Practical – Kawasaki lowers its prices on 2008 models and expects increases in 2009 – Used KAWASAKI

Kawasaki lowers prices on 2008 models, expects increases in 2009

Practical - Kawasaki lowers its prices on 2008 models and expects increases in 2009 - Used KAWASAKI

As usual, Kawasaki unveils new prices which give pride of place to good discounts on 2008 vintages. Offers to be seized quickly because like other manufacturers, the Greens will increase the prices of certain models in 2009.

The arrival of new models and the end of the beautiful season oblige, the Greens do not hesitate to grant significant reductions on the stocks still available in dealerships: a practice now usual at Kawasaki which, with Suzuki, is one of the manufacturers offering the most important promotions.

However, no question of doing anything and everything at the risk of disrupting the market: "our line of conduct is to always wait for the arrival of the following year’s models and colors before triggering our promotional offers on stocks, in order not to "disrupt" the market", explains Maurice de Rochefort, head of communication at Kawasaki France..

First targets, the sports cars of the Japanese manufacturer show the most significant decreases: the efficient 2008 ZX-6R is now traded for € 8,999 instead of € 10,499, while its big sister of the same vintage goes from € 13,849 at € 11,999. If the youngest is logically making her last stand – the arrival of the 2009 model is scheduled for the beginning of next year at a rate that remains to be determined – the approximately € 1,850 discount on the ZX-10R has what to surprise: would the impressive green ball struggle to find its audience ?

An offer to be weighed carefully, because the 2009 vintage – which shows no evolution – is now trading at € 13,949, an increase of € 100: after Honda (read) and Yamaha (read), the economic crisis and fluctuations therefore also affect Akashi’s coat of arms. Moreover, the small Ninja 250 also sees its price revised upwards: from € 4,349, this nice 250cc "sport-road" goes to € 4,499. A significant increase in a category that is already struggling to find its audience…

While waiting for its replacement (read our), the ER-6 continues to lower its prices to seduce: the N version is traded at € 5,499 (€ 5,999 with ABS), while the F goes just below from € 5,550 to € 5,499 (€ 6,099 with ABS). Significant discounts on this model with undeniable success and whose evolution in 2009 will arrive in concessions at the end of December or the beginning of January. However, if its price remains unknown by Kawasaki France, there is no doubt that the current context should force the Greens to review it upwards….

No increase in 2009 for the first French sale: the Z 750 remains at € 7,199 (€ 7,699 with ABS), just like the Z 1000 which does not cross the psychological threshold of € 10,000 to € 9,999 (€ 10,499 with ABS). But Kawasaki agrees a reduction on the version black and lime of his 1000cc roadster, displayed at € 8,999 (€ 9,499 with ABS). An interesting discount for this version with a certain cachet but perhaps too exclusive connotation.

Finally, the shunned 1400 GTR 2008 goes from 15,635 € to 14,499 €, while the new KLX 250 (read) finally reveals its price: 4,569 €. On the other hand, Kawasaki has not yet set prices for its new VN 1700 series, which should be presented to the press during the first quarter of 2009 and arrive in concession in stride..

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