Portraits – Tribute: Carlin Dunne’s video before his final ascent of Pikes Peak – Occasions DUCATI

Tribute: Carlin Dunne’s video before his final ascent of Pikes Peak

Portraits - Tribute: Carlin Dunne's video before his final ascent of Pikes Peak - Occasions DUCATI

Engaged again this year on "his" Pikes Peak event, the late motorcycle rider Carlin Dunne published on his YouTube page a summary of each day of riding … or rest, as was the case this Saturday, June 29, 2019. Ducati, who had entrusted him with his Streetfighter V4 prototype, shares his final video.

Young (36 years old), tall (1.90m), strong (86 kg), fast (three-time winner of Pikes Peak) and handsome (!), Carlin Dunne had a natural gift – coupled with a strong Californian accent unfortunately – for animate videos in which he delivered jumbled up his goals, his feelings on the bike, his emotions, etc..

Winner of the "PPIHC" last year on Multistrada 1260, the South African-born driver not only wanted to win the 2019 edition, but also to recover the record of the event, held since 2017 by Chris Fillmore and sa Superduke R. His goal: "to go under 9 ’48" therefore.

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The day before his tragic accident, Ducati rider n ° 5 took advantage of his "off" day to recognize yet another – and last … – 19.9 km of asphalt, of which the 156 turns allow to climb by 1.4 km, above the clouds! But this time, Carlin was doing the route by car, downhill and very slowly….

"It can help to visualize the braking zones, you identify points to which you would not necessarily have paid attention otherwise (…), a bump to avoid, a place to place your wheels in anticipation of something else. . ". Tons of details in short, which" high speed tunnel vision "prevents from grasping.

This Saturday, June 29, 2019 was therefore not easy for the pilot who also had to fulfill his duties as ambassador. A mission that the American willingly accomplished, visibly touched by the support provided by Ducati USA employees.

It is in tribute to its missing pilot that the Bologna brand posted the summary of Carlin Dunne’s "last day" (sic) at Pikes Peak. Ciao Campione…

Carlin Dunne: tribute video, last day PPIHC 2019

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