Practical – Biker spaces on APRR highways with Dafy Moto –

Biker spaces on APRR highways with Dafy Moto

Practical - Biker spaces on APRR highways with Dafy Moto -

The Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR) motorway network is launching with Dafy Moto "Motorcycling spaces" in a dozen of its areas, including a free service for depositing helmets and selling the main maintenance and repair products.. Explanations.

Taking the motorway on a motorbike is certainly boring as much as possible, but sometimes essential to cover long journeys: "6%" of its daily users are bikers, says Dafy Moto by unveiling its Motards spaces set up with the APRR network.

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"Aware that our needs differ from those of motorists, APRR has teamed up with Dafy to develop areas equipped with a Motorcycling Area with special reception for drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers", explains Dafy.

This initiative includes a free "helmet" service to free yourself from your helmet during the break, as well as dedicated spaces to dry clothes soaked by the rain. Some areas even offer a small coffee, always welcome on its long and monotonous ribbons of asphalt. !

Practical - Biker spaces on APRR highways with Dafy Moto -

Unsurprisingly, these Motorcycle Areas also offer Dafy Moto products and accessories: chain grease, cleaning sprays, anti-puncture bombs and luggage straps are available for sale. "The highway takes areas of Dafy", explains with humor the giant of the motorcycle equipment.

Areas equipped with one of these "Motorcyclist spaces" can be located on the and for some on the site and the application of "". Below is the list of areas concerned to date.

On the A6 (Paris-Lyon)

  • Achères la Forêt – Leclerc Station (coming soon)
  • Reserve
  • The Lochères
  • The Dear Est

On the A31 (Nancy-Dijon)

  • Saudaucourt La Trelle
  • Langres Perrogney (coming soon)
  • Langres Noidant (coming soon)

On the A43 (Lyon-Modane)

  • Romagnieu
  • The Arclusaz
  • Val Gelon

On the A39 and A40 (Dijon – Bourg en Bresse – Geneva)

  • Swear
  • Ceignes Haut Bugey

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