Practical – Aprilia 2012 prices: sacrificed prices, guaranteed growth? – Aprilia launches the offensive on the motorcycle market

Aprilia 2012 prices: sacrificed prices, guaranteed growth ?

Practical - Aprilia 2012 prices: sacrificed prices, guaranteed growth? - Aprilia launches the offensive on the motorcycle market

With great ills, great remedies: Aprilia makes clear cuts to all of its 2012 motorcycle prices. An excellent way to increase sales and, mechanically, improve its reputation for improvement in France ? The bet is on !

Aprilia launches the offensive on the motorcycle market

Aprilia, as the manufacturer’s press manager in France reminds us, is a "unique universe, a brand with an exceptional sporting record with 48 world champion titles (speed, enduro), a hundred Moto GP victories and an innumerable series of European and Italian titles".

It is also a particularly complete range of motorcycles and scooters: in addition to its 50 cc, Aprilia offers a colorful range of "125 cc and more" products which covers a large number of growth segments in France..

Because we do almost everything in Noale: from the plush Atlantic 125 scooter to the RSV4 APRC track beast, including the midsize Shiver 750 roadster (with optional ABS) or the “GT” road version of the Mana 850. It maybe only a maxitrail is missing, the Dorsoduro 1200 being far too ringworm for the customers of "Geesses"…

Despite these many advantages, Aprilia does not manage to beat the competition and does not have the same success as its European cousins ​​on our territory, Ducati and Triumph in the lead. The cause of this disaffection: a brand image severely damaged for years, especially in terms of reliability and after-sales service, which has not yet evolved sufficiently in people’s minds despite the efforts of the Piaggio group (read our).

From press conferences to new product launches, the leaders of the Piaggio France group have never ceased to hammer out to journalists – and therefore indirectly to potential customers – that the quality of Aprilia scooters and motorcycles is irreproachable and that the management of the service afterwards. -sale is almost perfect (parts service rate close to 100%).

Lower prices = increased sales + improved image ?

To increase the number of its sales, Aprilia France has finally decided to revise downwards and downwards most of the prices of its motorcycles. "Both the network and the French subsidiary are tightening their belts in order to offer their motorcycles at very competitive prices", explains Guillaume Chatillon, marketing manager of Piaggio France..

This French initiative also seeks to restore the image of Noale, because in general, the more customers satisfied with good products and services, the better the image of their brand, no. ?

While waiting to judge the effectiveness of this strategy in our next market report, here is on the following page the list of the new 2012 tariffs communicated by Aprilia France. Mamma mia: -2591 € on the invoice for an RSV4 Factory APRC, or -1500 € on the sulphurous Tuono V4 now only available in the APRC version … The Italians have decidedly not gone hand in hand !

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