeat ?
    , with my fall at the head of the race and a big lesson !

  • Your best memory on the track ?
    The, no one was waiting for me !

  • Your best memory in the paddocks ?
    Magny-Cours in 2012, for the, because everyone was present: girlfriend, dog, family, friends, fans…

  • Your best memory off the track ?
    I have many. Hard to choose…

  • Your favorite circuit ?
    Monza … In fact, anyone with a lot of fast corners.

  • Your favorite motorcycle ?
    The 1000 GSX-R that I am currently driving !

  • The motorcycle that marked you the most ?
    Matteoni’s 250 cc in 2008 … a terrible year !

  • A favorite racing number ?
    The 16th because I got attached to it. I have had it since my debut in the Junior Cup. And there are many 16s in our family dates.


  • Your strong points in piloting ?
    You have to tell me !

  • Your weak points ?
    The small pins.

  • Your daily training ?
    I alternate between jogging, cycling, muscle building, tennis, swimming, cross-country skiing with Christian Sarron and cross.

  • Your entourage during race weekends ?
    My father, who is also my driver, Eric Mahe from time to time, my girlfriend (when she has holidays!) And my maternal grandparents (5-6 races a year).

WSBK 2013

  • Your personal goal ?
    Progress to be on top towards mid-season.

  • Your opinion on Aprilia ?
    Never tried, but at Phillip Island it was windy overtaking me in the long straight !

  • BMWs? The Ducati? The Honda? Kawasaki
    No comment … We’ll talk about it again at the end of the year !

  • Your Suzuki ?
    I try to tame her !

  • The Pirelli ?
    Round and black, like the others.

  • What will be your life in ten years ?
    With lots of titles, no regrets and always on the tracks !

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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