Practical – Easily transport your motorcycle –

Easily transport your motorcycle

Practical - Easily transport your motorcycle -

To transport your motorbike, many equipments exist: motorcycle trailers with rails, motorcycle trailers with tilting frames, box trailers, flatbed trailers … What advantages and what disadvantages to each of these solutions ?

1 / Motorcycle rail trailers: always easier for 2

With a payload typically between 255 and 400 kg, these motorcycle trailers can accommodate between one and three motorcycles. The ascent and descent of the machines is carried out using loading rails. The first step is to have perfect control of the skating of your bike, while at the same time climbing the bike carrier, then to keep it in balance to finally strap on your bike. Motorcycle carriers with rails will be preferred for light vehicles.

Practical - Easily transport your motorcycle -

Advantages of motorcycle rail trailers:

  • One of the most affordable solutions
  • Available for 1, 2 or 3 motorcycles

Disadvantages of motorcycle rail trailers:

  • Requires installing and transporting a loading rail for each use
  • Delicate, even very delicate maneuver
  • Dedicated use: this type of motorcycle carrier will only be used to transport your motorcycle

2 / Motorcycle trailers with lowered tipping frame: ideal for large displacement

Models like the KXL Motorcycle Carrier (produced and distributed by Mil Remorques) have been specially designed for larger engines, although they will also make life easier for owners of lighter motorcycles. Here we enter a world where transporting your motorcycle becomes simple, fast and pleasant. These KXL motorcycle trailers are available in one or two motorcycle versions and for 3-wheel MP3 scooters. Better yet, the KXLs can very easily be transformed into a classic trailer thanks to an adaptable body: smart !

Practical - Easily transport your motorcycle -

Advantages of KXL motorcycle trailers:

  • Design to match
  • Easy loading: we stay on the bike !
  • Record loading time, without tools or complicated mechanisms
  • Secure wheel lock
  • Can be transformed into a Bagagère trailer
  • Side storage chests
  • Customizable colors

Disadvantages of KXL type motorcycle trailers:

  • We are still looking for more !

For more information on these KXL motorcycle carriers, follow the Mil Remorques link at the bottom of this page !

3 / Box trailers: ultra-secure, practical and multi-use

Box trailers are also attractive. For a GVW ranging from 500 kg to 2000 kg, models equipped with tilting bridge openings allow you to load your motorcycle easily and quickly, without any other tools or equipment required.

Practical - Easily transport your motorcycle -

Advantages of box trailers:

  • The content is completely invisible
  • Easy loading on tilting bridge models
  • Can be used for anything other than transporting a motorcycle

Disadvantages of box trailers:

  • Reduced visibility in the central mirror
  • Bulky when not in use
  • Depending on the useful width of the model, it may be difficult to load two large displacement motorcycles side by side

4 / Flatbed trailers: scalable and modular

Flatbed trailers are the “Swiss Army Knife” of the trailer. Equipped with the right features, these flatbed trailers can transport just about anything: with loading rails or for tilting models with rear loading deck, they will transport motorcycles, 3-wheel scooters (MP3), quads and even mini-cars ! Equipped with side rails, they make life easier when moving, pruning the garden or for work…

Practical - Easily transport your motorcycle -

Advantages of flatbed trailers:

  • Swiss army knife: ultra-modular and scalable
  • A tarpaulin makes it easy to camouflage the gear

Disadvantages of flatbed trailers:

  • Look question, we will come back…
  • Must be accompanied by storage rails to stabilize the machines on the platform

For more information on KXL motorcycle trailers, visit .

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