Practical – Lille tracks motorcycles parked on its Grand’Place –

Lille tracks down motorcycles parked on its Grand’Place

Practical - Lille tracks down motorcycles parked on its Grand'Place -

The town hall of Lille (59) has been verbalizing motorcycles parked on its Grand’Place since the beginning of August, while their parking was so far tolerated … Bikers in the North are annoyed by the lack of communication and alternatives against a background of tickets of 35 euros and threats of impoundment. Explanations.

Motorcycles are no longer welcome on the main square in downtown Lille (59) following the city hall’s sudden decision to issue a ticket for two-wheelers parked on the Grand’Place (place du General de Gaulle) on the grounds of "inconvenient parking in a meeting area", reports the . 

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The parking of motorcycles on this Grand’Place was in fact already prohibited, but tolerated on condition of respecting the rules of common sense (not obstructing pedestrian access or blocking a commercial space, for example). Pushed by some residents, the town hall of Lille has however decided to reverse this tolerance applied in most large cities..

"Last week, a third of the Grand’Place was occupied: it is incompatible with a meeting space where there are pedestrians, strollers and people with reduced mobility", assures the town hall while residents complain noise and space occupied by motorcycles.

"On Saturdays, there are four rows of motorcycles here: it’s hellish," indignant a passer-by. Not sure that the traders all share this opinion, especially those who restore the owners of all these "infernal" motorcycles every weekend. !

Lack of communication

Criticized for its lack of communication on the implementation of this measure, the municipality assures its side that its agents would do "pedagogy before issuing tickets". However, fines of 35 euros have already been imposed without prior "pedagogy"… 

Practical - Lille tracks down motorcycles parked on its Grand'Place -

"It’s good, they are going to make a little money," laments a fined motorcyclist from Pas-de-Calais. He and his partner do not "come to Lille often" and were not aware of this change. The lack of explicit signage does not help: "I always parked here and there is no sign", regrets another.

Moreover, prohibiting the parking of motorcycles is one thing, proposing a concrete alternative is another. But Lille – like – does not really make any efforts in this direction… 

Dedicated sites would be available at "Rihour, avenue Charles-Saint-Venant or rue Gambetta", assures the town hall, but their insufficient number and their relative safety are shown by the bikers..

Events planned for the start of the school year by the FFMC

"There are places in Rihour, but the last time, with the delivery trucks, I found my motorbike on the ground", regrets Thierry to our colleagues from the Voix du Nord. This 55-year-old biker has parked on the Grand’Place for about fifteen years and was not aware of this new ban either..

The French Federation of Angry Bikers from the North (FFMC 59) has planned demonstrations against the difficulties of parking motorcycles in Lille in general, and to denounce this newly waged hunt against two-wheelers on the Grand’Place in particular.

The association for the defense of bikers also wants to protest at the start of the school year against the reduction in speed "to 30 km / h in 88% of Lille streets", perceived by the FFMC du Nord as a measure to "make money ".

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