Portraits – Meet Sylvain Guintoli, WSBK 2011 rider –

Meet Sylvain Guintoli, WSBK 2011 driver

Portraits - Meet Sylvain Guintoli, WSBK 2011 rider -

Devilishly fast and efficient on the handlebars of his Ducati 1098, Sylvain Guintoli is just as good for communication: contacted just before the WSBK event in Donington this weekend, the French rider answered our questionnaire in record time. !

To get to know our representatives at the highest level of motorcycle racing better, Site contacted the French riders and their teams in order to submit them to our MNC questionnaire..

To all honor, the first of this portrait gallery is none other than Sylvain Guintoli, ex-star of the Grands Prix 250 and MotoGP! Entered for his second consecutive season in WSBK, the n ° 50 is racing this year in a Ducati 1098 prepared by the Czech Liberty Racing team..

News from the front

  • Site: First of all, what is your record of the first race of the year at Phillip Island? ?
    Sylvain Guintoli: A day in the hospital and 24 hours in a wheelchair! I am 3rd in Superpole without leaving the Top 3 all week.

  • Your goal for Donington ?
    The podium, if the injuries hold up.

Technical sheet

  • Last name : Guintoli

  • First name: Sylvain

  • Date of Birth : June 24, 1982

  • Place of birth : Montelimar (26)

  • Current domicile: Market Dosworth (UK)

  • Family situation : Married

  • Cut : 1.79 m

  • Weight: 70 kg

Personal informations

  • Right or left handed ?
    Right handed.

  • Studies, diplomas ?
    Nothing !

  • Odd jobs ?
    None either.

  • Current occupation ?

  • The quality that we recognize most often ?
    I’m good at barbecue.

  • Your main fault ?
    There are too many to start the list…

  • Your hobbies ?
    The bike and the "Call of Duty" video game.

  • Vehicles currently in your garage ?
    My bikes (I have four), a Range Rover and a Mercedes CL600.

  • And in the garage of your dreams ?
    I never remember my dreams !


  • Your youthful idol ?
    I did not have…

  • Your first experience on a motorized two-wheeler ?
    At the age of 5, on a Peugeot GT10 cut by my father.

  • Your first motorcycle race ?
    In 1994 on a scooter.

  • Your first victory ?
    The following year, in 1995, during my first scooter championship race at Le Mans.

  • Your best victory ?
    This one, precisely !

  • Your greatest defeat ?
    There is no great defeat !

  • Your best memory on the track ?
    Unquestionably Le Mans 2007, when I put the brakes on Rossi at the Dunlop chicane, then two corners later on Randy to take the lead of the race (read, NDLR). In Superbike, it was Magny-Cours 2010: the top ! (read, NDLR) .

  • Your best memory in the paddocks ?
    My Bruno (Vecchioni) who cries like a chick after the second WSBK race last year at Magny-Cours ! (read, NDLR) .

  • Your best memory off the track ?
    When I party I very rarely remember the evening…

  • Your favorite circuit ?
    Phillip Island, Donington, Le Mans, Mugello and Nurburgring.

  • Your favorite motorcycle ?

  • The motorcycle that marked you the most ?

  • A favorite race number ?
    The 50 !


  • Your strong points in piloting ?
    My speed in a straight line, my braking, my "smooth" side (soft, Editor’s note).

  • Your weak points ?
    My departures…

  • Your daily training ?

  • Your entourage during race weekends ?
    My friend Bruno Vecchioni.

WSBK 2011

  • Your personal goal ?
    Podiums and victories.

  • Your opinion on Aprilia ?
    They are very fast.

  • BMW ?
    Fast and not far from the boat.

  • Honda ?
    They have experience, the bike has been similar for several years. She is competitive.

  • Kawasaki ?
    It is still too early to give an opinion.

  • Suzuki ?
    It is a versatile motorcycle (Sylvain knows it well for having driven on it last season, editor’s note).

  • Yamaha ?
    Fast and easy to fly.

  • Your Ducati ?
    She’s physical, she’s a weapon of war !

  • The Pirelli ?
    They offer a lot of feedback and are great for racing brawls..

  • What will your life be like in 10 years ?
    No idea, and it’s better that way. You would like to know, you ?

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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