Practical – A Ducati for the little ones – Used DUCATI

A Ducati for the little ones

Practical - A Ducati for the little ones - Used DUCATI

The Italian toy manufacturer Peg-Perego offers a collection of small electric three-wheeled motorcycles in 6 or 12 volt versions for 2-8 year olds, featuring Capirossi himself n ° 65 machine at 95 euros. Top speed: 4.3 km / h !

Two weeks before the Mondial du Deux-Roues (read our), the Italian toy manufacturer Peg-Perego has just unveiled its “Christmas 2005” collection of electric vehicles for children. Featuring a splendid three-wheel version of the Ducati n ° 65 by Capirossi with the Capirex and Bridgestone logo !

"With its streamlined shape for more aerodynamics, 4.3 km / h top speed and three wide wheels to better grip the asphalt, this Ducati has nothing to envy its big sister.", swags the manufacturer:" with its 6-volt battery with an autonomy of around 1h30, refueling at the pit is optional. Unless Mom calls her little bikers to come and have a snack !"

Offered at a price that is ultimately quite attractive (95 euros indicative retail price), the Desmo, equipped with an accelerator pedal at the foot, should delight children of bikers (from 2 to 5 years old) as Christmas approaches. !

For the (a little!) Older ones, the "Desert Tenere" definitely promises "peaks at 7.6 km / h"thanks to its 12 volt battery. Intended for 3-8 year olds, it is manufactured without a license but looks very much like a famous all-terrain motorcycle !

Equipped with two speeds, a throttle at the handle, front and rear suspensions, a foot brake, a transportable top case and removable stabilizing wheels, it is able to roll on surfaces (a little) rugged (grass, gravel) and to climb "slopes of 10%". She has everything of a"ultra sporty model", summarizes Peg-Perego, but its price is higher (219 euros indicative public price).

A special girls’ model is also available with "electronic sound and light effects"(in pink, of course!), as well as a"Traffic Police XL"to make the American cops green with envy Chips ! A magnificent 6 volt Vespa also exists with front light, horn and top case, but unfortunately it is currently reserved for Italy…

The Peg-Perego range of toys, which also includes Polaris quads, 4x4s and John Deere agricultural machinery, is available in supermarkets and in specialized stores such as Toys’R’us or Grande Recre..

If you were looking for a real good reason to have children…

Eric MICHEL – Photos DR

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