Practical – Folder Z 750: Kawasaki’s stroke of genius! – Pro side: the opinion of a Kawasaki dealer

Z 750 dossier: Kawasaki’s stroke of genius !

Practical - Folder Z 750: Kawasaki's stroke of genius! - Pro side: the opinion of a Kawasaki dealer

Unbelievable, the Kawasaki Z750? This is what its dominance in the mid-size roadster segment suggests. How did the Zed become the darling of many bikers and dealers? Back on the trajectory of a phenomenon with green blood.

On the pro side: the opinion of a Kawasaki dealer

Friendly and efficient, the team at (one of the biggest points of sale in the Champagne-Ardenne region) is ecstatic about the Z 750. Normal: the mid-size roadster of the Greens represents nearly 60 of the 180 sales annuals of new Kawasaki from this vast concession located on the outskirts of Reims (51).

A situation common to most Kawasaki outlets in France and which even slightly concerns Akashi’s coat of arms: wishing to avoid putting all its eggs in one basket, the manufacturer strongly encourages its network not to exceed 40% of sales with only Z 750 and ER-6 !

"It is ultimately a somewhat delicate situation for Kawasaki because the Z 750 and the ER-6 work so well that the rest of the range suffers from a lack of visibility and recognition.", says Thierry Colosio, co-director of Magik Moto.

Especially since the brand also markets Triumph and the Street Triple and its three-cylinder are starting to overshadow the Z 750: "we used to sell one Triumph for three Kawasaki but today the trend is changing and more and more customers are turning to the English roadster", continues Thierry.

"But that does not mean that the Street cannibalizes the Z 750: for the latter, the type of clientele is younger (20/25 years) and often invests in accessorization (wheel arch, exhaust, etc.). However, this is not the case for Triumph buyers, who are more mature and who more rarely request a purchase credit.", analyzes the dealer in Reims.

Asked about the reliability or resale concerns of the Kawasaki Z 750, Thierry Colosio is categorical: "the "Zed" is concrete! No reminder campaign, no particular defect and only bad use due to the somewhat "crazy" nature of some owners (especially the more "stuntmen" and less careful among us, Editor’s note!) can cause very rare isolated problems. On the second-hand market, the Z 750 is very popular and the difficulty for us even lies in finding them: with its reputation and the Internet, they can be taken off quickly and easily.", assures this enthusiast of two-wheelers who notes"that except for revisions and in case of fall, the Z 750 rarely return in concessions".

"Personally, I don’t know of any customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase: the bike pleases first of all for its look, the performance due to its higher displacement and its very good quality / price ratio.", continues the co-manager who nevertheless admits that"the original tire fitting is often debated", as "the lack of practical aspects or the cost of insurance for young people with permits which varies between € 1,300 and € 1,500 in all risks".

According to Magik Moto, Z 750 owners keep their bikes "about 24 months"and then focus their interest on"sport bikes" or "strong character", But "not necessarily towards the Z 1000", the efficient big roadster from Kawasaki.

Finally, victim of its success and its "tight" price, the Z 750 rarely benefits from commercial discounts from the Greens … which does not prevent Magik Moto – like many dealers of the brand – from doing a goodwill gesture ! In this concession in Marne, 500 € of accessories are offered for the purchase of a new Z 750 (without trade-in): nice and sometimes oh so decisive when making your choice !

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